Last-Minute Knitters

Gasp! Is that knitting?!

Why, yes, it is! I have been itching to knit a little for a few days and the end of the school year was a really good excuse to jump back into it. Well, so is KIP day tomorrow…but, I digress.

Preamble: You may be able to tell from my blog name that I am really given to leisurely knitting. I love the process but the projects are few and far in between where I will spend more than a few days on a project from start to finish. Scarves, mitts, mittens, bags, hats, socks, maybe an occasional baby sweater-anything square…stuff like that are my meat and potatoes. If I'm not using a pattern, I like to improvise, as notelessly as possible. Spinning the yarn myself, adding buttons or other gadgets…maybe using a pattern stitch like a lace stitch or entrelac or something would probably be as complex as I get. I'm one of those knitters. Besides that, I just wanna see it now! (I know, real mature, huh? Lol.)

So, there. You now have the preface for this project.

I know I have got to get back to that hat pattern before I totally lose all interest in finishing that until next year. But, I had a little ball leftover from this project and I figured I would use it to make a last-minute gift for a co-worker/friend of mine.

I'm such a fan of last-minute knitted gifts (the actual concept and the book). I learned a long time ago that I just never use my time wisely in knitting. Why avoid the inevitable? Why ignore the truth? I'm a knitting-crisis junkie. 🙂 So, I started this last night. Don't judge me, okay? Lol.

Let me tell you, my hands were a little clunky. I haven't knit in a couple months, I think. But my fingers were flying! It's like riding a bike.

And, I loved the textured pattern that came from this Horai lace stitch pattern and that it worked up pretty fast. I knit long enough for a short scarf with enough length to cross over and cover the chest or just tie into a bow at the neck with a little dangle at the ends. Then, I pinned it down, spritzed it with a water bottle until it was pretty damp, made a little masu box and card and went to bed around 1ish, I think.

When I got up this morning, it was dry and the pattern showed pretty well. I rushed to get some photos while getting it wrapped and ready for work.

Wrapped it in a bandana and it was ready. What do you think? Not bad for a night owl on a mission, lol.

You know, timing really is everything. 🙂



  1. Craftie Allie says:

    Super cute! I love how you package your knits.

  2. I love the colours of this yarn so much … And I am happy that you don’t stress out over last minutes gifts! I always do, so for me, this is not really an option. Last year’s desaster with the owl and mum’s socks really was enough. :mrgreen:

    • Lol! Well, I wish I had more time to put toward them all. It’s just not really part of my reality at the moment. Sigh. Maybe when I am old and gray that whole idea of knitting a grandchild a sweater in a rocking chair in peace and tranquility will become a reality for me. (I’m laughing at myself!)

  3. Very pretty and the colours in that yarn are scrumptious!

    • They really are! That was dyed by Sosae Caetano. I love her color sense and this colorway was exceptional! I think I read it was one of her personal faves too, actually.

  4. Am still loving the way you wrap up your gifts! Oh and of course that delicious yarn you always have on your blogs (I know I’ve said that a MILLION times already, but they really are yummy yarn!) 😀

  5. Oh my goodness, she does still knit! 😉 It’s very pretty though, and I think your “under pressure” knitting is actually significantly faster than my knitting.

  6. That handspun makes that scarf look so unique and special! The recipient is going to love this.

    • Thank you, lolly! I have a friend that has never used her handspun to knit though she knits be spins nonstop. I can’t imagine how she resists…I love knitting with handspun!

  7. Another lovely project and I truly like how you wrap your gifts!!! Have a great weekend and by the way, I just nominated you for the WordPress Family Award 🙂

  8. Those colors are my fav! The coral and blue are what I’m craving right now. Lovely project and pictures.

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