Candy Girl


When I think of Girl Child in mittens in these colors, it reminds me of that song by New Edition! 🙂

Hubby says, I’m showing my age, lol!


Funny how these colors remind me of her legwarmers.  Coincidental?

I finished this off yesterday along with the alpaca spindle spun singles too.  I wanted this spin to ply a little tighter for a pair of mittens with less pilling.  I was expecting the skein to dry with a little leftover twist to spare.

The skein itself still evened out pretty well after I washed it though.  Wondering if that was supposed to happen…



Okay.  But, really?  Enough is enough.  I think my procrastination has hit an all time high now.












  1. That looks gorgeous girl! I love the colors … I’m still plugging away at the same fiber but hope to be finished by the weekend so I can get it plied. I have too many braids in my stash that are begging to be spun.

    • Thank you, Tina!

      I wish I could say the same. I still have some stash left. But not enough. And what I do have is neutral. So, I either need to get some Kool-Aid packets or get to some retail therapy…Quick.

  2. Great colours! 😀

  3. caityrosey says:

    Wow. That’s rainbowy. From the photos you’ve shown of your little girl’s wardrobe, I’m sure a hat made from it will fit right in.

  4. Woo! That’s some happy yarn right there. Love it. I have a happy-bright spin going now too. Less than 2 ounces to spin (out of 12), and then I can ply ply ply!

  5. I love “candy girl”. it’s fun and girly and all I can think of when I look at it is:

    “candy girl, you look so sweet,
    candy girl, you’re a special treeeeeeat”

    LOLOL!!! I guess I’m showing my age too!!!


  1. […] moving on), etc., etc.-you get the picture. I noticed all her favorite colors were part of a yarn I had spun a while back I had intended for mittens for Girl Child but had since changed my mind. So, I kept […]

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