Pause & Reflect

Snapped this before leaving for work this morning…

We have a ten minute break at work and I'm trying to decide whether this should be a 2-ply or a chain ply. I spun a sample of each yesterday to see which I liked better.

Hmmm…What do you think?

I think I'd better get back to work.



  1. That’s some pretty fiber! I like the 2ply, but either way, it’s gonna look fabulous.

    • Thanks! I was going for a thicker diameter yarn this time so I can get back to that cotton before the end of the Tour. So, I like the plump look in the 2-ply better…but I think I am leaning to the chain-ply because I like the idea of preserving the color sequence…Not sure I can spin the chain-ply as plump though. Sigh. (whining) Why can’t I have everything? 🙂

  2. I think for this one I’d go chain ply…the colors look better mostly unblended than they do mixed, IMO.

  3. I like the little one above (that’s chain, right?) – the colours are awesome and the picture is as beautiful as always. 😀

    • Yes, that’s the chain-ply. I’m leaning toward that to just for the sake of the color continuity. But I plan to use that sample of the 2-ply too. I’m thinking a bold hat for Girl Child and that I’ll probably never find a coat to match that!

  4. I like the chain ply!

    • Me too. Thanks for weighing in! I wish I had more of it so I could do one of each…though I think a complete knit in this 2-ply might be verging on slightly deranged, lol. I’d have to break that up with a solid.

  5. I like the lower one better. Is that the chain ply? I have no idea.

  6. Q – Devil’s advocate here. Depends on what you’re going to use it for. Shawl showing color gradations – chain ply. Wildly colorful hat or scarf – two ply.

    • I agree, depends on the project. Personally I’d be partial to a two ply hat. I’m sure that has nothing to do with what I’m working on… haha

      • I saw your handspun and it’s beautiful! That hat is going to be so awesome!

        Yes, I feel like if I wanted to spin toward a project, I’d take that under consideration. I just rarely do that. It’s like the chicken and the egg…which came first? In my case, the handspun usually comes first and then I figure out what I want to do with it later on. (I never said I was a genius. 🙂 )

      • It will be beautiful either way 🙂

      • I hope you’re right! Sometimes the yarn looks better in the skein than it does in a knit…Well, if it turns out to be that way, I’ll still have these photos, lol!

    • Well, I really don’t have plans for what I want to knit with it yet. I agree I’d use one or the other depending on the purpose of it though. I like 2-ply for lacy/open knits and 3 or more ply yarns for stitch patterns that I want the stitch to be fuller looking. I learned that from Judith MacKenzie’s discussion of the structure of a yarn. Then, to keep colors in a certain sequence, I like chain-ply or fractal. I also reserve the right to break these rules just because I want to use a handspun at will, lol! For this spin though, I’m just picking which I like better as a final look. This is like my “Mrs. Right For the Moment” spin, not my Mrs. Right. 😉

  7. I love both the 2-ply and the chain-ply, but I think I have a slight preference for the chain-ply. The colors are so brilliant, I would like to see them kept intact. Of course, I’m not the one who would have to do the chain-plying (not my favorite because I suck at it). 🙂

    • I’m leaning towards the chain-ply too. Same reasons too. Great minds. 😉
      I like Sarah Anderson’s technique for chain-ply. I believe she is the same one who wrote the book for THE SPINNER’S BOOK OF YARN DESIGNS (which you must know is a complete dream). I couldn’t get chain-ply until after I saw this vid.

  8. Echoing the others who said, depends on what you want to make, but I am partial to the chain ply because of the colors being so bold. Either way gorgeous job. Color me envious!

    • LOL! Yes, I would feel that way depending on if I really knew what I’d want to make. I’m leaning toward a hat for Girl Child. But if this goes into the stash, that could be ages from now and it could end up something else altogether. So, I’m just going by what it looks like for right now. But I think I’m probably going to go with the chain-ply too. At least, I think I am…

  9. I like the way a chain ply looks knitted up better than the mixed colors in a 2-ply. Gorgeous colors!

  10. I’m feelin’ the two ply actually. I think it really helps bring out the colours! Gorgeous!

  11. Craftie Allie says:

    I am drawn toward the 2-ply, but think that the chain ply would look better knit up. Maybe. Depending on what you were making. I love 2-ply, though =]

    It’s all so pretty!

  12. Q – Hi Weekend Knitter, I totally forgot to tell you that you’ve been nominated for the Hang A Star On That One award. It’s given to people who have enriched our “crafting” world and kept the economy alive!

  13. grayseasaylor says:

    Since you asked, Stacey, I think I would use the 2ply for a hat or a bag, but the chain ply for a scarf or shawl project. The fiber I got from Sosae that I am spinning now has me thinking about making a hat or a bag…..on my never ending want to do list that rarely seems to have anything crossed off on it:-) xx, Gracie

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