Gauging Myself?

I spent the day at home with the kids today as everybody had the day off. 🙂

OMG! We are in three different school districts so that almost never happens!

That said, I really wish I could say I got more done…But, as it stands, I can go back to work and re-commiserate with my co-workers over my to-do list at home, lol! It’s nice to be able to fit in with peers. Mmmm…Yes.

What makes it SO bad though, is that this is my second day home this week (as in Day 2). Mmmmhmm.

Chile…Sit down and lemme tell you about it…

It all started when I got a call from Girl Child’s school nurse asking me to pick her up at about 9:15ish am on Monday. Apparently, she wasn’t feeling good. So, like any other mother, I let my employer know I was leaving and immediately rushed to the school to scoop her up. Mind you, I already knew the deal. We were leaving within five minutes and as we were exiting the building, I looked down at her, knowingly, winked and said to her, “You got ’em again, didn’t you?” I figured she’d be laughing her head off by the time we got home. I was actually wrong about that because it didn’t even take that long. She laughed her head off in the car on the way home! For those of you that don’t know, my kids are the biggest sick-scam artists out there. They’re just really good at it, lol!

Anyway, that afternoon, I felt like I could get a lot done since I had to go home early. Yeah…Not really! Along with her laugh came a bundle full of energy that kept me bouncing nearly all afternoon-when she wasn’t bouncing from jumping up and down on the sofa! I think she made the rounds through every room within eight minutes. The flurry of toys left behind her is how you know Hurricane Girl Child has passed through. By the time she had gotten lemonade on the kitchen floor so that my feet began sticking to it and I had to Murphy’s Oil it for the second time in two weeks…I was pretty much done that day! Today, my whole day off wasn’t much different. An hour ago I got to save a whole roll of tp from going down the t! I suppose if you could consider that saving, lol!

Sigh. Motherhood. I have to laugh at it. How else would my life have been as comical?! But, as the hubby says, “Sometimes you get the bear. And sometimes, the bear gets you.” I was never really sure where he got that from, but it sounds strangely appropriate at the moment. 🙂

In the little snippets of time where there was seemingly (lol) down time, I did get to look at patterns, knit a little, and wet finish some handspun samples and what not. So, my little mini-vacation wasn’t a total wash. As I console myself with a box of Wheat Thins and some tea, while in between copious loads of laundry, I suppose I can rattle off to you about that?

That lead photo is a swatch using the latest spindle spun project I completed. I really love the color!! It’s jewel-like! I told y’all I had intentions for it to become something lacy…and while I think another Knitty Branching Out Scarf would be just as appropriate for these colors, I decided on something else!

Oooohh…Sookie sookie now! Things are definitely looking up!

I have been wanting to make that purse FOREVER! This is from Knitting 24/7 by Veronik Avery. It’s a Melanie Falick Book that I have had in my library for probably a year now. But, thanks to Open Road Media, it is now in ebook form! Have I ever told you how much I love ebooks? Have I ever told you how much I love Melanie Falick Books?

OMG. And I love that purse! It’s called the Leafy Knot Purse and it’s just as cute as a button. I have no idea what I’m going to put in it because I’m a pack rat by nature. Must have all the things. But I just want one!

This is one of those books for knitters like me. Can’t stay in one place for very long. Got lots of stuff going on. Everywhere (need I direct your attention to our little talk? Mmmhmm). Even the table of contents agrees with me. There are “a.m.” knits, “p.m.” knits and “weekend” knits. That’s it! And the projects are beautiful, enjoyable and practical. Scribbled throughout the book, there are suggestions for how to get your knit time in like while waiting for your child’s school bus to arrive, before a meeting, waiting for water to boil, while in line at the DMV, etc. It’s a book that thinks like me. On-the-go. I like it! So, now that I actually have it to-go, I finally get to knit something in it! It’s the perfect union, I think, and I’m not wasting any time (that I’m not using to clean up…lol). In fact, I love it so much, I decided to add yet another tag to my plethora of tags in my already bulging tag cloud. The “knitting ebook” tag. Yup. It’s about time. 🙂

