Busy is Better


I bet you would never be able to guess how this started out…

I need a minute to catch my breath! Whew!

This is one of the softest scarves I have ever felt. In life.



It’s so yummy and it came from that stuff down there.


Say wha-?

Yup. This is qiviut from the musk ox. Carol, from Fiberguild, knows a guy. Well, actually, a lady, but “knows a guy” sounds so much better. Anyway, she orders qiviut for her and the group is able to purchase it from her in ounces to try out. A few weeks ago my friend Sjon gave me her ounce to spin up for her. I’ve been such a punk about it (it’s a good reason for that), that I wanted to wait until I had my own to play around with before I did it. And yesterday, was my day.

So what all did I do? Well, actually, when I got up, I felt so overwhelmed with everything I knew I needed to get done. I had stayed up the night before completing a little design for my church and working on a small contribution for the grant we are applying for to repair the mill’s roof. That morning when I got up, I was so tired! But, after missing last month’s spin-in and the latest Fiberguild meeting, I just had to make it. I had some other things to get done that morning, but I did get to go a little later that day. Before going, I already knew I had to leave early for another appointment, so I only took my spindle to spin on while I made the rounds to say hello to everyone. And it was a full house too!


I missed Natalie who is at the folk school right now. But everyone else was there.

We had some new visitors who visited to learn how to spin. I was a little upset I couldn’t stay to lend a hand. Never to fear though. Heather and Laurel were there to help out.


Heather helped a fellow raveler in the area with-I think she called him “Angus” (who ever knew that wheel had a name?!).



By the time “Angus” was settled in, Heather had our guest off spinning and I must say, why does everyone’s first spin on that wheel look so much better than mine did? Lol!

Look. Heather’s so good at teaching spinning, she doesn’t even have to watch after a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

On the other hand, Laurel likes to get right down in there. But, then, you already know Laurel’s an excellent spinning teacher.


Carol and Linda came to spin too. But I overheard a little bit of what they were talking about and I think they were plotting at this moment what to do with us next, lol.


I had to cut out early though for my appointment. So Carol sent me out with some parting gifts…I’ll get to that in a minute.

My appointment was, of course, sports related.


Ball players still need their mommies in the stands sometimes. ๐Ÿ™‚

I did take along my knitting to work on that sock for the hubby’s buddy.


My knitting bags are getting a lot of work these days!

In between time, I did remember to take some photos of him in action. Gotta record his glory days, you know? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Blurring to keep the other momma’s babies privatized.


They beat the pants off Saint Andrews JV Squad yesterday!


And by the time the game was over, I had a finished sock too.


Not bad for some periphery knitting.

After the game, I took the Girl Child to visit her grand and by the end of that visit, I was worn out. Meh. It happens.

Today, at home, I took out what I had gotten from Carol at the spin in.


This is a McMorran balance. Carol is letting me use it to spin the qiviut.


Now to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how to use this just yet, so I’m watching a video on that now (I heart multi-tasking!)…But, Carol used it to discover how much yardage she needed to spin in order to make that beautifully soft scarf at the head of this post. That is Carol’s knit, by the way. It takes a bit of math to figure out, and heaven help her, she did try to get it into my head before I left the spin-in yesterday. But my head just doesn’t work that way. I’m a visual learner and if I don’t see numbers on paper with some time to wrap them around my brain, it just ain’t gonna work out! Still, at the heart of the matter, this device is supposed to be able to measure yardage per pound of an unknown fiber. Since I only have an ounce here, that will take some figuring since it takes 16 ounces to make a pound. Whatever I get is going to have to be divided by 16.


This little bit is all it took to balance the device. Now, in the video, it talks about using the length of a piece of yarn. The staple length of this is barely as long as the first segment of my index finger, as compared to the length of fibers I usually spin, which would fall around at least the length of my entire index finger (see why I was so scared to start spinning this?!). As verified by Carol, this stuff could fall apart while I’m spinning it if there’s not enough twist (ask her how she knows…). So, I’m not sure about using the length or the weight yet to determine how I need to spin this in order to be enough for Sjon to get a scarf out of it. Of course, I could just read the directions that came with it, right? We’ll see. Carol says, I need to spin approximately 600 yards or so so that when it’s plied, it will be around 300 yards for a scarf of that length. And Carol did mention that with the amount of work that went into that scarf, if priced to be sold, it would be at least $400!! So, yeah, I think we’re on the right track with diy’ing that. ๐Ÿ™‚ But spinning 600 yards out of this ounce?! It might be easier for me become a millionaire overnight…So, we shall see.

