Do Your Own Thing


Don’t judge me.

Do you ever feel like you just can’t wait to see something get done? I think I feel like that about 99.9999% of the time. I have spun on projects that I felt took way too long to get where I wanted to go. That whole gray spin during the TourΒ last year drove me a little bonkers. So much gray, so little patience…With this spin, I can see that I did put a sizable dent in the fluff…But it still feels like there’s miles of it left!

Girl Child and I went out back this morning. She went to ride her bike and I went to spin the rest of this cotton.


The sun had other plans for us though. Within a half hour, we were back in the house, grateful for the ceiling fan.

It was as I was packing up my things to go right back in that I had a thought that was oh so familiar to me…, “Man, I wanna see some yarn.” We had just come out and now I had to go right back in and get started all over again?? Nahhhh…It didn’t even have to be a ton of yarn. But something had better had’ve appeared in my hands by the end of the day or…Well, we would’ve had fireworks today. But they might not have been festive.

Sidebar: Am I the only one who is given to delusions of melting into a pool of green slime if they don’t get an FO within a week? Seriously, my mind replays footage of Judy Garland throwing water on the Wicked Witch of the West when I think of it. Is it just me? Β Honestly, this spin has been going on for more than a week, so I’m still normal. Right? Well, no matter. I got a skein and I’m keeping it. (sticks tongue out)

And here we have it!


I was good. I only plied half of it! I still have some left to spin, so I’ll use the last half of the bobbin to finish that off.

But look!


I got a skein of cotton yarn! My very first skein of cotton yarn. I see room for improvement, of course. Lots of it. But look at it! I got a skein of cotton yarn!


I feel better now (sits back, and crosses legs). πŸ™‚

Wishing you all a day where you can enjoy breaking away from the usual, being independent and just doing your own thing. Have a happy 4th!


  1. Yay yarn! I definitely can relate to the icky green mess feeling. Glad you were able to get some satisfaction out of spinning today!

  2. I definitely get “melty green slime” moods from time to time. Looks like a very satisfying skein!

    • Really? Then, I’m not as bad off as I thought!

      Well, it definitely could use some consistency improvements for a yarn I’d want to knit anything for anyone else with, but it’ll do for my first. I really only use cotton to knit dishcloths, usually. So, I’d like it to be consistent so there are fewer weak spots that wear it faster than it normally would with a consistently round yarn. I’ll worry about all that later though. For now, just getting it into a skein is good enough!

  3. I have to admit that I never spin the whole thing before I ply, skein, and wash. Except once. Mostly I do it in small increments,because then I never get bored and I can start knitting at once!

    • Hmmm…I may just have to try this going forward. Especially with fairly monotone spins (although the length of this spin had more to do with the fiber than the color). I normally spin it all up and then wash it. I don’t always spin all of it the same way though. Some I spin 2-ply and some 3-ply or n-ply or singles or whatever. But keeping this cotton going has been challenging enough. So, I’ve kept it all to one bobbin for a chain-ply. I may just use the rest of the tour to finish this and my green dream. They’re both taking FOREVER. Ugh.

      • B. Morgan Joy says:

        I’ve been trying to slip some quick spins into the middle of my long-term projects so that it doesn’t feel too much like a fluffy black hole. It’s good to have a truly obscene number of bobbins. Unfortunately I failed to account for the instant gratification in my TdF planning. Or, I did, but then I used the fiber before TdF because I hadn’t spun in three days and I was starting to climb the walls in my head and it was the only quick thing I had on hand.
        But I’m not driving myself completely crazy with the big projects yet. They’re moving along at a respectable clip.
        …I’m sort of planning an LYS trip, yeah.

        oh! can I recommend, if you don’t do it already, sticking your full bobbin on a lazy kate across the room and then rewinding it onto a fresh bobbin (without threading through the orifice) to even out your twist distribution before plying? Should be easy on any bobbin-led wheel and word is you’ve got choices. Might resolve things you’re seeing as “room for improvement” pretty easily.

      • ROFL! “…climb the walls in my head…” πŸ™‚

        I get your drift. I guess I really want to get away from spinning multiple projects though because they tend to get overwhelming mixed in with regular life. I can’t stand looking around and seeing multiple unfinished projects. I’m usually already tired at the end of a day when I get in. It gives me a jolt to think of something I get to work on at the end of the day. BUT, when I walk in the door and there are four or five projects waiting for me, not so much. It’s such a rush to put something to bed, you know? I just like that little feeling of accomplishment I get, even if it’s just a tiny project. I’m a junkie, lol!

