The Eyes Have It

Gee, I really am getting older.

I am at the point in the pattern where I’m saying, “I love lace!” And, then on the next row, I say, “I hate lace!” Knitters know what I’m talking about here. I am knitting each row about three times to get it right. Ugh. But, I love to see the pattern as it works up. I am only at row 10 now, but it’s already showing the leaf pattern! Squee!

When it’s done, I’m hoping for a really sweet shawlette like this one (just blue 🙂 ).


As you can see, I am using my iPad to knit this beautiful pattern. And, so far, there has been no errata. No, I didn’t check. And in my best Austin Powers impersonation, I retort to those of you who are snickering, “I, too, like to live dangerously.” 😉

But, my eyes are definitely getting fed up with my antics. The re-starting of every row is a sign that my eyes are skipping around, I think. So, I love how I can zoom in and scroll up to the place in the chart that I’m working. It helps.

I do wish that the key was placed on both sides of the chart so that I wouldn’t have to pan over to the left for it when I need it from the right side of the chart. I know, I know. Knit-picky. Surely, these patterns aren’t necessarily made just for iPad geeks. But, the heart wants what it wants.

Back to this whole love/hate of lace thing…Many moons ago, I had thought about using lifelines when I attempted lace knits. A lifeline is just a piece of waste yarn or floss, used as a placeholder to rip back to if you mess up. It is supposed to preserve your correct rows when you have to rip back…and your sanity. Any truly, sane and time-effective knitter would just do it. But, I have to confess, I have still never tried it. Why? Because I want to be done yesterday, see my completed project, get my sticker for the day…you get it. A lifeline really just feels like one more step to me in reaching knitting nirvana. Now, I am still knitting most of these rows multiple times, but, somehow my brain feels like I’m right, right? But, take a look at this video.

People, my life may never be the same again.


  1. That is a great tip!! I never would of thought to do that.

    • The lifeline or the iPad?? Not sure which. But that lifeline vid made it so stupid-easy, right? I would be crazy not to do it since I am using the knit picks needles. The iPad app Goodreader is one of the best apps for holding onto ravelry PDF patterns (or digital knitting and spinning mags too). Following a chart is nice. Well, when your eyes are fresh. 🙂

  2. Time for the optometrist to help you out? It’s a shame to suffer if your eyes really are the issue, because it must be bothering you at times other than when knitting lace…

  3. If you save your PDF pattern and open it in Adobe (not iBooks), you should be able to use highlight and sticky note functions. That may help. 🙂

  4. Q – I love using Good Reader for my PDF patterns. Love the highlight function and the I can “handwrite” right on the pattern

  5. great tips and a beautiful pattern!

  6. That video is brilliant! I would never have thought of that. Maybe I won’t avoid lifelines any more either…

  7. Wow, that’s a great trick!

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