Just Club Me Already


Surely you remember this place?

I think I almost forgot how to get here today. With the exception of monthly board meetings, I haven’t been able to get here in quite some time. But…I think I came back on the right day. 🙂


It was our monthly Saturday spin-in and I got to see A LOT!! Most of the usual players showed up, and a couple I hadn’t met before.  One was so cute, I almost took him home with me!


But mommom loves her little fella. OMG. Isn’t he just the cutest, little thing?!


Of course, we had to get the boy started off on the right foot in life.


This is Linda…Well, another Linda whom I hadn’t met since the last time I was at the mill. She’s showing our newest spinner the ropes.


I think he’s got it!


Meh. Piece ‘o cake!


Literally! Here mom mom and mom give him a little nom for his spinning achievements today. Very well deserved!


Definitely can see why they’re so proud! Awwwww!! 🙂

Let’s see…what else did I find…


The new Linda likes to match her fiber to her clothes.


Okay. Well, that’s just a coincidence. But what a lovely one to me. 😉


The old Linda got a new book called HARVESTING COLOR: HOW TO FIND PLANTS AND MAKE NATURAL DYES from Bob who was there, but had to leave early. I flipped through the book because I think I may eventually learn to dye using natural plants or at least some things in the kitchen. It made the process look as though it’s attainable, even though, from what it looks like, some of the materials in the book seem to only be found in certain regions (or they may have to be ordered). Fortunately, it had examples of materials from all parts of the US. I enjoyed the extra yummy photos too. I’m jealous of Linda’s new book. So jealous, in fact, I believe I need one of my own. 😉


I was kind of jealous of what was on her wheel too! You know, every wheel I looked at had something on it that made me pea green…


For example, Brooke is a hardcore art yarn spinner at heart.

Just look at this skein.



The texture of this is phenomenal! And she has only had her wheel a short time. But, by the looks of that skein, you certainly can’t tell it!

She has some mixing going on on her wheel too.



Even her neutrals have some zip! Loves it!

I snatched one of her finished skeins for some pics.



She was extremely trusting…if my spinning wheel wasn’t back in the mill, she might very well have heard my car wheels skidding off the parking lot! It’s just gorgeous, isn’t it?!

My friend, Natalie, was there too. She showed me a beautiful cowl she had knit herself using a ravelry pattern called Zuzu’s Petals. I think I may try that one some time. In the meantime, I will just be drooling over her colors in this piece.





She’s trying it again in another colorway.


Totally different effect this yarn has on the pattern. The colors are not quite as far apart in value or so saturated in this skein. But the subdued palette looks better with jeans, she says, lol. Um…I’ll just take both. Please and thank you. 

When she showed me her latest spin, I think I went from a pea green to a dark olive.



How beautiful is that?! Natalie says she’s part of a club called Into the Whirled. She pays about $20 a month for them to send her some pretty to spin up. Bob chimed in and said he gets his fix from The Painted Tiger. There are a ton of fiber clubs and most have different rules for how they run. Some you can just join for the month. I have gotten a few colorways that way. Some have subscriptions that are paid monthly on a recurring basis like Woolgatherings. Others like Fat Cat Knits or Sweet Georgia Yarns have subscriptions that are paid a couple months at a time and you must renew at the end of the subscription. Most have the option to be sent exotic fibers that you may not normally find everywhere. Paradise Fibers Spinning Fiber of the Month Club promises to ship you new breeds and exotic fibers with 10% off for your purchases with them as well, depending on the club option you choose. You may find that some clubs only send out club colorways to club members only for exclusivity’s sake. Some will sell club colorways to others, but only after giving club members first priority. Some of them are a mixture of a few different rules. Some clubs like Hello Yarn or Southern Cross Fibre Club have waiting lists that seem as though a wrecking ball couldn’t break into, there is such a long wait. Others don’t have a wait like Natalie’s favorite, Into the Whirled, but you need to subscribe by a certain time for the current shipment. There’s a club for everyone it seems.

Well, back to the spin-in…

Ricky, a very nice spindle spinner, was there as well.


I’ve met Ricky once before. Seems it’s not her real name. She just likes it. Funny thing about that is my BIL’s name is Ricky too. Only, it’s not his real name either. He just liked it and has made everyone call him that since he was a kid. More coincidence? If you don’t like your name, just call yourself Ricky. I think there’s a club for that too, lol!

Of course, you know by now that I like to take my spindles along in water bottles and such. But below is the box that Ricky uses for her spindle and fiber.


The bottle in the back, she actually drinks from.  😉

Let’s see…Heather showed up.


