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I’m not a winter girl.

But I am growing to appreciate the quieter days of winter this year. And, with the holiday break, I have had some time to make some preparations to go back to school.

Made up for some lost time with some younger folks around the house.

But, getting that yarn off my spindle so it could fit into the bottle again was a top priority. Generally, as long as there is fluff left, I will spin on a spindle until the belly of my cop is bloated beyond reason. But, it does have to fit in the bottle. Can’t spin on duties without a spindle. Duh.

So, one skein down and half a braid to go.

Been reading up on spinning in my winter issue of Ply magazine.

It’s all about spinning woolen and my favorite section is double drafting on a spindle. I had been playing with that since I started spinning on them more often lately.

I tend to like the little illustrations, too.

Anyways, I took out my Joy to spin the singles off the Moosie and found I still had to finish my spin that I worked on a few spin-ins ago.

This fluff was some economical wool I purchased at the MDSW. I would’ve finished it by now, I’m sure, but…

Meh. It’s kind of neppy. Taking vm out every foot or so is just not fun.

Between spinning that and my Moosie, I curl up with fuzzy books like this one.

It’s 30 Min~Knits by Carol Meldrum and I love the premise. The book asks the question, “What can you knit in half an hour or less?”, right on the cover.


I have had to ask myself much the same since starting this job. I have always enjoyed quicker knits because my time always seems to be crunched. But this seems like overdrive, right?

So. Just what can you knit in an half hour or less? Well, honestly, a lot of things that we already knew. But some other cute things too.

Coasters, dining accessories, baby things, neck scarves, chunky hats and…some sweet plushies, flowers, and other whatnots abound in this book. I have yet to try a pattern. But, I believe I will be getting to know this book and it’s concept much better over time (that I don’t have). In my customary fashion, I requested it be Kindle-ized and I highly encourage you to do the same for all knitterly and spinning books…and for me. My digital library thanks you for it.

I did have one last minute Christmas gift I needed to make for a co-worker.

I didn’t have the time before we left for the holidays to do it with the Secret Santa operation and all. But, with the break and snow days, and when not having to keep up with Girl Child (that’s mommy code for when she’s asleep), I can knit a little here and there.

Ironically enough, I use the pattern from Kindle-ized version of Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson for these. It’s just quick and easy. The yarn is my own spindle spun yarn from around the time I was just learning to spin. It was so soft and happens to be one of this lady’s favorite colors. She loses her voice constantly and I figured a little neck cozying might help.


Hope she likes it.

Spent time with kids. Check.

Spin a bit. Check.

Knit a bit. Check.

Back to school preparation complete.


  1. Gorgeous yarn, wonderful gift and your wrapping choice is just amazingly awesome!

    • Thanks! Not my usual palette, but this yarn makes me wanna say, “Thanks Kool-Aid Man!” lol. I’m glad you liked the little gift. She’s pretty fashionable and this is just a humble, little neck scarf. But I hope she likes it just as much! Going to jab a few throat lozenges or something in there before I give it to her, I think…maybe a vitamin c pop.

  2. Your yarn is beautifully fine. Well done. Your knitting too is exquisite.

  3. I have just discovered your blog…via a post on Ravelry, I think! I have spent the last three days on and off, reading all your posts and I am so inspired that I have forgotten how I got here. Your approach to spinning really appeals to me and is how I like to spin, in my head anyway! In my spinning life I tend to follow the rules a little more whilst itching to just see how it plies, or try it chain plied, or just spin some colour cos I’m fed up of grey! Thank you 🙂 I feel like I have been given permission to spin how I want to spin! You have also encouraged to keep up my blogging which is a little neglected right now. Beautiful photographs and fantastic blog 🙂

    • Thanks so much! It’s always so wonderful when people can relate. As the only person in my entire family who ever desired to learn this craft, it certainly makes me feel SO less the odd ball. 🙂 I love the spinning community! Thanks again! (happy dancing)

      • I am lucky enough to have good friends who also love to knit/spin/sew. My Mum knits and both my grandmothers were very creative, sewing/painting/knitting etc – unfortunately my life with my Dad and then my husband in the armed forces meant that I didn’t get to spend as much time with them as I would like/have liked. The spinning community, both IRL and online, is amazing isn’t it? I love their enthusiasm for sharing as well as how much they love to see what others have created 🙂

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  5. Craftie Allie says:

    Beautiful work =]

  6. Beautiful spinning! I my Ply magazine too … it’s a great issue 🙂


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