        You know, I used to do that when I first started spinning. I don’t know why I stopped (well, except for the impatient factor πŸ˜‰ ). Thanks for the reminder! I do think that with cotton, it might be a little moot. I had a few overtwisted spots, and though I haven’t had much of a problem with that spinning wool for a while, if I don’t fix it during the spinning, I usually fix that during the plying. But, I have a lot of thick and thin spots in this spin too. And that cotton is kind of tough to fix just during the spinning. It’s so short a staple, if you’re a beginner, you kind of have to stop everything to fix a spot or you’ll pull it apart (and who feels like that anyway)? It also doesn’t have wool’s bounce factor, if that makes any sense. If you think of knitting with cotton versus knitting with wool, you rarely block cotton because there’s no bounce in its fibers. This is just a first spin for cotton on a wheel and I am just happy to get something out of it, I guess. It’s going to take much more practice to get that stuff consistent. It’s like going back to, “Can I just get it into a continuous strand?!” LOL! I really feel like I was learning to spin all over again. I have finally gotten to the point where I can spin it and-as long as I pay attention-it doesn’t snap or drift! That stuff is kinda finicky.

      • B. Morgan Joy says:

        When I say I like to break things up with fatter spins, I mean more like, I finish a bobbin in a big long-term spin, then put it aside and spend the next two or three days working on something totally different. For example, I was working on 8oz of fingering weight 2-ply on alpaca/merino/silk. When I finished the first 4 ounces, I started 4 ounces of BFL for a light worsted 2-ply. Then the next 4 ounces of alpaca/merino/silk were done, I spun another 4 ounces of BFL. This is a bad example because the way I lined them up left me with a week of plying to do.

        I’m trying to sort out baby camel on my supported spindle right now and it feels a little bit grippier than cotton (a very very slight little bit grippier) but the staple length is similar and I definitely see where you’re coming from with that being finicky.
        The other frustrating thing about it is that it’s really really really light. Three hours of spinning last night got one gram of fiber on the cop. I’m toying with the idea of winding what I have onto a bobbin and finishing it on the wheel. Feels like cheating, a bit, but the point is not to just learn to use the spindle, it’s part of a bigger project that I wanted to finish by the end of the Tour.

      • Oh, I got what you meant. I just feel like when I do that, I have too many loose ends-for me. Like this cotton spin was broken up by the spin and dye job I did today…and maybe another spin tomorrow. But, there’s that cotton still waiting on me. Not to mention the cotton on my tahkli. Not to mention the green dream on my tiny Turkish spindle. Sigh. I don’t like having multiple UFO’s much. Feels like a lot of loose ends. And many times, for me, That’s the danger of multiple UFO’s because if I get too far away from a project, I’d just as soon not go back to it at all or start over altogether if I do. I am the same way with painting. Too many UFO’s hanging around really makes me feel spacey, lol.

      • B. Morgan Joy says:

        …*applauds* that was a stellar pun you just pulled off there. πŸ˜‰
        It’s a delicate balance, keeping the UFOs under control but scratching the itch for instant gratification now and then. Please don’t tell any of the UFOs whose eye contact I’ve been avoiding that I’ve said this though. I don’t want to attract their attention.

      • Lol! I love your sense of humor!

  4. This is so beautiful! I LOVE the colour … (It DOES look a bit lie butterscotch, right?) And this is so amazing! I haven’t spun anything this month, there simply wasn’t much time between writing and my granddad’s sock … But I will get back to it, I’m sure. πŸ˜€

    The biggest surprise for me was that since I have started knitting two years ago, I have become a lot more patient and calmer – also with myself. Before my knitting times, I always expected my very first attempts to be perfect; now, I can allow myself the occasional mistake. And it’s not just me – others have noticed that, too.

    But I DO get a bit … impatient is not the right word … if I’ve got too much stuff I want to do, it starts bugging me; so I try to keep my WIPs down to about 5, that’s just as much as I feel comfy with. πŸ˜‰

    Have an awesome weekend!!! Lots of love. πŸ˜€

    • Hey Julia! Thanks for the compliment! Yes, it does look like butterscotch…unless you’ve been looking at it for months, lol. Then it starts looking “yocky” (Girl Child’s favorite word these days).

      I know! Knitting tends to mellow you out. Spinning too, I think. I’m really glad for that quality. When I paint, I normally go in the opposite direction. I want it to be “right”. I think it tends to stifle some things that way. But, all artists want to move in the opposite direction than their natural tendencies…

      I certainly know EXACTLY what you mean by that impatient thing! I just want to get it done and do my happy dance!

      You have a great weekend as well! πŸ™‚

  5. The colors are so pretty. I totally get the “green slime feeling”. I am always underestimating the time it will take to finish my wips and then I get frustrated.

    • I really don’t do many projects that take very, very long to do. BUT, if I start a thousand of them, and I get to see them piling up, that’s when it really gets to me. I really want to use the tour to get some spins out of the way. But I also want to get to spin some fun stuff this summer, lol! I know. Real mature. πŸ˜‰

  6. I love it! So marly and lovely. And yes. I get that feeling too. Especially with gigantic knitting projects that never ever ever end. Until they do end. But while they’re not ending, it feels like they’ll never end. Doesn’t help that I knit slow. But I spin fast, which kind of helps make up for it. Until I decide to spin fine, and then again, the green slime feeling because why why why can’t my skeins be done within 5 days? So yes. You’re not alone. xox

    • LOL!! You are a knitting and spinning fiend! I love that whenever I come to your blog, there’s always like five new skeins and two new projects (at least!). Awesome!

      Oh…and I still want your stash. πŸ™‚

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