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WK 024

I’m about as happy as these colors are today!

WK 008

That’s a lot of happy, huh? 😉 

Things are pretty busy right now. I have two jobs I’m keeping up with at the moment and one that I just got that I’m still pinching myself about! OMG! Somebody needs to just pin me down to the ground or I will float right on up to the sky one of these days! Anyway, things are moving right along…

This weekend, I was able to get to the spin-in. I felt like I hadn’t been there in ages!

WK 017

It was a pretty intimate turn out this time with the usuals coming through.

WK 026

Natalie, Bob and Laurel were all set up when I walked in.  We all found out that we had all purchased the subscription to the new spinning magazine, PLY. I think Ms. Boggs would be really pleased with our little community, lol!

WK 027

My buddy, Natalie, has been a pretty busy spinner.

WK 003

WK 013

I love this orange! I believe she said she has gotten a lot of the fiber she’s spinning now from a club that she is or was part of at one time. Bob chimed in about being part of a fiber club too. I’ve really got to get into one this year. I need a fiber fix in the worst way! It’d be nice to pay for a club and just have it automagically sent to me once every season or something. And because it’s usually picked according to someone else’s influences, I’d probably get things I wouldn’t normally set out to buy but would spin up into a dream.  

WK 004

Yum! See what I mean?

I imagine getting into a club and spinning up other fibers and colorways would expand my  own personal set of “likes”, so that I can be even more risky when I am choosing for myself.  I like that idea.

I finished up my Kool-Aid spin while I was there and I did get a pretty plump chain-ply. I like it, but I don’t know that I wouldn’t have liked any ol’ spin after the news I got last week. I could’ve spun up spaghetti and still have been over the moon!

WK 009

Fortunately, I had this from the MDSW still left to spin up. 

WK 028

What about the cotton spin, you say? I’m working on it. But, after getting hired last week, I’m still kinda giddy. Cotton just wasn’t hitting the right spot…

WK 030

But, this is 50/50 BFL and Tussah silk-and it definitely was! It needs a little bit of a tug when drafting. But it’s pretty soft  and I love the mellow color.

After the spin-in, I had a birthday girl to see about. 🙂

WK 031

WK 033

So, it seems, cake + ice cream + Sponge Bob Crabby Patties candy + popsicles +musical cards+  a new bike  = a brand-spanking new, happy eight year old!  That bike must’ve flew around the house at the speed of sound. And now I can rest assured those growing knees won’t go through the handle bars anytime soon…She’s growing up so fast anymore.

Yesterday, I also got to visit a very special place…

WK 039

This is the school where I will be working this upcoming school year as their permanent Elementary School Art Teacher!

WK 073

This is my classroom. I’m SO excited!! Can you tell?

WK 036

 This is firt time I will teach art on a permanent basis! I’m ecstatic!

They’re in the middle of moving some things out and other things in…it’s summertime. But, I was so surprised at how bright and coloful the room was! And happy too. 🙂  I haven’t had a formal tour yet, but I was allowed to walk around and see a few of the important places and I don’t think I’ll get too lost the first day.  This is going to be such a great learning experience for me too. I can just feel it!

Next up is this wall where I will be planning a mural. I was told that I can do anything I want on this wall. Did you read that? ANYTHING I WANT!!

WK 041

Got a few ideas. We’ll see what goes up next!


  1. Congratulations on becoming an art teacher! The spin-in looked like great fun!

  2. marlene toerien says:

    I am so glad you got the job, I love your spinning.

  3. Congrats on the job! In terms of fiber clubs, you nailed the reasons I want to join one perfectly. Let us know if/when you decide to join one. Congrats again and Happy birthday to the newest 8 year old in your life.

  4. Congratulations on your new teaching assignment. Love the happy colors in your yarn.

  5. Congratulations on securing such a wonderful job and good luck with the new school year. The spinning club looks good. I haven’t been to one of those yet. Problem is I have a bad back so I don’t think I would be able to put my wheel in the car and lift it out again.