So, anyways, that swatch shows how my handspun will knit up in this pattern. It’s, of course, not going to be a solid color like in the photos. But I’m hoping that because it’s small and round, there will be little to no problem with pooling. I’m looking for a graduation of colors. So we’ll see. Because my handspun has irregularities that commercially spun yarn wouldn’t (see in the close up?), I have to swatch extra carefully to make sure I’m going to get something I want when I’m done. In my experience, generally, the gauge matters little with bags unless you have to have it the exact same size. So, that’s a plus. But, swatching is still always a good idea. After knitting on the swatch with just one strand and seeing that it was too fine to hold up on it’s own, I decided to double up the strand by knitting with both ends of the ball.

I think that will hold up very well and it looks pretty!

Besides that…what’ve we got here?

This is that sample I carded and spun from the alpaca and drum carder from Natalie. I really wish I had carded more of that. I think that came out really nicely! I could see that being a nice sweater…when I get the time to make it…

And some spoils of war from that cabled yarn…

That bright one in the center is somewhat overspun because it’s the leftover that didn’t make it into the cabled yarn. But, I’m keeping it, it’s so pretty!!

And last but not least, there are these things.

Many of you may know that these are walnuts (duh), but I didn’t know until the outing I had this past summer with the ladies of the mill. Laurel showed me that there is a walnut tree at Greenbank Mill! So, we picked up a few of these for me to try some dyeing. She has a tutorial and I’m going to give it a shot. Love that Greenbank Mill! And I love Laurel. She rocks! 🙂

Let’s see, on top of that…I’ve got mad blog hopping to catch up on, comments to read and respond to, and more pattern searching to do…I have to find something else to spin…and I got to get a jump on my Christmas knitting too.

Tipping my apple cart? Maybe. But, in case you haven’t noticed, we keep it on full throttle ’round here. 😉


  1. Join Spinning Daily. Today they are giving away a free eBook on dying with natural ingredients. One of the main focal ingredients is black walnuts. Some of the women in my spinning class today were raving about it so I had to go home and get it.

  2. Your handspun is my biggest inspiration. I don’t know how you find the time to do so much and do it so well.

  3. grayseasaylor says:

    Well, Stacey, I think I can see where Girl Child gets her energy:) The bag pattern IS cute and I like the colors in the yarn you are using. It will be interesting to see your walnut dyed fiber! I still am collecting avocado pits 🙂 And I started crocheting a pumpkin today from fiber I bought at the fiber festival I went to on Saturday. I was able to find a new drive band for my daughter’s spinning wheel at the festival, too, which made us both happy! Thanks for making the time to post. Your productivity spurs me on to be more productive myself! xx from Gracie

    • Hi Gracie! Well, I hope that energy lasts! She is a fire cracker. I get sleepy just looking at her!

      I can’t wait to see what comes from that wheel. 🙂 I need to give my wheels some attention soon too…I just need to get through some monochromatic symphonies right now. They’re not my favorites…but I have to get them out of the way to make room for more fluff! I need color in my life, lol.

      I saw the photos from your festival and it looked so exciting! I want to go to one now!

  4. That purse is to die for, seriously. And it’s just what I need: [yet] another bag. Ha!

  5. Wow, I was never able to fool anyone with the fake sick routine. You yarn looks great and that purse is going to be the most amzing colours.

    • Oh, they are GOOOOOD! I was only able to get out of going to school once a year when I was younger…and I never got sent home. These two so much as sniffle and it’s curtains. Lol.

      Thank you, Cleo!

  6. Oh you are going to love your walnut yarn. I have been collecting walnuts for a few weeks now. I go past a yard towards the end of my morning walk and I pick up any walnuts I find. Don’t worry about the little worms you find in some of them just cover them with water and watch the water turn brown.

    • The water turns brown SO fast!! I wish you had told me about not worrying about the worms sooner…I spent a lot of time running away from the hulls and coming back to check every so often for signs of life (or better, lack thereof), lol!

  7. Um, there’s something to be said about Girl Child. lol

  8. i had no idea walnut fruit looked like that!


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