Be Mine


How was your Valentine’s Day?

I’ve got to tell you folks, the hubby is getting better at these things… 🙂


I thought these were pretty photogenic, lol.

Along with the goodies from the hubby, I also made sure I gave myself a little Valentine’s Day gift.  Check this out!




What do you think?  I loved how the edges came out.  Much better than last time. And, to think…all I had to do was relax (for details see my post or my comment to Tina here).  Imagine that. 🙂

Another thing I learned was that tension seems to be the name of the game for me with this whole weaving thing.  If the warp doesn’t stay nice and tight, I’m prone to make mistakes with my shuttle passing through the shed the way it’s supposed to.  There were a couple times that I had to take it back out and pass it back through, making sure it got under (or over) the warp threads in the right sequence.  Gotta keep that warp tight and right!


In this last photo, you can see a touch of a contrasting color I used toward the end (shhhh-I was getting a rhythm and I didn’t want to quit when I came to the end of the weft I had).


Yup.  It’s mine.  All mine.  And I loved wearing it on Valentine’s Day! A little selfish, maybe? Naaaahhh!

Loving yourself never goes out of style.  😉


  1. Oooo! It is gorgeous! What a special and pretty scarf 😀

  2. Beautiful colours and very nice edges!

  3. Beautiful flowers. Beautiful scarf.

  4. Lovely scarf. I am completing my first effort at weaving and the edges are mostly bumpy and uneven but I am enjoying the process and hope I can create a scarf as attractive as yours soon.

    • Hey thanks! I got the best advice from someone who attends the spin-ins at the mill I attend. He said to leave them alone, lol. That actually seems to work pretty well! Not stressing about them seems to make them come out tons better. And it makes the process more enjoyable.

      Thanks again for the compliment and for visiting!

  5. So beautiful! 😀
    Especially the scarf … Really, really great! 😀

  6. I think the contrasting colors are great. You don’t want too much pink! Haha 🙂

  7. Craftie Allie says:

    Those flowers are lovely!

    The wrap is gorgeous. I am saving up for a loom, though I’ll have to wait until we move due to lack of space at our house currently. So excited to give it a try! You’re work is so beautiful.

    • Thanks Allie! It’s just plain weave yet though, so I’m not doing something you won’t be able to do right off. I can’t wait to figure out weaving with pick up sticks. Sounds like a game!

  8. It looks like it was quite the lovely and special day! and that scarf is just perfect for a romantic Valentine’s day date 🙂

  9. That scarf is FABULOUS! And hooray for getting flowers. We don’t much bother with Valentines round here….

    • Thanks Emily! Valentine’s Day is my only excuse to get any mushiness out of my hubby. He’s more of a rough and tumble kind of guy, lol. If it weren’t for Valentine’s Day and our anniversary, I’d wonder who is that man in my house? LOL!

  10. beautiful flowers and scarf! might have to rethink the whole getting into weaving thing…..

  11. What a great scarf… I love how the rainboc olours peek out from under the raspberry. Soo very pretty.

  12. Beautiful! I love it. Great job!

  13. I know I’m a few days late but those flowers are lovely and that scarf is making me want to learn how to weave! Glad to hear that you had a great Love day. 😀

  14. It is beautiful! I have a loom and just recently I borrowed a warping board so all I need to figure out is how long I need the warp to be for a basic scarf and then I will get started!

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