Size Does Matter


Snow days are “da bomb”!!

We got a few more inches of snow than we were expecting in Delaware over the night and the schools let us off the hook. So, I got an extra day to be somewhat irresponsible before returning to work. I took it upon myself to kick it up a notch to ultra-irresponsible. 🙂

I spent the day finishing, skeining and thinking about how I like to dress up my spindles. I almost treat them like little dolls, I think. This spin really was a snore to get through what with all the mono-tonality going on…but I love the chocolatey-caramel goodness I get in the end. Don’t you? 🙂


They look like little truffles, lol.

Anyway, once I finished the spinning on these spindles, I found some more of the alpaca fluff hanging around. What the what?! More brown spinning? I thought I had spun it all. I guess I must have hid it from myself or something. Sigh. I took a look at it with some spindles to see which one I wanted to dress up next.


I love the Turkish spindle with this fluff. But, since this usually boils down to which will fit in my water bottle, that’s pretty much a moot point. It really only makes a difference if I know I will be spending a lot of time indoors. Then, I can use a larger spindle if I want. When I’m out and about, size really does matter.

The caramel-colored skein, which was spun on the cherry tsunami was done first.


I had to finish it as a chain-ply because after I had made a plying bracelet, as I was spinning it, one of the strands broke and I couldn’t find it. Ugh. Fortunately, it happened during the beginning of the plying. So, I was able to change up and switch to a chain ply. I don’t mind it so much since I usually don’t have a plan for what I will do with the yarn when I’m doneexcept I don’t like getting forced into a yarn either. But that bracelet needed to get off in time for cooking dinner. Meh. Sometimes that’s how the cookie crumbles.

I made sure on the alpaca spin that that definitely wouldn’t happen though. I tend to pick and choose from my personal list of Spinning Superstars for what works for me when I have a problem. I wanted this yarn to be decidedly 2-ply because I thought a 3-ply would make it too round and take away from the slightly more pronounced texture of this fluff. I thought a 2-ply would show it off much better. Very holistically MacKenzie-minded of me. Now, I still made a plying bracelet with this because it wasn’t much fluff to be concerned about (which should’ve alerted me to the fact that there was more fluff to find…nevertheless…). But, then, in order to keep the yarn together while I was trying to get it into that 2-ply I wanted, I wound this into a multi-strand ball and plied it like a Franquemont. That way I could see where I had any problems and fix it before I had to ply it. Now, the last time I used a center-pull ball to ply from, it really sucked. But, this time, I think as it went from the spindle to the plying bracelet, to the nostepinne I wound the ball on, it evened itself out a little bit. And I plied it from the outer strands in (I had a duh moment). More work, yes. But, no breaks.


While it was on the noste, I twisted an end to see if I liked how it would look as that 2-ply. I was right too. I liked it a lot! 🙂

Look at the texture of the yarn on the spindle.



Here’s the finished skein.



The spinning was sucky.  But the yarn is lovely! 🙂

I poked through my stash to see if I had anything a little more lively, color-wise. That was a near exercise in futility. Since I started this job, most of my play money has gone to my classes. So, my stash is getting really lean on my favorite kinds of goodies.

I found some gray something or other. Gotta look at the bottom of the tub for the tag to see what kind of fiber it is…


Meh. Not excited yet.

I found some undyed merino too. And some kool-aid packets. Things started to look up…


Time to dress up another spindle!


  1. Awesome photographs and your irresponsible(?) spinning works are inspiring me to pick my hooks and yarns! Love this post!

    The Arts & Me

  2. “Since I started this job, most of my play money has gone to my classes”

    Oh yes, I know this phenomenon well. It’s amazing what a little Kool-Aid or food coloring can do for your stash though! Off to go look up videos of all the plying stuff you just talked about!

    • You know, I never knew that teaching could be so expensive! When the highlight is being able to afford Kool-Aid to dye my fibers, whoa. Lol!

      I hope that stuff was helpful, even if you already know how to ply. Sometimes, when I feel like I am getting rusty, I still like looking at some vids to get me back up to speed. These crafts are so visual.

      • Looking at someone else do it really is even more helpful than listening to anything she has to say. Sometimes even finding a good video and putting it on mute works great!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love those colors on the last one. Your spindles are so pretty too.

  4. Q – Ah, I remember Snow Days, yes it snows in the San Diego mountains. “Snow day, snow day, I don’t have to go day”, and then the dreaded make-up days at the end of the school year. LOL!

    What lovely Snow Day projects you’ve done.

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