First Day of Spring Break!


Well, actually, my daughter had off yesterday…so it’s my second day. But since all I did was clean bathrooms, dust furniture and base boards, vacuum floors, cook and bust suds…it’s my first day of play!

Let’s see what all we got here to do…

Now, it’s not like I’m obsessed or anything, lol. But, I figured I may as well play around on that Cricket. See if we can’ get a silly, little diddy done for the Girl Child.

Then, I got some extra heddles for the ASIL. 🙂 I may actually try some of my own handspun on these. Well, the leftovers. We’re not ready for prime time yet!

In other news, my Lendrum bag from The Woolery came in! So, I felt I had better give that Lendrum something to do. And since I’m all out of colored fluff again…

May as well, since I have the time. 🙂 This is 4 ounces of BFL that I got from Three Waters Farm a little while back. They’re close enough to me that I can get fluff fairly quickly. Everything I have ordered there has been great stuff so far!

Besides, I love how easy this thing makes it if I’m going to do it anyway.

Ordinarily, I can’t stand how long it takes me to dye. But, I have been having to scale back on the fiber for some equipment purchases. Also, IT’S SPRING BREAK! So, got a week to make this work. Anyhow, this is a tiered steamer pot. It has three sections. I pour water in the bottom section. The middle section has holes in it to allow the steam to rise. The top section also has holes. That is the section where I usually put the small amounts of fluff I get. It has a glass lid so I can watch it too. Cool, right? I could use the second section for larger batches if I ever get to that point. But for 4 ounces, the top is fine.

I think we’re almost ready.

We’re off!! Dyed this no particular way. Why? It’s Spring Break. Just gonna let it all hang out, lol.

But, I’m off to a good start, I think. And you know what? I smell fun!


  1. That looks great! You try out my know what? Since nothing is going on for me today I think I’ll finally try out my birch bark dye. You have inspired me!

  2. Can’t wait to see the end result! I already have a steamer, which I use for vegetables. What a great idea to use it for the tops. No felting?

    • I haven’t had any felting from the steamer yet…But, I have only used it twice. When I get felting, it’s my carelessness. I touch it A LOT while it’s drying, lol. Big no-no. But I can’t help it! I wanna spin already!!

  3. Love that pink in the top photo, can’t wait to see how the dying turns out! 🙂 x

  4. I can’t wait to see the finished result!!!!!

  5. I’ve always wanted to try weaving. This looks like a lot of fun!

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