Loose Ends

Lots of loose ends sticking out of my life these days.

I don't know about you all, but when I start seeing a lot of little UFO's hanging around, I start to get itchy!

This little guy, I still consider to be fairly new. He's a cutie. But, I never should've started on him until I had some other little ditties finished first. I seem to recall some cotton on a tahkli…some handspun that my get ran back through the wheel…a hat that shall ne'er be mentioned ( at least not until I get serious about knitting it). Etc., etc.

These count too.

I never did finish off the fringe on these. So, today, I just put them in bunches and knotted them until I get around to them. Well, I kind of like them on the orangey one. But the striped one…the bunches could go smaller, for sure. It does beat letting Girl Child get to them before I get a chance to stop her though, lol.

So, what has gotten me all tied up lately? Well, besides the fact that Boy Child has realized he is a teenager and proceeded to send our laundry size into the upper stratosphere…and generally keeping up with Girl Child's shenanigans…that site I was telling you about? Yeah, the moment I clicked save on that last post, it went BOOM! Sigh. It's only the mil's busiest month of the year, right?

So, I spent some time getting that back together with support from the hosting service, the theme developer and the CDN company. Then, since I found that I had to deactivate some things to do that, I decided to overhaul the styling.

I like it better. Now that the colors are different, I may swap out for a more prominent logo rather than a watermark-looking one. And I would like to adjust some photos in the slider. Again. AND, I have to put the calendar back together on there. Again. But, I do like it. I added some textures from a free background texture site that makes it look much more polished. Sweet. I still wouldn't call that breakdown a blessing in disguise just yet. But, it's a nice change.

While I was at it, I figured I may as well update my personal site. I still have yet to get any serious drawing or painting done. But, my physical portfolio is still around. I'll know when I'm ready, I guess. In the meantime, I'll just keep it simple and let folks know where they can find me. I will probably get picky and move that navigation over at some point…and change the photos I put on there in the circles to look a little better with the shape. But, it works for now. That's half the battle for a beginner.

There's still the matter of that resolution I set for myself at the start of this year to learn how to make a website with a WP theme. Funny thing about those…when you write them down, it makes it more concrete.

Got some more loose ends to tie up tonight: The natives are getting hungry.


  1. I am amazed at how even the single is wrapped the spindle. Mine never look that nice. It that just practice?

    • I don’t think that’s my technique. 🙂 Turkish spindle winding can just be really pretty! The spindle has bars on the bottom that when you wind the singles on a certain way, it makes designs in the cop. The one I use is under one bar over the next two all the way around. I line the singles up according to the star that forms and voila! You have a nice-looking cop on there before long. If you try it, let me know.

  2. The site looks like it’s great. I’m still in love with your green yarn though…

    • Thank you, Cleo! It’s not the main site yet. But we’re working on that…
      I like the green too. But I have no idea what I’m going to do with yet another green yarn, lol.

  3. That green is just lovely. I am so filled with envy! (hehe green with envy :P)

  4. Okay, I just realized that for the past year, I’ve been winding my Turkish spindle incorrectly! Can you recommend step-by-step tutorial (video or other) that would help me with my technique? I’ve been winding it around and around, if that makes sense – not crosswise, like this one. It doesn’t tend to hold much yarn the way I do it and always gets tangled. Thanks!

  5. Okay, I think I get it – I’ve been going over one, under one. I’ll try this! 🙂

  6. I love your spinning. This is such a beautiful colour … I do know that feeling when there is too much stuff around! A few days ago, I rewound my »leftovers« and decided that I had WAY to much … So I changed my stashpage on ravelry again and put the yarns I HAD leftovers from back from »all used up« to »in stash« … Which made the number climb up to 57. ARGH!

    I have, however, knit two dishcloths lately (who would’ve thought?) and am currently working on a pair of socks from the leftovers … I’ll blog about that soon. 😉

  7. I need to get my Jenkins out of it’s storage box and practice some more with it. I still don’t quite have the hang of spinning with it. It’s the only spindle I own that gives me lip.

    • LOL! Well, your spinning looks great so I’m sure that Turkish is going to get conquered soon enough. I love Turkish spindles best for bottom whorls at the moment. I like the feel of them when they spin and the design is just the icing on the cake.

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