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Wow! The days are just getting shorter and shorter around here.

Seems that the sun is gone before I can even get in the door anymore! I did snap a pic of this a moment ago before it completely bolted.

It’s Longwool from the sheep at the mill.  Seems someone cleared us out at the Heritage Fair and then came back for even more at the spin in! She must knit pretty fast. 🙂  So, the volunteers have to step their game up and get more handspun into the shop.  This includes moi.  But I’m doing well, I think.

I only have THIS more to go, lol! That thing is bigger than my head, lol.

Let’s see, I’m shuffling between this, the weaving project (can’t wait to tell you about that!), getting started on my socks for Sosae Caetano’s group challenge, and still figuring out if I’m going to make gifts for Christmas this year…AND the Girl Child who has been carrying a temperature on and off for a couple days now.   She has been actually asking for Tylenol. Never that! She brought it to me and her father both-in separate instances-yesterday and today.  This is a child who will hold medicine in her mouth for an hour until I just give up and tell her to spit it out before she chokes on it, all the while praying that it somehow seeped into the pores of her tongue and will do some good! That has been not so fun.  But I think she’s out of the woods now.  She’s requesting everything she can find to eat again.  Though that normally drives me up a wall (I can feel the high-five from all the special needs mothers around the world right now 😉 ), it’s a good thing to see that she’s back to her usual.  Breathes a sigh of relief.

And because I just can’t keep still, I’ve been working out the website project for the mill.  Now, before I tell you about that, I make this disclaimer: I am not a website designer (obviously).  I just like blogging and playing with some html and code (very, very minimal)…and I love playing with WordPress! 🙂  After the last meeting, I decided I really couldn’t tell them what all was the power of using the WordPress software for maintaining content since I have only really used WordPress.com.  So, this past weekend, I moved the site over to WordPress.org.  I have absolutely no previous experience doing that, but it was easy as all get out! Better than that, since I did it myself, it was a free transfer.  It only took some time, really.  So, to recap, the website when from here…

to here…

and is now here.

Everything didn’t come over exactly as would have been expected.  But for the most part, everything did come over.  Now I just need to set everything in order and add what else we want.  If you have the time though, go on over, click around and see what’s what.   Let me know what you think.

What I have learned is that there is a lot more power over your presentation doing this.  If you know how to do some designing, then, it’s probably more ideal to do that than to use a site hosted by WordPress.com.  It’s power! But, because you’re kind of striking out on your own, you have to rely on hosting services and you have to be aware of how to speed up your site (this I’m still working on…).  I went with Bluehost as a hosting service because it was rated so highly by WordPress.  I’m hoping I made the right choice.  So far, I can say that I’ve seen the welcome screen more often than I care to have seen it.  I’m really hoping that is just a hiccup because it’s such a new site and it needs some settling-in time…we shall see.  It’s still early.  As for the speed, so far, I’ve gotten the load time down to between 10 – 17 secs which is a HUGE improvement over the 30 it was taking when I first loaded the page. O.o  So, I’ve added some tools and things and as I learn all that, I’ll implement it. On the other hand, I can say I really appreciate Wordress.com for my own blog.  It’s just so easy to use it and I don’t have to worry about speed or anything like that.  They do.  With all these photos, I’m glad they do.  Now, though, I get to play with the best of both worlds!  Can’t beat that.  🙂

Sigh.  So, things are things.  Hope all is well with you all.  Got to pick a kid up from bball practice…because it never really stops!


  1. Well done you! The website is *vastly* improved. Much more readable and inviting to browse.

    • Thanks! But, I’m still plugging away at it. I’m using a theme that has its own slider and I think that makes things look nice for the front page. BUT, the thing is incompatible with so many other things I have tried thus far! I have added two very elementary images to the bottom because I like that better than the paragraph and how it contrasted with the little block paragraphs. I added them with a plugin that allows one to divide the content into columns. But, because of that, the page is getting all jumpy now. Two little images! Sigh. I have to wait until the holiday is over to contact support. Ugh. But I like the look of the images better. So they stay. At least for now, lol. Thanks for the encouragement though. Much appreciated! 🙂

      Editing to say I stayed up to figure out how to get more boxes!! No more jumping. Yay. Zzzzzzz…

      • I’m so inspired by how you’re willing to learn anything that passes by your hands. Web design is an approachable subject but it seems like a lot of people are willing to settle for cookie cutter themes or whatever they throw together at first go. It’s certainly a testament to your sense of aesthetic and ingenuity that you’re finding a better way.

      • Thanks, Betsy! I think it’s fun, actually. And it’s definitely approachable. Once upon a time, I read a book called Learning Web Design Jennifer Niederst Robbins to build a website for my artwork back then. It was really a great primer, though I only needed the basics. Once you learn some syntax rules and some of the language for HTML and CSS, you can play with a lot of things…I like the site too at the moment. But, keep in mind, this is also at the discretion of a board. I am on it, but we vote on what we want and don’t want. There’s always a chance my aesthetics won’t be shared and will get booted off the island, lol! But, I think most of the members are “feeling this” (:)) right now. Time will tell.

  2. grayseasaylor says:

    So glad Girl Child is feeling better! I really admire your braveness in tackling refreshing the Mill website! Today I visited the site of a new commenter whose site is in Spanish. I tried to use Google translate, but could not track the process on my first try so will have to try again. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Stacey! xx from Gracie

    • Happy Thanksgiving, Gracie! I am so excited to have a few days off. It does seem like when I do, one of the kids gets sick. But she did it right before the break so, it’s all good. 🙂
      I know! I use google translate for a lot of the visitors to this blog that are from other nationalities. It doesn’t always work out. And I REALLY want to read them. Their photos are phenomenal!

  3. The website looks much cleaner and more professional! I really admire that you could do that, I am HOPELESS with computers.

  4. Love the new look of the website and you spinning is yummy as usual 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. The fiber ball looks like a snow ball. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. […] have also been updating the Greenbank Mill site.  You remember that was a pet project from last year.  I suspect the transition from the .org to the .com will take place soon.  So […]

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