There Goes The Neighborhood

Interesting discovery…

My in-laws are visiting to care for a relative, and of course, I had to tell my mother in-law about my latest foray into dyeing with walnuts.

Me: I got these from the mill at the last meeting.

MIL: I didn’t know walnuts looked like that, did you? (Calls the FIL)

Me: No. And they’re really easy to dye with. Laurel told me these would dye about an ounce or so. But, I put a bunch of wool in there!

MIL: (To husband) You knew walnuts looked like this, right? Didn’t you say there was a walnut tree in the yard?

Now just where is my dunce cap? Better yet, just give me Kelso’s helmet and I’ll go sit in the corner for a time out, lol!

My FIL took me out back to show me the tree. Actually, he took me to the patio door and pointed to it. Big as life, there it was! Then, we walked over across the yard to go grab some. In my defense there is a lot of land back there! 🙂 And all the walnuts I could ever want!

You wanna see that again?

Yup. The mother lode.

Well, up until then, I had been keeping myself busy with the fruits of the previous batch.

I practiced making some rolags with the hand carders like Geri from Fiberguild showed me. I also practiced carding on the drum carder.

Let me tell you those rolags spin up so fast, the little buggers. But, I shouldn’t have to preciousize these too much, lol. There’ll be plenty more where they came from!


Here we go again!


  1. indiedyer says:

    Ha, ha, that’s funny…:-)

    • Yes, me and my mil go back and forth on who knows the most about this or that…Or who is learning something new now. Imagine my surprise AND embarrassment, lol! 🙂 She really won that one!

  2. Nice. You know what’s funny? After reading your last dyeing-with-walnuts post, I was out for a hike, and came across a whole bunch of those buggers. Didn’t grab them as I’m doing too much travel right now for a dye project, but have made a mental note for next year. I’d like to try dyeing with Queen Anne’s Lace as well. So fun to see your adventure! (Wanders off to add a drumcarder to the holidaywishlist.)

  3. Oh my gosh, walnuts will certainly stain your hands. I see you have fairly heavy gloves there. Last year I shelled a lot of walnuts with latex gloves on which leaked. It took forever to get the color off. And by forever, I mean at least 10 days! We had very few walnuts this year. I think our drought did ’em in.

  4. That is funny! When I was in college, our campus had English walnuts growing all over the place. In the Fall we’d go to class with our books held over our heads because the falling walnuts were so dangerous. Your photos really bring back memories!

  5. I read the tutorial you linked to and I had to try it for myself. I could only find two but it still worked. I’m going to be posting about it soon so check it out!

  6. Looks like you have plenty of walnuts to keep you busy for a long time. Probably some other neat stuff out there too. Backyard fieldtrip in the works, eh? 🙂

    • Lol! You got that right! On my next break from work, I will be doing a little walking around to see what I can scrounge up. Looking at some dye materials in books just to make sure I will know what I’m looking at when I get there. 🙂 Just praying for no snakes!!

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