    • Thank you! Hmmm…well, there are spinning fiber clubs online usually, and then there are spin-ins at my local mill. The spinning fiber clubs, you just buy fluff (one of my favorite pastimes 😉 ) and they send you stuff periodically. I intend to get into one someday. I had been putting it off for a more secure job situation ( 🙂 ). As for spin-ins, folks just get together and start spinning. I am about 99.999 and a half percent certain that if you went to one and needed help getting your wheel in and out of your car, another spinning fanatic would definitely help out. Spinning is it’s own geekdom and geeks LOVE company! Lol! Co e out to Greenbank Mill sometime. I will take your wheel in and out for you. 🙂

  6. That is just glorious! Congratulations 🙂

  7. I was wondering what the dream job is!! Congrats, that is fabulous!!!

  8. Ah, welcome to the elementary teacher club! You’re gonna have so much fun; congrats!

  9. rebecca says:

    hi just trying to find out about spinning I have bought a wheel (old nz castle style) and don’t know anything not even how to change the bobbin you seem to have taught yourself but got a wheel later?? please advise me what to do thanks I don’t even know if the wheel is ok it spins around but is hard to keep going if you slow down it goes backward and I have been told that this is a fast wheel -not good for beginners??? thanks

    • Hey there! Well, the first thing I would probably recommend is to join some spinning groups on ravelry.com. Snoop around and find out just what maker your wheel is from and join that group too. Ravelry has a lot if info on how to spin and a lot of encouragement while you are trying to learn. The Beginning Spinners group and the Wannabee Spinners groups are usually a good idea to join when you first start spinning. The Joy of Handspinning website is a nice place to see some short beginner vids for a visual reference too. I would also watch some YouTube vids on the basics of spinning on a spinning wheel. I would even watch vids on the mechanics of just making yarn (drafting, Then practice, practice, practice! Tell your friends who gave you advice about not being able to do that yet that you love them and you appreciate their input. Then, promptly forget everything negative they may have said, lol! Forget about what kind of wheel your wheel is supposed to be and that you are a beginner. Just concentrate on trying to make a continuous strand of yarn on your wheel. The beauty of just starting is that you don’t really know that a beginner should not be able to make yarn with a fast set-up-easily. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen or that it’s impossible. It may mean it could take you longer to get to yarn than it might have should you have had a setup that more beginners tend to use to start. But, so what? If you are determined enough to learn it, you’ll get past all that and, through trial and error, you will find a way to make a continuous strand. Then, you will make beginner yarn. After that, you’ll make better yarn. And you will be so ahead of the game when you get to those wheels that are considered to be a more ideal wheel for beginners. Just keep practicing and don’t give up 🙂

  10. OOooooooh! I’m so excited for you. As always I love your photos. And happy birthday to your girl. That bike would have made me giddy! Little Bird just got her training wheels off a few weeks ago. Took a real good spill yesterday. Thank God for helmets, man.

    • Lol! I am really not looking forward to taking those training wheels off though I know it’s coming. Kids really grow up, huh? Lol.

      Thanks for the well wishes! 🙂

  11. Good luck and I hope it is wonderful!!

  12. OhioYarnFarmer says:

    Congratulations on the new job! It’s awesome that you found a position that can be so excited and happy about! 😀 😀 -Also that BFL and Tussah silk fiber must have been a joy to spin. What lovely soft colors.

    • Thank you!!

      OMG, they are heaven to spin! I need more, actually. BFL and anything, I tend to like though. Same for merino and anything mixed together. They are usually fibers that spin themselves for me.

  13. The finished yarn was from the Spunky Eclectic Club. Shetland wool I think. It’s funny, that roving sat for years, because the colors seemed almost ugly to me when it was in the bag. But spun up, I’m loving it. Now it’ll probably sit a few more yrs until I decide what to make with it! I guess that’s the fun of a club tho, to make you spin stuff you wouldn’t have bought otherwise (just dont wait as long as I did!) Next month starts my first installment from the Into the Whirled luxury fiber club. The stuff on the bobbin, thats from MDSW last year – I plied it the other day, and WOW, wait until you see it!!

    • Now I want to see a photo! That is definitely a good reason for me to join one as well. I like surprises! Otherwise, I would normally go for the usual colorful stuff first. I sometimes can convince myself to try some more neutral tones (they have a very subdued beauty to me). But, I just love seeing colors pile up on a bobbin or a spindle. It’s part of the fun, even if my daughter is the one who will wear most of it, lol. A fiber club would bring me into some balance.

    • Hey!! You have a blog address! Can’t wait for your first post!

  14. Q – Super yum yarn! I’ve been looking at fiber clubs, but afraid I’ll get a color I just can’t stand to spin. LOL! Congrats on the new teaching job. How much fun!

  15. grayseasaylor says:

    Stacey! I am so excited for you and your future students!! And as always I love seeing what is going on around you, what you and others are creating!!! It is always hard to pick a favorite 🙂
    and Happy Belated Birthday to Girl Child 🙂
    Gracie xx

    • Thanks, Gracie! Well, I hope to live up to your excitement! 🙂 I get to now do what I have only seen from afar, teaching in an elementary setting. But I think I am really going to enjoy it. Hard work, I’m sure. But enjoyable just the same.

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