What an icky skein.

I believe I kicked my obsessive handwashing habits years ago. But, this spin almost made me relapse. I wanted to wash my hands every ten minutes. Not much fun.

It doesn't help that for the last week or so, I have been trying to regain my voice. It all started last Wednesday. That night, my throat felt a little different. By the next night, it was a done deal. I've been looking for my voice ever since. You seen it? I had to get a sub for the first time. Two whole days, I rolled over in the bed, keeping my mouth shut and sleeping like I had never slept before in life. Now, generally, I still remain even-spirited through illnesses.

But look at this.

I know I've shown you this before…but I'm still not over it yet, lol.

Either somebody stole my rose-colored glasses, or…

…nope. Just not over it yet.

VM everywhere! I've spun fiber with some vm before. It doesn't usually gross me out as much as it did this time. It made me think of what else besides hay might be in there… (shudders).

Now, granted, it was a very, very economically-priced bag of fiber. So, I can only complain but so much. I guess I just feel like, it was processed to draft really easily and it was already dyed…Is it a crime for me to want the whole prep to just be consistent? If I'm going to be pummeled with tons of vm, don't set me up like I might enjoy it, lol.

The one beauty of it was I didn't care how I spun it, so I could practice long draw as much as I wanted (in the ten minute spurts I could stand to spin it).

I've been trying to figure out in what kind of knitting project I would use this stuff…I will have to keep pulling out stuff every minute. Wouldn't want it next to the skin…A lap blanket? Some kind of wallet or cozy? Felt the stuff into a bag? Jury's out just yet.

Still spinning on this though, thankfully.

Things are looking better already. 🙂



  1. So how does that get into the yarn? I adore the stuff you have on the spinning wheel. Still no socks. Can’t even get close to trying. I started something else that was supposed to be super simple but looked not so much. I have just don’t have the heart for it. So I let it sit in plain sight until I do. I want to be a knitter!

    • Lol! You will when the time is right. 🙂

      As for the vm, the sheep get into things…and the things get in their wool. Hay, pee, poo, sticks. All types of stuff. Depending on the processing of the fleece, vm may or may not be present when the fleece is prepared for spinning. This batch had A LOT!! Some farms/facilities use chemicals. Some just card or comb or what have you. What a spinner gets, if it has been processed, is whatever is left after they take whatever gunk they are going to take out. A lot of smaller places may not get all the vm. But, it should at least be safe for spinners. Feces and urine are definite no-no’s for me. I had one bag once where there were actually three round bits of poo that were hardly dissolved before selling. I don’t plan to order from there again. Yuck city!

  2. Blech, how annoying. At least is spins up pretty?

    • Well, it’s a pretty blue…but I still can’t get passed the bits in every inch. I’m thinking it might be more hassle to work with any further. 😦 I will probably keep it around as a note to self. You get what you pay for, generally. But, then, I’ve gotten really good fiber at great deals. Still, this may have been a stretch, lol. I have gotten two excellent ounces of high grade spinning fiber for like $4 before. This was four ounces for if I remember correctly, under $10. Probably should’ve seen it coming.

  3. Leg warmers, boot cuffs… Then no one will think anything of bits stuck in them….

  4. Another vote for boot cuffs..that could be super cute! Good job persevering!

  5. I surely hope you feel better really soon! Sorry about the icky yarn part, but it is a beautiful color. Guess what? I finally picked up my knitting needles after about a year. I made two scarves and now I’m working on a slouch beanie. Baby steps.

  6. Oh! I hope you are doing well now! Awesome photographs! Hope to see a wonderful project in the future!

    The Arts & Me

  7. The finished product is beautiful. Hope you are feeling better.

  8. I’ve got a Jacob fleece that I’ve processed myself. Even after running it through the picker, hand carding, running twice through the carding machine…it’s STILL got hay in it. I finally mixed it with some waste llama to even it out – but spinning it leaves me covered in hay. It spins like a dream with the llama in it.

    Leg warmers! I think that’s what I’ll make with my wool.

    • I expect some, at times. Especially if I do the job myself. A little doesn’t kill me. And honestly, the fluffiest, bounciest yarn I have ever made, I processed it myself…but when I get it elsewhere, I want to be spoiled a little bit, I guess. I know. I’m a stinky lady lol! The heart wants what it wants.

      I don’t think I have ever spun Jacob…my curiosity is piqued. I am going to have to get some of that…

  9. MidKnit Owl says:

    The colour of that yarn is lovely though, despite the icky-ness! I also love the idea of this as boot-toppers, a bit of hay won’t matter then!

    • I love the blue. Usually goes so well with oranges and creamy colors.:)

      Hmmm…Another vote for boot toppers and leg warmers…I’m guessing the blue monster has a destiny, lol.

  10. Ooh 0.o That might gross me out a little to although any germs from the VM are probably killed in the dye process… I don’t understand where you find such wonderful colors!

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