Good As New


This weekend saw me getting some odds and ends completed.

It’s probably the first weekend where I haven’t had anywhere to go or anything pressing  to do in a good, long while. So, I got to ply and finish the singles that were on my moosie and the one on the wheel from the spin-in. Yay! I love getting things done…This time when I finished them, I treated the pink as I usually do but I shocked the mess out of the blue, throwing it in hot and then ice cold water while agitating it like crazy, lol. Then I thwacked it within an inch of its life. I just wanted to see if I could get it to go all fuzzy and get a nice halo going. Since I had spun the singles with a long draw, I figured it might lend itself to more of a fuzzier finish if I man-handled it a bit. It’s supposed to be a less-structured yarn in the end than a worsted might be. Meh. I think it still could have come out a little fuzzier. But, I likes!

Has anyone out there been knitting for Christmas yet?


I’ve been looking through some of my  handspun stash to see if there’s anything in there I could use for the season. Especially since the good folks at Storey Publishing reminded me that it’s about that time…


Knit Chrismas Stockings is  filled with little Christmas ornament ornament patterns! They’re all so cute!


Look at all the choices! There are some really cute patterns in here that I do intend to try,once I get the right yarn for it. There are 19 total and the book is small enough to fit in my bag so I could get something knit on-the-go. I think my favorites are these cabled guys right now.


But the little sweater ornaments are pretty cute too.


And they’d take such little handspun to make, I could probably use one skein to make one for everyone in my family and still have enough left over for some socks for me…So selfless, huh? 🙂 Well, I still have that shawl to make for my MIL, and since I am so late starting again, these little guys would come in handy so nobody gets left out.  See…you have to plan ahead.  😉

In other news, I’ve been repairing one of my favorite firsts.


Usually, when I have a knit get damaged, I just let it go. But these are my favorites and I just couldn’t bear to let them bite the dust. At the end of the season last year though, the thumb had gotten snagged on a sharp object and the yarn broke in a couple places. It left a hole. When I took it out this year, some of that hole had traveled down the thumb a bit. No biggie though. I just unraveled it down until I could get all of the stitches on the needles and knit it over again.


The  most awesome thing is that I still had some of that very first colored spinning wheel handspun left! I knew there was a good reason to keep that in my stash. It was almost gifted. Apparently, big hearts means smaller stashes. At any rate…


Good as new!

Now, I will have to turn my attention to the ASIL which is really not making it past Girl Child’s radar anymore.



Just call me Ms. Fix It. 🙂




  1. I just started knitting Christmas gifts this weekend too. And from handspun. Fingerless mitts. I hope everybody likes blue-green because I have a lot of that to use. Maybe I’ll make coordinating hats.

  2. you were busy. 🙂 Isn’t it fun man handling yarn to see what happens? 🙂

  3. Oooooh I love the colors on both of those!! I just love handspun soooo much!

  4. Not yet…

  5. Um…yes, at least I did knit a gift, but I gave it away already…does that count? Those gloves are lovely! And, you know, I have some odds and ends singles hanging around from when I first learned to spin on a drop spindle, and christmas ornaments would be a great thing to make with them. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Stopping by to say hello. It’s been too long for me, but I’m trying to get back in the swing of checking blogs. Your projects are gorgeous, as always, and I’m particularly intrigued by the last loom image. It’s already so beautiful. 🙂

    • Libby!!!! So good to hear from you! I am over here kind of trying to juggle a lot. Blogging time is precious anymore. I miss it terribly! But, there’s a lot to learn as a new teacher. But, I won’t be new forever, so it’s a temporary season-I hope, lol. I also hope all is well with you and yours right now.

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