A Little Distracted


I have a handsome ball of yarn here…

A little while ago, I received this yarn from a blogging buddy.  I came across it again, today.  I was really supposed to be knitting on that hat.  But, then I saw this yarn and my eyes kind of lingered on it.  I fully intended to knit socks for the hubby with it.  But, after I saw it today…a light bulb went on in my head.  And now…well, just see for yourself.


Figured this to go well with that new 10 dent reed. 🙂


Now, my set-up isn’t exactly ideal.  I have to use two tables.  Sometimes they fall with the warp still on them! But it didn’t happen today.  That made it difficult to stop…


Getting started.



Trying to find the right beat.


Sock yarn is so fine around those edges.  Must figure that out too.


But the right beat is somewheres in there, lol! So far, I like this.  I don’t know if I’ll get a whole lot of pooling, though I expect some, here and there.  This has short stretches of color changes.  And if I read the authoritative book on variegated yarn I got a couple years ago, I’d know a little more.  But, I’m just going to go with a wing and a prayer on this, lol!  I think it’ll work out.

In between times, if it’s not that gadget, it’s this one…



A good spinning wheel is extremely distracting.  But I remember, I started this bobbin to see how I would like bagging this between spins.  To do it, you have to take the flyer off and move the bottom knob so that the wheel lay flat on the floor.  It takes a bit of doing.  It’s a little longer than packing up a Joy.  But it’s nice.

It would be wonderful not to have to take a flyer off at all, but I’ve never met a folding wheel where I didn’t.  So, since I have to, I do like the pouch that holds this one.  It’s nice and  roomy.  It looks like there’s more space for stash in there (check).


The bag has a lot of space to stuff in the wheel to me.  I’ve tried inserting the wheel with it closer to the top of the bag and again with it closer to the floor.  I like it better with it closer to the floor.  I think I could fit more fluff in there with it like that (check).  But it does zip up nicely around the wheel.


I also like that I don’t have to fit the fluff in with the wheel because it has pockets on the outside of the bag.  One big zipped one and two open-top pockets.  I could care some carefully wrapped oil in there for the wheel too for any unexpected squeaking…and more stash (check, check, check!).


And I love the way the strap was designed to hold the whole contraption like a backpack!


And now that it’s all zipped up and snug as a bug, it’s a real good thing.  Because if it weren’t, I’d be tempted not to touch that knitting again today.

Wish me luck!


  1. If I ever get another wheel the Lendrum is a strong contender for me…taller than my Joy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and the blue-green yarn in your latest weaving is lush!

  2. seems it is so exciting to do this… I wished to make it too… Thanks and Love, nia

  3. What a lovely weaving project ! Where did you get the tables you’re using for your loom and warping?

  4. Oh, that weaving is so pretty!

  5. I love the strip of red in with the blue. It’ll look great when it’s done.

  6. Ooh, that is a beautiful yarn. It reminds me of the one you sent me. Variegated yarn is so fascinating to me because depending on whether you crochet, knit, or weave it, the pattern changes. Very cool! (Thanks for your kind words on my blog.)

  7. Stacie, I love how the sock yarn looks in your weaving. It really shows off the jewel tones, and the red is a wonderful accent. You are amazing!

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