Are We There Yet?

I can just hear the kids now…”Are you still knitting that? Aren’t you done yet?!”

I know, right?!

Earlier this week, I was able to show the kids at the school where I currently work another set of leaves forming in the pattern. Though they oohed and aaahed over that, I still heard the restlessness in their voices.

I can definitely relate! I love the soothing quality of knitting and spinning. But, I always come to that same point every time. I want to see it done, and like a kid on a seemingly never-ending road trip, I want to press my nose against a window and just scream out, “Are we there yet?!”

Why, yes. Yes, we are. 🙂

I finished the knitting last night and decided to block it for the kids to see at breakfast duty where I usually found five or ten minutes to knit on it in the mornings before socking it away, many times, until the next day’s breakfast duty. You can imagine how slow-going this was. That is in no way reflective of this beautifully written pattern. It’s more reflective of the fact that, anymore, if I sit for anywhere near five minutes, I find myself waking up hours later when it’s time to call it a night for teachers. Yup. I am back on kiddy time, lol. This knit, which could’ve been done in a day or two, only found its way into my hands for short stints here and there, consequently. Sigh.

So. Ready for something else?

Yes. I am definitely there. 😉


  1. Great job, and while I can completely relate to the whole waiting for what seems like ever to finish a project, this one was oh so definitely worth the wait. Congrats and have fun picking your next one!

    • Thank you!! I have so many people on the list to knit for this season, I am having a difficult time selecting who to knit for or just what to knit next. I’m already getting my annual complaint to Santa ready…

  2. This is so beautiful! I love that you let the children see the ongoing process of knitting – will (hopefully) teach them that some things simply take some time and that they are still worth the patience and the endurance. 😉

    This is realy, really lovely! I’ve GOT to make one for myself …

  3. I totally got the same reaction! They eventually just stop asking. But man, the first time I brought in a different project they were quite concerned and wanted to know what happened to my other one. “I finished it” was not something that ever occurred to them!

  4. I know exactly what you mean!

  5. It is so lovely and well worth the wait!

  6. Yes, I can relate! Beautiful finished shawl and the color is scrumptious!

  7. Just found your blog via Peacefully Knitting (hello Tina, just noticed you’ve commented up there above me on this page!), looking forward to catching up with all your posts. I’ve just looked at your spindling posts – it’s great finding other spindle-lovers!

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