Go Home!


This is the phrase I heard, pretty much all day…for the last week.

I caught some kind of sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching kind of thing last week-only it was during the day too.  The first day, I thought I heard my legs say that they were tired and wanted to lay down.  I got everybody something to eat and went to bed around 6 and was not heard of again until the next day at around 11pm.  Around day four of self-medicating and still feeling like I got run over, I went to see a doc and she promptly gave me some antibiotics.  And I think they’re working.  Slowly, but surely, they are.  I’ve been back to work.  Mostly half-days.  I am down to hearing “Go home,” from three times a day to maybe two now.  That’s progress.

Today, though, I coughed my way to the mill to get some photos of the DMA visit.


The Delaware Military Academy visited Greenbank Mill to see what work looked like Pre-Industry style.  Now that’s brave.


Despite my sniffles and coughing and whatnot, I had fun! I took a lot of photos while the kids worked and hammed around.  They were some hearty souls trudging around in all the mud, shoveling and raking and weeding and cleaning…I’m tired already just thinking about it.

Of course, one of my favorite parts was when they got around to talking about processing wool.


Here, Flo, is showing these students the beginnings of the process-differentiating the two breeds we have at the mill.  These girls learned how to pick and card fleece.  There was a good demo of how to roll a rolag too by Laurel.

Then…I got a little side-tracked by this little ensemble by the window.


I think this was around the hundredth time I must’ve coughed, the fiftieth time I had to excuse myself to the ladies room to take care of my nose and the fifth time Laurel told me to go home.  The odds weren’t looking good.  So, home I went where Boy Child was awaiting.  He got the bug too.  Sigh.  He stayed home with some soup.  He’s looking better today, though taking some meds tonight just like me.  He’s recovering faster than me though, for sure.  Must be all that youth.

When I got back home, I figured I could’ve knit a few more rows on that hat like last night.  But, instead, after lusting over the boat shuttles at the mill, I cozied up to a new toy I got from Dalepatricia, a ravelry member who was ready to let go of her new Ashford Sample-It Loom at a reduced price, shipping included.



Love that Ravelry.  🙂

It’s such a cute, little loom.  And the whole thing sits right on my lap.  Very cozy!

I’m still planning to keep the Cricket Loom too.  But, I had to try this one to see what an even smaller loom would be like.  The more portable, the better, for me.  I saw a good review of both looms by another ravelry member.  I’d agree, except I think I felt the tightening with the clicker pawls on this loom was better for my hands and it didn’t bother the heddle for me any more than the Cricket heddle does.  But I’m still a newb, so it could be flat out all thumbs right now no matter what I use, lol.


As you can see, I’m still working on getting my actual weaving even.  But, for some reason, it was easier with this loom with it’s small width to keep the tension even across the threads and the fabric.  It could be because this would be my third handwoven, or it could be the clicker pawls.  I don’t know just yet.  But it’s really enjoyable! It’s quiet and repetitive.  Just what I need for an achey head, sore nose and troublesome cough.

Sigh.  It’s good to be home.  Sniffle.


  1. grayseasaylor says:

    Stacey!!! I have missed you and just caught up on some of your news over the last month. I am typing on my iPad and it swallowed the last comment I typed to you without publishing it…sigh. I am just over the cold-cough misery and am wishing you and yours well!

    Your latest projects in spinning and weaving excite me! And your efforts to record what you are learning in a notebook as well as in your blog are a clever idea. I still have not been spinning and have not tried out the little Harrisville lap loom I purchased in December, but have been enjoying the little knitting and crochet projects I have completed, including 3 crocheted cowl hoods.

    Thanks for your wonderful, informative, entertaining, and inspiring posts. I so admire you and your artistry and want blessings for you and yours!!!

    • Hi Gracie! I keep asking everyone how long it took them to get over the yuckies. I think mine is taking too long. I am still hearing go home, lol. But, it’s only once a day now. 🙂 I feel a ton better than what I did.

      Cowl hoods! Those sound delicious! I’m going to have to read up on that tonight. The thought of going back to this hat once the coughs are gone is driving me buggy. Each row really has to be paid attention too. Doesn’t make for cozy, mindless knitting. I REALLY need cozy, mindless right now, lol!

  2. Love the new toy Stacey! Hope you feel better soon – for me it’s allergy season!

    • Thank you, Tina! This ASIL is adorable! And it’s very quick to warp…because it’s just a sample, I guess. But I love it! Considering one of the AKL’s too. Then, I think my foray into weaving will be complete. I can’t see myself really wanting to go much bigger than something I can see and keep track of directly in front of me. But, if I ever do, I suppose a floor loom would be in order then. But these little looms are fun enough and a good enough taste of weaving that I could stop here and be fine.

      I’m so sorry it’s allergy season for you. My hubby gets allergies. Bad. And his germs are catchy. I never had ear problems until he came into my life, lol. But, they’re nothing compared to his issues. I hope you get over them soon. They never look fun.

  3. ahh, can I relate to this post or what! I’m at home sneezing and coughing too.. although i’m with my crochet rather than that lovely loom. Get well soon! x

    • Thank you, Katie! I think I’m out of the woods now. Still coughing. But I was told that could last awhile though. But, I’m definitely on the mend. Today was the first day that I was told I am looking better. 🙂 I hope you get well soon too!

  4. Feel better! I woke up this morning with my first sore throat of the season.. it’s allergy time, so I feel your pain! Get some rest and eat some soup.

    • Thank you! I brought soup for lunch today, so this was good advice. I thought I would make it out of the season this year without a hitch…Boy was I wrong! Thankfully, the worst is over. Hope you feel better soon too. 🙂

  5. Hope you feel better soon. On the up side, your weaving looks nice!

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