Going AWOL

I escaped!!

Whew! Shaping young minds is hard work, but somebody has got to do it. 😉 I have had my hands full lately with teaching classes, taking classes and the general stuff of life. But, I got away today for some fun!

Today was a spin-in day at Greenbank Mill. You don't know how much I missed this place!

I missed EVERYBODY! I saw everyone but Natalie and Heather though (hey ladies!!). I was kinda bummed by that because I can't be too sure about when I will have to skip a meeting/activity or not these days. But, I was grateful for those I did get to see.

Everything was as it should be. Spinning, chatting, carding…more spinning, and beautiful fluff!

Like so. This belongs to Linda. (Darn it.)

Kathy showed up later on. She still loves spinning her pup's fluff.

But she has gotten SO much faster at it! And consistent. Go Kathy!

And, of course, I learned something new. Ahem…

Have you ever heard the term OLAD? Or SABLE? Apparently, these are very well-known ravelry vocabulary terms.

OLAD-Obsessive Loom Aquisition Disorder.

Lol! Have you ever heard of such? Unfortunately, it is a real disorder. People have been known to not recover from it. And those who do, normally don't return to 100% normality.

How about SABLE?

SABLE-Stash Aquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.

ROFL!! Now this one has put folks out of house and home, I'm told.

Be careful with these, dear readers. They have laid low many a crafter. 🙂

I hadn't gotten to spin on either wheel since the last spin-in, so I finished up the Sping Peacock I had bought from MDSW that I had started last time I was there.

Pretty good-looking, huh? I thought so too. This is somewhat of a departure from my usual color sensibility. I needed to get in touch with my moodier side, I suppose. As Trish said today, “You can't be all fire and light all the time.” We'll, I probably could…but it wouldn't be interesting at all.

With my wheel spinning done, I decided to finish up on my Moosie. Really, it was nice just to spin for a good uninterrupted bit of time. I guess, I didn't want it to end so quickly.

Now, I have been spinning on this off and on the entire time with bits of stolen minutes here and there. Even on the school playground during recess duty.

Loves it when the kids come up and say, “What's that?” Or, “Can you teach me?” Lol!

Why, yes I can. Let the shaping of future fiber fanatical minds begin. Muahahahaha!!


  1. Love the new words lol!

  2. Glad you were able to get a break and I just love the kind of “villainy” you employ in shaping the minds of those future crafters! 😀 Of courrrrrrrse they’re going to ask what’s that? Oh you debbil you!!!! 😀

  3. Oh man, that Peacock is stunning. I never thought of spinning at recess

  4. SABLE; an acronym to live by!

  5. Oooooohhh… such pretty colors!!!!! I’m glad you got a chance to fill us all in on your life 🙂

    • Aww thanks! I think I will be able to start blogging again in the next couple days. I need to make stuff. You know, as you add more things to do in your life, you need your crafts to slow you back down every so often. I can’t wait (lol) to get back to my toys!!

  6. I never seem to make it to the saturday spins anymore 😦 I think I’m going to miss the next one too. Maybe you can make it to the new 4th monday spin-ins! We had a good turn out this week, given that it was new and on short notice. You were missed!

    • Thanks! I miss the mill something awful. The classes I have to take toward certification are crucial though. Can’t miss them. And they go on through December! Yeah, I’m really hoping that that fourth Monday does it for me.

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