Rain Or Shine…

…but mostly rain these days.

There have been storms off and on in our area for the past few days. Whenever there is a storm, there is always the possibility that the mill could incur some damage. For the past few storms, we have been okay. But this time, a tree did fall near our brick oven. So we had some damage.

Rick, one of the board members, contacted the rest of us on Friday to see if we could spare any time to help clean up the damage. So, on Saturday, I went over to see if I could be of help. Fortunately, Saturday, was bright and sunny!

By the time I had gotten there though, a lot of what had fallen was already waiting to be picked up.

Well, most of it. But, there’s always work at the mill to do, so I hung out.

Sure enough, Rick was building a ram fence.

His wife had been there to help all morning. Aren’t they cute? 🙂 Now that he had an extra hand though, she was able to go take care of some other things.

We really don’t want to put a ram in this pen, actually. But we still need this built because one of our sheep had some brain swelling recently. According to the tests that were run, she had low thiamine levels. She’s the only one of our sheep with this condition, so it was a pretty curious ailment. I was told there were a few things that could have caused this. As a result though, she went blind–we’re hoping temporarily. She is one of the favorites of the mill sheep. Rather than send her to a foster care-type facility, our shepherdess is attempting it wait it out to see if she regains sight and can be added back into the fold. In the meantime, we are making this spot as comfortable as we can for her while she is blind so she won’t get hurt with the others.

My job was to level the dirt around and between the posts so that the boards could fit nicely.

There was a nice, little ridge built up there.

This thing was my partner in crime for the day, raking the ridge down, extracting rocks and any other materials that a blind sheep may have trouble with walking around in there. Raking up loose stuffs within the fence.

I had another partner in crime that day too…

My shadow had come along for the ride. I was impressed by the fact that she had taken her reading material with her. The Berenstein Bears was her literature of choice for the day. And it actually lasted…

…she did read the book…

…for about a minute!

After that, all bets were off!

Get a look at those knees already!

Poor book. Poor pants, poor sneaks, poor knee caps…

It was cool though. I had to look up from my handiwork (:) ) every so often to keep her in check. But, as long as she didn’t terrorize the cat that kept coming by too much, she was okay near the tree.

After awhile, the sheep were a little curious.

But they didn’t hang out very long. No food, lol.

But, our shepherdess showed up to help.

So did Abby, our site manager.

A local eighth grade student came out to help too.

Rick seems pretty happy, huh? 😉

We all took turns being extra hands to hold the boards.

It took a couple hours, but we were nearly done. But somebody wasn’t really satisfied with winding down yet…

I had to tell Girl Child to get back to the tree a couple times while working. She really is my shadow. Apparently, I was doing enough of directing her back to her designated area between work that at some point, Abby said, “You’re awesome!” When I gave her a quizzical look, she said, “You’re multi-tasking!” She motioned to Girl Child. I laughed and said, “I’m a mom.” Lol! Every mom is giving me a head nod right now-I can feel it.

When I realized the book had been chucked (did you notice that? 🙂 ), and she had moseyed on over to my area yet again, I decided it was time to put her to work.

Each time she came over, she was really attracted to Rick’s screws-and the power drill! While I didn’t let her touch the drill (and I was truly more afraid for the drill than for her), I did let her help Rick with the screws.

I told her to give Rick two screws. She counted two screws by herself and took them to him. Now THAT was awesome! When I told her to give him nine, she needed a little help, lol.

She got eight. Pretty close! I got her one extra. When your special needs child is doing things like this, it really is pretty special.

She and Rick counted down the posts to be sure there were the same amount of screws in each. When there weren’t, she gave him screws. She wouldn’t hold it for him though, lol!

Pretty good team there!

Everybody did a great job!

Girl Child and I were a little muddied up. I stuck our stuff in the washer as soon as we hit the door. Wonderful work day!

Today, of course, there was more of this “multi-tasking” to do. 🙂 Girl Child had to go outside today. I tried to discourage her. Today was a rainy day and we have had a lot of flooding. But she was not to be deterred.

I had started trying to teach her to ride her bike last year and she really wasn’t very interested. This year, however, she has really grown to love riding her bike. Once she figured out the amount of strength needed to pedal, she took off! Now, there isn’t a day that goes by that she will not ride that bike.

I sat by the door, knitting and keeping an eye on her. I figured it wouldn’t last long. I thought once it started pouring, she might get scared and want to come in.

How to “multi-task” this: Look down, knit a few stitches…

Look up, and make sure the kid is still breathing. Nothing to it! 😉

Now, when it started pouring, I waited for her to scream and want to come in.

Ummm. No.

She’s a beast.

I did make some headway on those mitts I was telling you I swatched for on KIP day.

No matter how simple the project, stitch counters are really good for this “multi-tasking” thing, lol.

I got farther on this little sweetie too.

Then, she had to go out front. She has been trying to get out front for ages now. I really don’t like the idea of it because she tries to run into the street too often for my taste. We have a quiet street, but I’m just a little squeamish for that. But, today, I went out and followed her up and down the street.

Then, we finally got to what the whole point of going out front must have been about…

She wanted to meet our new neighbor!

Our new neighbor is a grandparent and has grand kids that she has seen playing out in their backyard a few times. She was looking for some new friends!

On this “multi-tasking” list, I’m going to have to put an additional to-do for myself: Realize Girl Child is growing up!


  1. A story in photos, it really is quite amazing how I felt like I was there with you while you told your story. I love this setup, I may steal it 😉

  2. Girl Child is adorable. She seems like a good helper. The mittens are looking good so far. I love the color.

  3. Lovely story. I was right there with you. How nice to have a shadow and such a pretty one too.

  4. p.s. I forgot to say ‘poor sheep’ I hope she soon recovers her sight. It must be distressing for her. Please update this information.

  5. I imagine you’re getting hit by the same drawn out weather system that’s flooding us out here too. Good luck toughing it out – I know I sure miss the dry weather! Girl Child really is getting independent, isn’t she? Scary, but fun!

    • OMG, is she! Now that I have taken her out front, she looks for those kids out there everyday! I am going to have to get her into some social circles this year, lol.

  6. Girl Child is so pretty. I miss those days of following behind a bike and the excitment of playing in the rain. I love your beautiful red and orange yarn on the cute little wooden sticks. I never managed my socks but one day I will.

    • Thank you! I think the problem with her is that she knows I think she’s cute too, lol. She’s a mess!

      Oh, they will get done. When you have that kind of determination, the drive never goes away. I didn’t learn to spin until seven years after my first failures!

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