Just Heavenly

I am in love again!

Yesterday, I got word that my newest addition to my Bosworth spindle family would be arriving shortly. There are no words to express how much jumping and giggling went on afterwards. I have been wanting this spindle since before I learned how to spin! When I would click through the Bosworth Flickr pool, they would always catch my breath.

Girl Child and I were so excited (well, we minus her), that we carded a batt in the meantime in anticipation. We have been finding things to do together over the summer and this was fun and did no damage to the house.



I had bought a new bag to hold my binders and files for the new job. When I knew my spindle was almost here, I had the task of finding how to transport my spindles all over again since this bag is slightly narrower.

I find I still like the water bottle. It fits along the top and is nicely tucked under my arm when I carry the bag. But, I may need to get a clip for it to hang off one of the straps here, just in case.

When my spindle arrived, I lined them up and started the family photos!


Aren't they gorgeous?!

Many of you may already know this…but for those who don't, the newest spindle is called a Bosworth Moosie. It's made of fallen moose antlers. They are shed every year and grow all over again. No animals get hurt at all. Mr. Bosworth makes beauties of these would-be left behind materials. His wife polishes them and ships them off. They're made in groups called “herds” And the waiting list is pretty long. Sometimes years. Once upon a time, I had wrote them to find out whether I could be added to the next list. I got a response not long ago about being added to the tail end of a herd if I was interested in a medium weight spindle. Um…yeah!!

Now it's here!

Such a beautiful finish to this spindle! It practically gleams! It amazes me that it's so dense. It's a midi weight spindle at 35 grams (1.25 ounces), but the whorl is tinier than both of the other spindles I bought (the largest of which is also a midi made of Birdseye maple wood). The shaft on this spindle is Kamphi Rosewood. It’s slightly less red than the Bloodwood shaft on my last Bosworth from MDSW.

I asked the Bosworths to make this spindle shorter. It's trimmed down to 7.5 inches so that it will better fit into my water bottle and snug into my fiber.

Now, it's probably about 1.5 to 2 inches shorter than the other Bosworth spindles I own.

I can't get over the beauty of it! Squee!! This one is a lot less wounded than my previous purchase. It's a lot more representative of all the great things happening in my life currently, I suppose. 🙂



I gave it some props, lol!


It has a very substantial feel to it. Well, medium weight spindles are my favorite weight spindles anyway. Doesn't stop me from using other weights, of course. But, I find that they're just very versatile…I can spin and ply with them. And, as a personal preference, I like to feel the spindle when I'm spinning.


Lovely and heavenly in every way!

It spins about as fine as I need it to spin too. It could probably go finer than that, I'm sure. Shall we play around with it and see? 😉

Why, yes. Yes, we shall.


  1. Q – I want, I want, I want. Headed to Montana in a few weeks, gonna look for a moose horn and make a spindle! LOL! Beautiful! And, Girl Child sure did a great job on the batt!

    • Lol! Can you really make one yourself? Consider me impressed!!

      I will let Girl Child know her cranking was admired. 🙂

      • Q – No, I really can’t. BUT, I have a b-i-l who carves elk and deer antlers to make the most awesome items. I’ll find a moose antler and ask him to make one. LOL! Yea, ’cause I’ll just walk along picking them up everywhere. LOL! The spindles are absolutely gorgeous! I want!

  2. Oh wow! That’s amazing! So cool that they’re made out of fallen antlers.

  3. grayseasaylor says:

    Lovely, and soooo interesting, Stacey! We had a mini intro to spinning workshop here on Sat., with my youngest daughter doing most of the teaching. We had them try out a homemade CD spindle and an inexpensive wooden spindle that I think I bought from KnitPicks. Then they both gave my daughter’s Ashford Elizabeth a spin. Going to try to post about it.
    Gracie xx

  4. That’s a gorgeous spindle! The blue fiber is to die for… bright colors are so much fun to spin! What’s all in the blue fiber on the spindle?

    • You know, I’m not sure. It was the sample fiber Sheila used to test it out before sending it. With all the excitement unwrapping it, I may have thoroughly missed the credits for it, lol! Lovely fiber though! 🙂

  5. Ooookay ….. I’m in love again. I’ll grab my spindle and have a go again soon … Just not today as I’m in a bit of a rush. 😉 these are such beautiful photos!

  6. ya know, I’m happy for you, but I’m pretty pissed at Sheila right now. Somehow it doesn’t seem right that you got yours already, when I’ve been on the waiting list since JUNE 2011. Bad way of doing business.

    • Ah, Alpacasoup, you ARE in the queue, and been notified. I’ll re-send you the July 15 message we sent which had no reply. We would have happily included you in that group. Your group will be coming up in September.

    • Hey Natalie! i was hoping you were in that herd. I knew you had been on the list for a while…But I didn’t realize you had ordered in 2011…I’m not sure what happened there. I do know when she responded to my email about one (it really was an old email…), I got the impression that there was a certain size that they were working on and had onhand right then. If I wasn’t picky about it, I could be added on to the tail end of an order. It just so happened, it’s my favorite size anyway. In hindsight, I’m sure if I had a different specific size, color, or something like that in mind-or if I had mentioned in my email I wanted something specific that wasn’t what they were working on, I wouldn’t have the spindle today. What I mean is I don’t believe this was a purposeful oversight. Also, have you been contacted since you ordered? I believe I read on their rav group or on their site (not sure which), that they are caught up through June 2012 now (I think that is what I read). I also have seen in recent months that they have updated their website (which usually signifies some change in behind-the-scenes operations as well as processes may have had to change). If I were in your position, having ordered in 2011, I would probably try to make certain my order didn’t slip through the cracks somewheres. I know it’s inconvenient when that happens, and if you have been waiting years, it bites. But accidents like that happen often enough in all businesses at some time or another. We’re humans trying to act like perfectly-oiled machines. Sometimes, that doesn’t work out so well, lol. But, I would think accidents like that have a higher potential of happening when your lists can be years old (though I’m certain it’s also rare with them, having been doing this for so long). I say all that to say, I really doubt this was purposeful or personal. I really believe it was an accident or misunderstanding. I would assume folks who get in businesses that generally start by word of mouth don’t do business that way. It’s highly possible your order may have somehow gotten misplaced. Please give a moment to contact her about whether your order is still in the queue and don’t be mad at her. She was particularly accommodating throughout the whole process and I am certain, once she is made aware of your situation, she will extend the same graciousness to you.

  7. Absolutely beautiful! I have three of their non-moosies and I love them. The Moosie is gorgeous. I hope you’ll be very happy with it!

    • Thanks Alison! It’s the most exotic spindle I own at the moment. I love collecting spindles as much as I do spinning on them-but certain spindles are a necessity! This was one of the few out there left that I just had to have. So happy that my Spinning Bucket List is down by one. 😉

  8. Hello! I love reading about your spindling! I’ve nominated you for the WordPress Family Blog Award. See my post here: http://girlmeetsyarn.wordpress.com/2013/08/01/wordpress-family-award/

  9. That is just amazing! I didn’t even know that people made spindles out of moose antlers. Now I want one..

    • LOL! It’s the most exotic spindle I own now. I think they make a few other exotic spindles too. But, I have wanted a moosie for practically forever. Can’t believe I actually have one now! I just had a vision of He-man raising his sword to the sky, lightning bolts enduing it with power from the heavens…”I HAVE THE POWER!!”

  10. What a cool idea to make them out of shed moose antlers! Now I kind of want one too!

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