Keeping Track


Yep.  Still plugging away…

Does it look like a hat yet?  Lol.  It amazes me how a pattern can start off looking so unlike its end result.  But that’s neither here nor there.  The reason it’s taking so long (well, you know, besides that right after I finally found the gauge I wanted to use and cast on only to have the needle break, and then me getting really upset by that and leaving it for a few days for punishment) is the actual rub.  This pattern is full of short rows and right and left twists, etc.  I have to read it line by line and pay attention for the size I’m knitting.  It’s not difficult.  It’s just not mindless knitting (which tends to be my favorite kind of knitting of all time).  Ah well.  It’s going to be such a handsome hat when it’s completed! And a deal is a deal.  I promised to be done this hat soon.  So, plug away I will.

In between keeping the Girl Child out of the lunch box snacks (that’s actually a really hard trick to pull off even though she’s close to the ground and they’re way up in the cupboard above the closet…she likes standing on chairs these days), I’m still spinning on this too.


Also difficult to show much progress because it’s a semi-solid.  But, I’m still getting to know the Lendrum and I can see that even though I packed a little more onto one end of it, the fact that it only came with one sliding hook hasn’t really affected the ability to wind a neat and even bobbin-though this one could’ve been neater…I blame it on the lack of sleep.  Just about at two ounces though, I believe.  Well, at least the bobbin at two ounces is only a little better than this size when I do this on my Joy.

Since home life has been slowing me down though, I’ve been thinking more and more about getting slightly more serious about my spinning.  Right now, I’m surprised it’s actually working.  I still have the label and bag for this fluff.


Ordinarily, that’d be LONG gone by now, lol! So, I started looking up options for keeping track of what I’m doing (well, besides this blog) when I spin a fiber.  Check out this ravelry member’s profile.  Do you see what I see?  She has a link to a free spinning journal she designed.

Take a look at this screenshot.


I think her favorite color is purple. 🙂

It’s free and she wants feedback.  So, you spinners, if you want to give it a try, let her know what you think.  I’ll tell you what I thought:  When I first printed these out, I thought to myself, “You are not ready.”  Trying to get even remotely exact about things that I want to do for fun generally puts my mind on tilt! And, yet, if I’m going to knit with this stuff, I might need to know at least some of this.  I don’t know if these kinds of ventures rip all the fun out of spinning or what.  Fiber content, amount, cost, place of purchase…Umm…Most times, I am a creature of habit, frequenting the same shops-only seldom trying others, so I know, if it’s premium, where I got the fiber.  But the fiber content…not always sure.  It’s usually merino…I think.  And I only just started consistently recording the yardage (like, literally, two skeins ago).  But, after reading this post, I decided, this wasn’t too much of a requirement after all.  It’s just a means of starting to get more accurate.  I’m not over-thinking anything yet.  Ugh.

Then too, I figured if this spinning journal was available, there may be more.  I found a couple blog entries on how spinners have made their own journals like this one  or this one here.    There’s even a shop on etsy that sells some really cute spinning journals by andreainblue.  I like the retro and mushroom flavors myself!

So, I’ve decided I’m going to get cracking on this for 2013 y’all.


Baby steps.


  1. I’m primarily a “mindless” knitter too. I think that’s why I do so little colorwork, in spite of liking the look. I just can’t memorize a Fair Isle chart the way I can cables or lace.

    • Yeah, I keep wondering if I will ever get to the point where I will want a substantial challenge and I keep coming up with, “No. At this point in my life, just even getting to knit is a substantial challenge.” Lol. I think my life currently has enough challenges…When I knit, I just want to enjoy it with no headaches. I love thinking up and knitting a pattern from my head though from time to time. That’s sort of wandering in a sense that it is unrestricted play with a bit of a challenge to figure out how to make it work out. Not so bad. Anything else…meh.

