Deconstructing Christmas With A Butterfly And A Needle


I finally got a chance to take my Christmas tree down today.  Don’t judge me. 🙂

When I was a kid, my family usually put the Christmas tree up anywhere from when the season started and it stayed up until the week after New Years.  I don’t see a reason to change that tradition now.  Besides, after a stressful start to the New Year (he’s okay now…thank you to all you well wishers out there), I needed a couple extra days to get things done.  Speaking of which, I always get asked how I do that.  Well, I just normally snatch some time in between things.  Like everyone else, my mind usually has this narrator that blabbers on and on and sounds a lot like me ALL DAY LONG.  By the end of the day though, if she’s said anything worth mentioning (lol), I blog it.  Goes something like this:

AM -Breakfast Knitting (with Narration)

I fixed some breakfast for the family this morning.

Narrator: These folks EAT.  So, I have to fix enough to keep them busy for awhile.  Then, I can sit down to knit. (wickedly grins to self)  

So, after fixing the breakfast for the hubby and kids today, I sat down to knit some more on this sock.  The last time you saw it, I was swatching.  Could’ve had it started a couple days ago.  But the Boy Child had me all freaked out and what not.  But, it has finally graduated to full-fledged sockdom, I think.




Narrator: I really think I’m becoming a sock knitter anymore.  Is it the handspinning?  

Of course, this is not handspun though.  It’s cost-effective Paton’s sock yarn.  And if you noticed, there is a definite departure from my usual color scheme…These are a late Christmas knit for a friend of the family.  We first met him when moving out of our old home.  We had a neighbor who was moving out nearby and I saw that he was at that home early every morning at the crack of dawn to get the job done.  So, I suggested him to my husband.  It has been buddy love ever since.  They go out for breakfast once a week and we double date with him and his wife from time to time.  The man is such a giver.  He likes to sort of scavenge the items from these homes that these movers don’t want.  It’s like watching a kid with candy when he finds something! Almost every job he has, he finds something he thinks we could use.  We have an almost brand new lawn mower and my son almost got a go-cart last summer.  His entire home is pretty much made up of found things.

Narrator: I wish he could find me another spinning wheel. And some spindles. And some fiber! I think I’m getting carried away here

These two also test each others stash of adult beverages, lol.  At any rate, as good friends as they are, he still has no clue that I’m not a drinker.  Hubby has never dispelled the myth.  So, this Christmas, he brought me an unexpected bottle of wine for Christmas-which the hubby quickly confiscated after he left, lol.  He got a gift from the family (the hubby had bought him an extra-large box of adult beverages in return), but I figured I’d gift him some socks from my found yarn (yarn that I had forgotten I had in my stash).

Narrator: I think they’ll suit him…though come to think of it, a beer cozy may have made more sense. 


PM – Tree Take-Down & Christmas, Spinning, Vaccuuming, Etc.  (with Narration)

Once I had the heel turned, I started taking down the tree and you know what comes next.  Getting up all those needles.  Since our wood burning stove needed to be vacuumed out too, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone.  So, from that point on, it was all about the spindle.   The hubby had come down to watch football, so I had to kind of stop and start with the noise-makers.  It goes like this : Game-spin; Commercial-vaccuum.  I used the butterfly to keep the spindle close when I didn’t need both hands while cleaning.

IMG_0639 IMG_0638 IMG_0637

If you’ve ever wound a center pull ball with your yarn by hand, you are already familiar with a butterfly.  Should you try spinning, it really works to store a good amount of singles before winding on, and as I found out today, comes in handy (no pun intended) when you’re housecleaning.  Actually, that makes sense since it’s an Andean spinning technique.  According to Abby Franquemont, they spin all day, on-the-go.

Narrator: I suppose in another part of the world, an Andean woman is straightening up her home today with a butterfly on her hand too.  Fancy that. Well, except if she’s cleaning out a wood-burning stove.  Then it might have to stay put for a few.



More Narrator: Oh.  And if she is also getting the water to water her plants, like me-one of which is trying to die on me due to a persistent basketball bouncing in its direction last week.  Kids. (Sighs)

IMG_0635 IMG_0627

Re-opening the bulging Christmas box to put away the lonely, forelorn-looking wrapping paper can require two hands.

