Coming Clean


Well, things are beginning to settle a bit for me…

…Or maybe it’s more me settling down inside so other things seem like they’re calming down more as well? One of the two.

Now, to be honest, I’m already an even-keeled type. For my particular lifestyle, I have to be. So, for me to still myself even more, almost feels like an oxymoron to me.  But, there it is.

In the bit of free time I have had, I’ve actually been reading…I know. Wow, right? Lol! Yes, I have. And it actually has been real reading. No looking at photos. The Book of Psalms I have really doesn’t have them (I must correct that, lol).

Other than that, I have checked on my dad, gave my mother a late Mother’s Day gift (she was on edge at the hospital on Mother’s Day, so she kind of got jipped this year), and I’ve been spinning a little here and there…




For some reason I’ve been spinning more in public these days. Doctor’s offices, restaurants, parks, etc. Seems it’s the only time I’ve had. And I find people are really curious about spinning. They stop to say, “That is SO cool!” Or to ask a question. But, I can get a little out of hand with it, at times…

Out of pure need, a couple weeks ago I began spinning while on lunch duty at school. Now, I have to man the lines for the bathrooms and the school store to keep the kids moving orderly through the halls should they leave the cafeteria. I am highly visible in the area where I stand. Normally, I wouldn’t dare take out anything remotely fun in that space. But, I just needed to do it. I figured as long as no fighting broke out in the halls and everyone could get through, it was all good.  Well, one day the Vice Principal at the school where I work saw me spinning there and began asking me about what I was doing. He was sincerely curious. I was happy to answer all of his questions and I was SO glad I wasn’t in any trouble, lol! Catastrophe averted. See? Fiber arts really does promote world peace. 🙂

I’m still spinning on this one too.


I’m almost to the edge here…


…and I can’t wait to see if I can really get up to half the shaft. What do you think? That’d be about another inch up the shaft and I have just a smidge left on the crossbars. I dunno. But I’m going for it!

I also had some fluff leftover from Sjon’s yarn. So I decided to spin that up too.




This is what I got. Since I still haven’t washed all the mini-skeins from the last post, I suppose this is just another skein that needs washing, lol. So there’s more to clean, after all. Another post for another day, I suppose.

In the meantime, I’d like to thank salpal1 for The Leibster Award, kfklever for The Versatile Blogger Award, and knitxpressions for The Sweet Blogging Award.

I always wonder why I get blog awards…I am still surprised that people read my blog because I don’t even keep to the title of my blog many times, lol! BUT, I’m super grateful to all of you who have nominated me for these awards. I think you all are a bunch of sweethearts! So, while I’m really late on doing this, I’m finally going to launch my first 25 facts about me list on my Blog Hopping Page and pass the awards on to all of those bloggers there. I love visiting those blogs whenever I can and add to it when I find other blogs to visit as well. I couldn’t nominate any better bloggers, actually.







  1. Crafting can be quite therapeutic. I remember several times in my life when I was most “productive” and when I look back, it was because I needed that calm right then. And at the time, crochet hooks, knitting needles, yarns just felt good. Most recently when my dad was in the hospital, I remember starting and finishing a blanket that I had put off for a while. (Blankets are not my most favorite thing to make.) It didn’t even take long to complete because I was channeling my energies into that project. Something about the stitch repetition made it mindless, and before I knew it, it was done. Felt good too! 🙂

    Have a great weekend.

    • You are so right. Some seasons are definitely more focus-oriented than others for whatever reason. Such productive times! This is far from that season from me at the moment, lol. Job hunting. Ugh. Lol!

  2. Awww Lady, so glad things are settling down for you and the fog is beginning to clear. Nice to know you some more too. 😀

    As always, beautiful post, spinning and pictures.

    • Thanks, Nicky! Well, I am actually still in the mix of things right now. Job hunting and working at the same time. Get up at 4 am, work till whenever, scour the web till late, etc. Times like these I feel like a clown juggling a bunch of bowling pins or something. :p

      • It’ll get better; I trust that it will.

        Uggghhh! Commiserating with you re the job hunting blues. We should swap tales one day. Heard today on the news that 70 million Americans hate their jobs! That was not encouraging to hear AT ALL! LOLOL!

  3. I say spin if you need to spin! Glad you didn’t get in trouble with your boss though. Your yarn looks great. Nice job!

    • Thanks Cleo! Yeah, lunch duty was laid back tat day, lol. Besides, our VP is such a lifelong learner. If he sees something he is not familiar with, his mind goes directly toward asking questions! COMPLETELY forgets about slapping me on the wrist, lol. It’s great because I get to teach him about the history of the spindle and spinning. Win-win!

  4. Oh, those are some pretty fibers. Glad to hear you’re finding the calm place. I need to work my way there as well…

    • Thanks, Emily! I’m not all frazzled. But, I keep finding if I don’t find calm while I am in the middle of the mess, I will never find it. 😉 I think many times it’s more a state of mind than anything else. But it does tend to put a lot in perspective to have a lot of stuff going on and still say, “Hey, it could be worse!”

  5. I love seeing other people’s spinning progress! I love both of your current projects.

  6. Great colours. I have never spun, but I knit a lot – will reiterate, like others, that crafting is very calming. I love the idea that if I popped along to my dentist’s waiting room or somewhere public that I could see someone spinning – what a conversation opener. I find knitting in public fascinates a lot of people but spinning I have never seen. Well done, and carry on! (A friend used to say at one time I baked to relieve stress – I had to stop that as it piled on the pounds! Ha ha!)

    • Thank you! Yeah, I think it’s fun when I get people that are curious enough to ask. I wonder if they will go try to learn some time. Of course, little kids usually ask with fingers! They want a lesson on the spot! Don’t have to worry about them at all. 😉 I think spinning and knitting are really two of the most calm-inducing crafts there are.

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