      • That’s kind of my philosophy too. There’s absolutely no reason I “have” to knit any thing or any way. I knit because I enjoy knitting. If it’s something I’m not enjoying…I’m doing it wrong. Time to change something.

  2. Keep sharing your spinning with us. One day I may break down and purchase a spindle and a bit of “fluff” to try it. I love knitting but haven’t gotten brave enough to try spinning.

    • 🙂 I will. But you should definitely try it. It probably requires more patience with oneself than bravery. I keep thinking how much farther along I’d have been with my spinning if I had kept at it the first time.

  3. Hi! Just found your blog! I love all kinds of knitting but have never tried spinning! How did you learn? I would love to try it!

    • Mounds of Youtube videos!! I loved the ones Abby Franquemont uploaded regarding spinning on a spindle. Also Sheila Dixon’s video on drop spindling. They were really helpful when I got started. Abby Franquemont’s are easy to find and she discusses a lot about controlling twist. That’s important to figure out. Sheila Dixon’s was the first one where I got to see what she was doing with the drafting, up close and personal. A lot clicked for me with a spindle after I saw that. Then, I just practiced those things over and over while watching That 70’s Show on Netflix. By the time I had gotten through every series, I could spin pretty consistently on my spindle! And I was laughing the whole time!

  4. I just won a blog giveaway with some lovely spinning fiber, and I’m about to try spinning for the first time *insert terror here* I’m actually really excited though.

    • Congrats!!! I’m green!! I want some lovely spinning fiber! You know, you really can never have enough. And I think you will like spinning a lot, if not grow to love it. Here’s my post on when I learned. I have lots of links to my tumblr blog because I posted there before I started posting on WP. That post was one of my getting acquainted with WP posts…Anyways, be prepared to laugh out loud at some of the stuff I produced. 🙂 Take photos though because when you get better at it, you’ll have to pinch yourself for never believing how far you’ve come.

  5. caityrosey says:

    I should be spin-journalling. I just finished plying some very pretty stuff last night that I *think* is all BFL…

    • LOL! A spinner after my own heart. 🙂

      Yeah, I should’ve started this sooner. Even if only, yardage, fiber and where I got it from. Sometimes I go back and look at my stash and unless it’s super vibrant like Sosae’s, I’m like, “Where’d I get this from??” Even with hers, sometimes I have chosen a different fiber and I can’t remember which was colonial wool or which was bfl or which was whatever else I got. I have to go back and search my tumblr or this blog hoping that will help me figure it out. Going through nearly three years of a ton of photo archives is not always the best use of my time, lol. But I think learning to get the stuff to stay together was more on my mind at the time. Then when it did, I was always amazed that it did! I was all “Who cares what it is?! I’m making yarn!!” Silly me.

  6. I’m a big ol’ dork. I keep track of my fibers before and after spinning in a spreadsheet.

    Oh, and that is a really cool-looking hat pattern!

  7. I decided to keep a felting journal, yardage, pre and post felting sizes, yarn, felting time… All that yucky stuff. Bu I’m sure it will help later on so I’ll stick with it. I do NOT have a spinning journal, mainly because I have just been spinning some wool a friend gave me off of his sheep. Along with odds and ends I had left from a fiber clinic I went to about five years ago. I like charts though…

    • If you like charts, you may be ahead of the curve. I, myself, am allergic to them. 😉 But, this wasn’t so bad. When I saw I could record a little or a lot and still be helping myself, I thought, “I could do that…”, and, you know…not hurl. Lol.

  8. Another great post! Thank you so much for sharing the link for the spinning journal sheets. I’ve never thought about keeping track on my spinning, so this is really an awesome idea 🙂 I love the color of the fiber that you’re currently spinning, reminds me of blue jeans.

  9. Q- I’ve been trying to develop a spinner’s journal I like. I’ll check out your links.


  1. […] to recall some cotton on a tahkli…some handspun that my get ran back through the wheel…a hat that shall ne'er be mentioned ( at least not until I get serious about knitting it). Etc., […]

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