Now, I really wanted to attend church today. It usually starts my week of way better than if I don’t go. But the folks had it in for me for breakfast again today! So, instead, when I was done in the kitchen, I got to knit a little on the second sock.



I’ve been walking around the house knitting on it in my bag with the bag to the side.



And, in between time, I spin on this thing.


I really do get perplexed at how it is I’m never quite still enough to feel like I’m getting much done. But, if there wasn’t so much going on, I wouldn’t have so many spots in between to get anything done!

Busy is better.


  1. What a gorgeous scarf! I’ve not tried qiviut but after seeing your scarf I may have too. Lovely socks and I’m quite envious of your spinning group :).

    • Hi Tina! That’s actually Carol’s scarf. But isn’t it beautiful?! I think Sjon wants to make one. So, I’m spinning the qiviut for her. I am so glad I have some to try out now though because, as the young folks say, I was scurred!

  2. grayseasaylor says:

    Uhhhh, Stacey, can I just type AGAIN “You are truly inspiring!” and amazing, and I love learning through your explorations. Thanks for making the time to post. I have never tried to spin qiviut, nor have I tried knitting with it, but I loved seeing the scarf your friend knit and can imagine how exquisitely soft it is from your description.
    I am about half way through crocheting a merino hood cowl and I am enjoying working on it.
    Cheers for Boy Child and his very good mother : )

    • I am going to have to pop over to see this cowl! I love cowls! I don’t think I can ever have enough of them…I just found one of my own earlier today that I had forgotten about. Made it two years ago along with some semi-matching fingerless gloves. Can’t wait to wear it to work this week!

      As for inspiration, I have really been enjoying your photos! I really wish I could see what you see everyday. Wonderful colors and beautiful scenes. Just lovely!

  3. That scarf even looks soft. And you are a fast knitter! Don’t think I would have finished a sock that quickly.

    • Well, most of the difficult part was already finished at that point, lol. I’m finding when it comes to socks for dudes, I’m not that fast either. Averaging about a week for a pair of man’s socks isn’t really a time-effective project, lol. I suppose if I knit them from beginning to end in hour sittings, that would be about three days for me. But, phsst-I almost never get to do that. I need to find some women’s feet to knit for, lol!

  4. I am so full of jealousy for your quiviut..

    • Thanks! It’s really very soft. But very short fibers though…Crazy short. When you’re ready, you have got to try spinning it some time and tell me what you think. I’m trying to see if I can make it to a hardware store to modify my wheel to spin this stuff!

  5. Beautiful scarf! That should keep someone warm this winter.

  6. Gah! That scarf! I want to love it and squeeze it and hug it and call it George.

    • LOL! It’s a lace motif knit in so maybe Georgette? ๐Ÿ˜‰ That scarf is beautiful though. I kinda want one now. Dang it! I’ve made a million scarves already…A million one on the way, I guess…

  7. That scarf is amazing. I wish I could get that much done in one weekend. You eem to have it down to an art.

  8. I remember getting a whole lot of crocheting done the day my son had a basketball tournament in junior high. It was during break, so I wasn’t grading papers for a change. LOL

    • I love knitting during his games and practices! It’s one of the only times I get some down time to do it. I work in education too, though not teaching at the moment. It’s a pretty busy life!

  9. I am absurdly jealous that you get to not only knit but spin quiviut. Pretty sure my spinning skills are not up to the stuff though.

    • Well, we’ll see if mine are. I’m so nervous about it. But, then, I’m so excited to do it, I know I’m going to bite the bullet and just see what happens soon. Then, after it’s spun, we’ll see how long I preciousize it before I actually knit with it, lol!

  10. Busy is not the word. Whew! You are officially “Super Mom”! Your new projects look amazing and I can tell how soft the scarf is even off the screen. BTW, guess what? I just got a Macbook Pro. So excited and hooked!!!!

  11. alpacasoup says:

    Oh wow. Looks like I missed a good spin in! I finally got my quiviut from Carol just before I left for the folk school, and I haven’t done a thing w/ it yet. You guys are inspiring me! Carol made that w/ just an ounce?? I’m thinking of blending mine with some alpaca to get more yardage. I have one of those yarn balance things but not much practice at using it, didn’t even occur to me you could use it on raw fiber and not just yarn.

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