This Thanksgiving Day was a time for hiccups.

They’re such nuisances. Though they’re not normally altogether fatal, they do block your airways temporarily. And they’re rhythmic. They tend to come in bouts. When they come over the holidays, they can be somewhat…trying. Since my classes are over for a moment, and I had nowhere to really divert my thoughts while I was dealing with this bout, I’m so grateful that along with the cooking for everybody, I had a few projects to see me through this episode.

I definitely had some spinning going on.


Some swatching too.


And, of course, a certain smiling face was nice to have around.


I finished the plying for this spin by sparkyarn on etsy yesterday evening.


It wasn’t easy to complete this skein since that same, certain, smiling face kept trying to take over the spinning…I can’t tell you how many times I came back to my wheel to see the singles in a tangled web-like arrangement on my flyer.

Can you really blame her though?



These colors are awesome, aren’t they?


I thoroughly enjoyed them. Even the greens. I think Spark Yarn & Fiber is a keeper shop.

Then, in normal Stacey-like fashion, I couldn’t figure out which photo I liked best. So, you’ll just have to suffer through these like I did.  As always, you have my sincerest apologies for this. 🙂




Well, my hiccups aren’t completely over yet. You may well know, some cases of hiccups are more severe than others. Such was the case this holiday.

Eventually though, all hiccups must subside and breathing has to return to normal.



  1. Gosh, this is so beautiful! I’m happy to read that the hiccups have gone away again. I thought only men could get them over a longer period of time?

    Maybe your daughter will pick up spinning one day! I’d love to see her projects. 😀

  2. Beautiful colours. I love that combination. I so miss my spinning wheel. Good luck with the hiccups!!!

  3. That is very pretty yarn, and the smiling face is adorable! Next time you get hiccups, try drinking water from the opposite side of the glass, just bend over, hold your breath and drink, it works for me every time, I swear!

  4. What a cute helper you have!

    I love the yarn, so I went on Etsy to see the shop. Those ARE some great looking batts.

    Sometimes I can cure my hiccups with a teaspoon of honey. Good luck!

  5. Susan Long says:

    I love your blog! So glad I found it!

  6. So pretty! The colors play so nicely together.

  7. Oh no, not more photos of pretty! 😉 I can totally see why the kiddo won’t leave them alone.

  8. marlene toerien says:

    It is so pretty!

    • Thanks marlene! I truly love this skein. As much as I love to see a skein spun, and as much as I was hurriedly trying to see the finished skein here, I was also kind of sad when the spinning of this fluff was over. Such a weirdo, lol!

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