Heather just spins. And tells me not to take her picture when she totally KNOWS I’m going to take like five of them AT LEAST. LOL!

Meggie showed up. With an e-spinner! Talk about compact!


I really don’t need anything else on my need to get list though so…moving on. 

At some point, we had to take an intermission since the mill was going to be used for a baby shower. We moved outside to the house to finish the spin-in.


Everyone got set up fairly quickly to get to work again. I’m the first to admit, I am a packrat though. All the more reason to have every compact wheel there is, of course. 



Outside, some rocked steady…


…some switched gears.


Natalie remembered some musk ox that she bought and is spindle spinning. I remembered mine too…I haven’t spun it yet. I haven’t gotten that core yet to put around my bobbin though I’ve been to Lowe’s quite a few times. I just can’t seem to remember it. But…


I figure she gave me a reason to get another Golding in case I keep forgetting. 🙂

Laurel took out some of the squishiest, most beautiful handspun I’ve seen in a long time!


And the spindle is a beauty too from Butterfly Girl. Her shop says she’s currently closed because she’s moving. But, you can also find her spindles at online stores like the Woolery. I haven’t tried one of her spindles yet. Notice the “yet”. I felt because of the materials they may be a little too delicate for me to use long-term. I also find many spindles with rim-weighted devices or support spin extremely well and seem a little more superior to me to other spindles as far as speed goes. But, seeing how pretty this one was up close and personal, I may give these a try some time…One more spindle can’t hurt, right? 😉


Of course, I noticed the colors again and Laurel mentioned a club she was in as well. By the time I see this colorway, I think I’m probably an army green because I figured I’d probably kill to be in a club that sent me anything that remotely resembled this top.

And look how much fun she’s having with it!



It drafts so nicely! I believe her club of choice is Nerd Girl Yarns.


You know, I really don’t think that finger was intentional since I was only all up in her grill snapping pics, lol. Nah. 😉

Rick showed up at the end of the spin-in too. He had some board news.


Seems as though there is going to be a changing of the guards on the mill. Our former mill site manager is moving to a new position and we will be welcoming a new site manager this Monday! Pretty exciting! Of course, for Rick, who has one of the biggest funniest bones I’ve ever seen, there’s humor in that as well since her name is Stacie.  In my experience, Stacey’s come in twos. Fortunately, there’s a million and one ways to spell it for differentiation.  

I snapped a pic of my own spin that I was working on between snapping pics of everybody else repping their club colors, lol.


After all the color I’ve seen today, this leaves me a little meh…So, as you can imagine, I’m joining the club.

Spunky Eclectic, here I come!


  1. Oh, toots, I’d *never* flip you off. I might give you a pinch, though. :o)

  2. I feel like moving there just to sit with you all and learn! Lovely day; thanks so much for sharing. 😀

  3. Great pics! When both of my grandchildren were young and started to walk, they would toddle over to my Schacht single-treadle wheel and rock back and forth on it …. Now they’re too big for that though. 🙂

  4. “Um…I’ll just take both. Please and thank you. ”

    Yep, that tends to be my thought process too. Lots of awesome stuff going on out your way. Looks like a lot of fun!

    • Most certainly! Unfortunately, I can’t attend as much as I used to at the moment…Well, my Saturdays appear to be freer for now. But, I often have something holding me up from getting to the mill more often than not. We’ll see how things shake out now that my classes are on Thursday nights…which does interfere with Fiberguild nights…The good thing is this is all temporary. I would be in a very sour pickle otherwise.


  5. In the interest of stash control, I let one of my fiber clubs lapse at the end of last year, but I just renewed my other one for another 3 months. I cannot imagine life without my monthly shipment of a Loop Bullseye Bump. I’m addicted. 🙂

    • Lol! Well, I hope it gets that way for me. I was always concerned about joining a club because I may not always care for what I get and I enjoyed the freedom of picking and choosing from this artist or that vendor. But at the moment, I have nearly no time to shop anymore. Even getting online is a catch as catch can deal anymore. A club is likely my best bet to keep a steady color diet.

  6. I am so jealous of spinners. One day I’ll have the time to get a spinning wheel and try it out.

    • You know, you could always just try a spindle for awhile while you’re passing the time. 😉 A couple posts ago, I made some out of some toy wheels and dowels. Of course, if it has to be a wheel first, there are some cost effective ones you might like. Just sit it in a corner. It will call to you eventually (though usually sooner than later). 🙂

  7. So many pretties! Now off to check out those links…


  1. […] Ricky, one of the regular spin-in participants, dropped by with her husband. She spun. […]

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