Narrator: I don’t even know why this is out.  We didn’t even use the wrapping paper this year…

But, by the end of the evening, nearly all the housework was completed and when the folks came over, all was put back in order, apparently just in time for the premiere playoff game of the night when all you could hear was, “RG3, Baby!!”




Narrator: Men. 




NOW- Blog it.

Yup. That’s how I get things done around here.


  1. I love your post! Your socks look great and your handspun is beautiful, great projects for starting off the New Year 🙂

    • Thanks Tina! I’m still working on the handspun. But so glad to be done man socks. They take me a long time! Going to try something a little more colorful next knit, I think. The socks and the spindle are making me thirst for some color!

  2. Haha, thanks for making me laugh out loud!

  3. Q – Need to take down the tree, socks on the needles, and handspun; check, check, and check. You must have a hidden camera in my home. 😎 Love the socks and handspun. 😎

  4. You could make a necklace bag. Just have your knitting or spinning hanging around your neck for the next available moment. 🙂 I have restarted my socks now for about the 20th time. Something goes wrong everytime! I haven’t made it past a cast on yet. And I had another project started. One of those scarves that you knit out of that yarn that makes the frilly scarf, you only knit along the top row of the netted yarn, and I acidentally pulled the needles right out!

    • LOL! It’ll work itself out, I’m sure. But you are so determined! I love that! I do wish there was a hidden camera to see it though, lol!

      • Oh no you don’t! I have a terrible temper! Not to mention projects like this that I continuely mess up after so many tries tend to make a slight bit suicidal. Terrible thing to admit I know. Not that I would ever do it. I haven’t touched the sock stuff in awhile now because as of the about the 20th time casting on I still can’t get any further along without a major castastrophe. But one day!

  5. Love this post! I think I have that same spindle somewhere, but it’s been an age since I’ve spindle-spun anything. Oh, and if it helps you to feel any better, my tree came down only one day before yours 🙂

    • I think these spindles were popular once upon a time. All I saw was Golding Tsunami this and Golding Tsunami that. Made me think it was a good spindle. Actually, this cherry one is one of my favorite spindles though. I’m still into the Turkish ones though…Need to take one out for a spin soon…

      That does make me feel so much better! It’s so good to know that I wasn’t a TOTAL slacker about that tree.

  6. From behind, your upright vacuum looks just like my old Panasonic vacuum which, sadly, died one day after many years of hard use. It’s the best vaccum cleaner I ever owned, and nothing else has ever measured up to it. Sadly, I haven’t touched my spindles for days. And sadly, RG3 didn’t have such a great day yesterday. Sigh.

    • We actually inherited that vacuum after our last one died. Now, I’m going to have to look and see what kind of vacuum it is, lol. But it is SO much better than the last one we had. The only thing it doesn’t have is the ability to go up and down the stairs. But other than that, if a vacuum cleaner could rock, this one would!

      I know. That was so sad about him. But I was kind of glad that they didn’t go further since he was so hurt (I know, I know). But the competition would have gotten much tougher and I don’t know that his injuries would have held up well. He’s so talented. Would love to see him continue playing rather than go further and potentially be stopped permanently in his first year. I guess that could happen injured or not. But, it’s his first year! Probably thinking like a sports mom or something. But, really, I was so relieved.

  7. I didn’t know about the butterfly thing – neato! Also, there was much “RGIII!”-ing in our house yesterday too. First it was the excited, happy kind, but then by the end it was definitely the horrified kind. 😦

  8. grayseasaylor says:

    Hi Stacey! Just got my tree out of my room yesterday and still have to stuff it in its box. Sorry you had to do emergency room knitting…I tend to knit dishcloths while waiting… 🙂 I watched the Redskins vs. Seahawks yesterday and was surprised the Seahawks won because they got such a slow start. Happy New Year to you and yours! xx from Gracie

    • Hey Gracie! You know, I thought they should’ve won the game against Atlanta too. My husband explained a theory about “icing the kicker” though and if it’s anywhere near true, I guess they may have aced themselves out of the win. But, for me, the Seahawks should have played today. Under normal circumstances, they would have won that game. Happy New Years (very late, lol)!

  9. I love that spindle! It looks great. I also watched that game as I made supper. I also almost set a pot of gravy on fire (thought I turned it down to one and put the lid on. It boiled over and the gravy got down in the heating element). I did much get knitting time because I was cleaning that up. Sounds like you got more time than me.

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