Ants in My Pants


I had started this spin, probably two spin-ins ago. But, I just finished it today and I had to show you!

It's my second ever cable yarn! 🙂 What do you think?

If you can remember, a cabled yarn is two 2-ply yarns combined into one 4-ply yarn. The two 2-ply yarns have to be overspun in order to have enough twist for the 4-ply. See those bobbins above? I snapped that right before spinning up the cabled yarn. That's some tight yarn!

This time I actually took the time to be sure the yarn was a bit more consistent than the first attempt. Doesn't mean perfect, of course. Just means this one has less irregularity, I think. I was so excited to try it the first time, I kind of threw the consistency idea by the wayside, lol. This time, I made the extra effort. Not sure which I'm more attracted to yet though. Sometimes, I really like the look of yarn that has been more obviously touched by the hand…other times, I like a yarn that is closer to your standard, all-purpose yarn. What's that about?!

Geez. As usual, this still needs to be washed. It would be better to show you after a wash and the yarn has relaxed into its twist. This, I do know. What I don't know is why I always have to show you these things the second I'm done, lol.

But, look! It's yarn!!


  1. Woah! So great!
    I think both results are great and have their advantages – if you see immediately that it’s not industrially made, you underline the unique, “truly-one-of-a-kind”-aspect. On the other hand, if it is very even and can be “mistaken” for “company-yarn”, it shows off a lot of your skill …

    But both are really wonderful 😀 congratulations!

  2. Beautiful!

  3. The colours are so pretty! I think it looks great.

  4. Beautiful, the colors looks so yummy…

  5. That is gorgeous! Of course you should show it off!!

  6. Beeeeautiful.

  7. Yay for yarn! That’s just super duper prettiness.

  8. yayy, glad it’s finally done! Love how it came out 🙂 I’ve always meant to try spinning a cabled yarn and never got around to it, maybe you’ll inspire me to finally get to it!

    • I really like it! But it does take a minute to get a final yarn…You know me. I want to microwave it and have a new pretty to look at, lol! I must get some meditational music in my life or something.

  9. Stunning work as always. 🙂

    • Thanks, Libby! I’m really excited by these colors. Don’t even know what I am going to make with this (actually, I don’t think I ever know exactly…but that’s beside the point 😉 ). Whatever it is, it’s going to have to be good! 🙂

  10. your spun yarn makes me drool!


  1. […] from a fiber artist, I know what I'm getting, and I can get right to the spinning (like in the cabled yarns). Case in point, I don't necessarily know I can use this for the legwarmers. But, I can use it […]

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