No Dice

Back to work tomorrow!

Hat still not done, lol. Just can’t seem to bring myself to pick that project back up again. Good thing I used a row counter when I do get back to it. But maybe the recipient won’t be so upset since the weather has become so nice? πŸ˜‰ I just found keeping up with Girl Child a little more important this week. For example…

Girl Child runs by after using the potty. Water is trickling in the bathroom after her hand washing.

Me: (On bed reading a web page) Go back and turn the sink off, Stinky.

(Waits a minute. Water still running. Flips to another web page.)

Me: (a little louder this time) Go back and turn the sink off, Stinky.

(Waits a minute…Water still running. While reading next web page, has a passing thought that this particular child runs away when she knows she is getting in trouble…vaguely remembers this particular child likes to empty rolls of toilet paper into the toilet from time to time.)

Me: (Immediately jumps up and runs to bathroom. Promptly loses mind at the sight of a floor full of water and a toilet full of tp. Yells to Boy Child…) Bring me the plunger! And make sure the ceiling is dry down there!

Thankfully, that was the main attraction this week…Finding that the pint-sized rascal has found new and even more interesting ways to, say, get the snacks down from the top cupboard, to unleash a fury of toys in every room over every floor within minutes of getting up, to shop in the fridge for her next meal on average of every five minutes or so and to swipe candy from her brothers room was just enough to keep me jumping, but wasn’t quite as alarming. She has gotten a few more inches on her this year and she has definitely stepped her game up, lol!

I did get some photos of my attempt to finish this spin.

For some reason, I decided to leave these as singles. Seemed like a good idea at the time…

Today, I left the singles and went to Greenbank Mill’s Volunteer Appreciation Potluck Dinner. It was a nice, laid back event.

My shadow, Girl Child, accompanied me. We took her iPad to keep her occupied. She impressed everyone there with her love of veggies. She only tried to swipe someone’s balloon once. And she kept pretty still the majority of the time. She got a ton of compliments on her behavior. I kept trying to pass her off to the easily-fooled ones, lol.

For the first time in over a week, I got to talk to other adults! Well, besides the hubby. This is Jessica Shahan, our new shepherdess. She was telling me about a lecture she will be giving in a couple weeks. The info should go up on the Greenbank Mill calendar soon.

The spread was great! I had made spaghetti. But I was a little late getting there after cooking that up along with a meatloaf dinner for the folks at home. There was plenty of food to go around, three times.

In between bites of a salad, Girl Child found a friend.

Kind of interesting looking at this photo. This is fellow board member, Rick Frunzi’s, wife. She also happened to be a bestie of mine in elementary school. Seeing her and Girl Child hitting it off was a little magical. πŸ™‚

Abby, our Site Director, was the Mistress of Ceremonies. Raffling off a gift from the gift shop every so often.

And there was an award presentation from our current board president to a former one that actively continues to be a volunteer and huge supporter of the mill. You may remember, Flo? πŸ™‚ I had a great time at the potluck and I was relieved that, at the time we left, Girl Child had not smacked anyone on the booty for her final parting sentiment. Don’t ask, lol. She was an almost perfect angel the entire time. Sneaking cake, not liking it and then trying to sneak it back into the dish-at a potluck…Well, I’ll just choose to let her get by with that one infraction. πŸ˜‰

When we got back in, I came back to my yarn.

I love singles!

But I’m thinking I could run this back through and take some of the twist back out. This had to be weighted to dry without so much twist…Once it’s wet again, it’s definitely going to coil up.


Now that Spring Break is over and Girl Child and I will be headed back to school tomorrow, I’m thinking, I just may find the time! πŸ˜‰


  1. I would run it back through, because it looks soooo lovely as a single.

  2. Looks great to me. I would leave it as it is?

  3. OMG! Th bathroom story is something that will haunt you both for the rest of your lifes … If it makes you feel any better: My little sister turned off the freezer(!) while having a tantrum when she was about three years old (she wanted an icecream, my mum said no, not before lunch … The freezer was about her height and she banged her fists against it and accidently pushed the button).

    My mum found out about the freezer after lunch, so about 45mins or so later …. It was mid-August, HOT weather and the freezer was full … She spent the rest of the day rescuing the meat, throwing away icecream and veggies …. Hah …. childhood memories …

    Your singles look amazingly beautiful. They remind me a bit of the single lace yarn from Atelier Zitron …. I’d keep them how they are and knit yourself a beautiful scarf. πŸ˜€

    Have a great day!
    Julia πŸ˜€

  4. Your single is gorgeous, I say leave it as is πŸ™‚

  5. I am so afraid to leave my handspun as singles because I’m afraid that it’ll misbehave after I actually make it into something. How do you prevent that?

    • Well, plying is usually what does calm a singles tendency to kink itself up. But, if it is intended to be worked as a singles, it has to be spun with that in mind (as in like a low-twist singles) or used with that in kind (as in an energized singles with a pattern for that type of yarn). Usually safer knitting patterns with singles are the ones where the knits and purls even each other out. like a garter stitch or seed stitch pattern. You can weight singles too as they dry. But, once wet, it will show it’s true colors again. It’s an interesting science, for sure.

  6. Ohhhhhhh. What lovely singles.

  7. Beautiful single. Love the tones!

  8. That looks great as a single!

  9. Love your handspun.

  10. I am laughing so hard at the story of your daughter! I remember those days! It sounds like you handle most of it with really good humor! (or at least you can look back and laugh!) I had a free spirit like that as well.. She is now 23 and my best friend. Have faith!


  1. […] I had some other little ditties finished first. I seem to recall some cotton on a tahkli…some handspun that my get ran back through the wheel…a hat that shall ne'er be mentioned ( at least […]

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