On Someone Else’s Dime


Some people are just too good to be true sometimes.


Do you know what these are? These are angels is what they are.


Do you see how high that snow is? It’s as high as his knees. But this angel is one of three who came to our home recently and offered to shovel off the recent snowfall for a mere $5 each. What?! Most kids I know ask me for smartphones and laptops-and they’re not even my kids, lol. These asked for $5 each. Wow. I was impressed at these large-hearted, entrepreneurial spirits.


had to take photos! I may never see a miracle like this again!


Look at that. Bonafide angels, I tell you.

In the end, they got $15 each and a lecture from the Mister about selling themselves short.


They walked away happily, I thought. 🙂

I can’t stop at being thankful there though…A lady that I work with surprised me with the most generous gesture I’ve seen someone give to me that wasn’t a family member in such a long while. I was completely stunned! So, since she likes jewelry and crafts, I’m attempting to make her something special for Valentine’s Day. I know, Valentine’s Day was yesterday…which actually reminds me of a piece of advice I wanted to offer regarding…

I’m on a little diet. I’m probably in about week 4. But, I’m finding diets seem to attract food. Everybody’s buying me food and snacks! WHERE are these people when I’m not on a diet? Yesterday, I got a huge bag of Lindt chocolates for Valentine’s Day. I’ve gotten a veggie stromboli nearly every week since this diet. I got some thai food one week, a veggie pizza another, AND a breakfast sandwich yet another. What the what?! That almost never happens! Here’s my advice to all the broke college students in the world: If you’re hungry, go on a diet. Don’t even tell anybody. You will in no way go hungry, lol! Just my two cents (not a dime, just two cents ). Oh, and you’re welcome. 🙂 

Back to my work buddy.

Now, I haven’t done any paper crafts in a bit…and I’m a little rusty. But in class we have been making some paper beads. So, I decided I’d try to make some earrings.


I started out with some upscale textured origami paper and a knife.  Long ago, someone went and made red the official V-day color. However, I think she really doesn’t like that color on her (as in hates it more than life itself). So, I  tried to choose a paper with very, very little red in it and cursed the V-day gods for their color sensibilities.


I cut two triangular strips out of the paper.


Then, I used a round toothpick and some craft glue to roll up the paper into a bead.


Here are the finished beads. Now, the shape of these can change based on the width of the paper, as we found in class. But I think these were pretty cute. I coated these with some urethane. But, I think I will try a gloss medium next time I do something like this.  That’s what we use in class (with a much cheaper paper) and it adds a little more bling. 🙂

Lastly, you may have noticed in the comments on my last post about this that my friend, Laurel, offered some spindle supplies for my Art Club kids. Hi Laurel!! How sweet are fiber folks, right? She went right out to the AC Moore and got some toy wheels, hooks and some dowels for me to use. So, what do you think I’ve been doing with my snow days?


Yup. Putting these babies together. With the previous bunch, I needed a drill. Because these are wheels with holes in them, this goes A LOT faster!


I’ve tried making both the top and the bottom whorls with these. I even added a point for the bottom whorl here. Cute!!

If you wanted to try this at home, all you have to do, of course, is cut down the dowels to the size you want your spindles to be. These were such tiny dowels, I could cut them with a knife. Then, you just slip the dowel through the wheel and let it sit for a couple hours with some wood glue (optional, depending on the size of the dowel) to set it. Lastly, the hooks get screwed into the tops, if you’re making a top whorl…for a bottom whorl, I just used a pencil sharpener for the point- or the end can be left as is.

These toy wheels will make a notchless top whorl spindle.  You can spin without the notch just fine. But, for some, it’s risking insanity as the singles/yarn will sometimes slip around the whorl while you spin. In that case, you can make a notch using your leader. You can make that leader by twisting a fresh one from your fiber with the hook or just use some standby yarn. Once you have it, you want to secure the leader to the shaft with a slip knot or a lark’s head.  Then, take the end of the leader up over the whorl and around the base of the hook and then, back down under the whorl and wrap it a couple times around the shaft. Bring it back up and through the hook to start spinning. That’s pretty much it. You can forget about it now. Once you start spinning, the singles/yarn just stops at your new “notch”, and if you’re one that has issues with notchless spindles, you can keep a few more brain cells around for other uses. No excuses. Just spin.


These are almost as sweet as Laurel! I’m going to have to thank her a bunch next time I see her.

Generous, large-hearted people are definitely not a dime a dozen.


  1. The ads in glossy magazines make great beads.

    • Oh, yes! My older students use magazines for their conical-shaped beads. My younger ones design their own sheets and make cylindrical-shaped beads. I have even tried scrap booking papers and they make particularly pretty beads too. They’re a little more difficult to work with though when they are card-like weight though. The thinner ones work better.

  2. My pleasure, toots! ❤

  3. Glad your Mister was able to speak to those snow shoveling angels the way he did.

    And I agree … good people are really not a dime a dozen. Glad you were able to experience some goodness this week.

  4. Q – OMG! The paper beads take me back to my childhood (back in the dark ages). My grandma was a 1st grade teacher so when I spent summers and vacations with her we did the most amazing crafts. I still have quite a few of the paper beads we made. She’d decorate her weavings with them. We didn’t have urethane then so they were covered with varnish or shellac. Thanks for the memory! Beautiful beads.

    Love this post.

    • Oh wow!! I’m glad they triggered a happy memory. I would love to see the beads you made together and her weavings. I miss my grandmom (affectionately called “grammom”) so much. She was more of a crochet and rug hooking person. Sigh. Memories. 🙂

  5. Wow, all kinds of generosity lately! It makes me all warm and fuzzy. 🙂

  6. So many good things 🙂

  7. Those kids did an amazing job. You have to applaud their efforts and entrepreneurial spirit. Better than the lemonade stand. I wish some grown folks would catch on to that work ethic.

    I love the paper beads. Surely can’t tell that you’re a little rusty. They are going to make fabulous earrings.

    • Thanks Libby! Shoot, I hope I’LL catch on! I had to shovel my car out of some ice the day before yesterday. I was NOT ready, lol!

      I like paper beads too. And I should make more. They’d be much cheaper! I lose one earring out of every pair since Girl Child takes one out every time I fall asleep on the sofa. You’d think I’d learn. Funny thing is, like any other crafter, it’s much harder to get the motivation to do that for myself than for someone else.

  8. They did a great job shoveling! Those are some great homemade spindles too. I never thought of using toy wheels.

    • They most certainly did. I’m still impressed with them.

      I never tried putting spindles together before now. It’s pretty simple. And they actually work! Very well, actually. Give it a try!

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