Spinning Wheel Hoardom


Yes, I’m a spinning wheel whore now.

Okay. Let me clean that up a little…I’m a spinning wheel hoarder. Isn’t she purty?! 


You may remember, this was my latest wishlist wheel. As I once told you, I don’t know how many wheels will be enough. There are so many spinners out there that collect wheels and they will sell a wheel to get a wheel.  Af for me, I have yet to sell a wheel. Don’t know that I ever will. I love them all and I wants all the wheels! I do love portability though. I have an affinity for wheels that will go with me to the ends of the earth. So, when I see one, my eyes get big like saucers and it immediately becomes my quest in life to own one.

Once upon a time, I wanted a crafts room.  And I got it.  I do a lot in that room. But, I just don’t sit in that room for extended periods of time. That may change someday and, eventually, I’m sure I will want a wheel that only stays put for it when it does (hint, that’s called foreshadowing). But, as it is, I spin in different areas and different seats right now. If I can’t carry a wheel out of my craft room, I just won’t use it.


Enter a wheel like the Roadbug by Merlin Tree. I got this wheel from the Woolery from a friend that bought it for me.

Side note: I have become an affiliate blogger for The Woolery. In my opinion, it really is a top-notch company that I can recommend for spinning and weaving supplies. Though all my posts won’t contain links for the Woolery, if you click on any of the links that I use in my posts for them, they will include a link to my affiliate account. Of course, I’d love for you to support my purchases toward spindles and the like ( 🙂 ), but if you’re at all opposed, feel free to go to their site sans my link here. I am first and foremost, your biggest enabler, no matter how you get spinning. 😉 And, please, by all means, follow their excellent blog here. It’s full of tutorials on knitting, spinning and weaving, spotlights on fiber artists, fiber equipment and even offers that are of interest to guilds and other fiber enthusiasts. You absolutely will learn something you didn’t know before. Well, I know I always do.

I got it on Wednesday, of course. Wednesday nights are midweek service at my church and the night before my grad class I take toward teacher certification. So, I had very little time to really play around with her when she first arrived. I was able to snap a few shots of comparison with what has been my favorite travel wheel, the Ashford Joy.


The DT Roadbug actually appears in this photo that its footprint might average out to be the same as the Joy. But, I’m guessing when the Joy is unfolded, its works out to be a smidge tinier.


Look at the difference in height!

Just like the Joy, it has an on board attachments like a Lazy Kate and holders for additional bobbins…


…an orifice hook…


…and additional whorls (the Joy’s whorl sizes are non-removable because they are integrated into the design of the wheel/the RB’s need to be switched out when a new ratio is desired).


Unlike the Joy, the RB has a huge canvas for artwork and an attachment for a small oil bottle. Useful and cute! I’m still trying to figure out if I want a color or image on my wheel. I can tire of those things easily. I may have to wait until I’m able to order another of these first before I decide to give one up to embellishments like that.

Another great thing about the RB is that it can be a single-treadle wheel if you want. You can take one of the treadles right off!


Taking that treadle off makes this a perfect size for small tote bags. It’s shaped like a foot! How cute! Now, I think that’s probably about as much cute as I can take (the hand from the original HH may have done me in-hey different strokes for different folks). But, I really do like how these little additions set it apart from other wheels.


It’s amazing how it all fits in there-with some fiber on top! I do intend to get a canvas tote for it, once I’ve decided whether I want this one from the Woolery or this one with orange handles from LL. Bean. You know orange is my favorite color ever! We’ll see if price over favorite color wins out. But, this bag was $1.99 from Joann Fabrics and it works for now.

Well, after all those photos, I couldn’t just leave her unspun, could I? Five minutes couldn’t hurt, right?


As you know, I decided to join a fiber club and I really wanted this RB’s maiden spin to be with fiber from the club. But, as that shipment won’t go out until the end of the month, I decided I would practice on some fluff I already had so that when it does get here, there’ll be no hitches. You like how I did that, right? 😉

There’s always a lot going on in my world lately so I had to spin on it on my lunch break and I got a chance to find out just how easy taking it around was for me. I found that transporting and spinning was done just as easily with the RB as the Joy. Loved it! I’ve heard a lot about the noisiness of these wheels. But, you know, I didn’t even really notice much noise. It’s only my first few spins, so that could change as it gets older. But it sounds like any other wheel, really.

Plying was another story.

I found that attempting to chain ply on the RB was a little difficult at first. The Lazy Kate sits very close to the side of the wheel and I kept getting the singles caught in the flyer. I had some difficulty chain-plying on the Joy at first too, as I recall, so I wasn’t very deterred. But, until I figured I could sit right up on the RB, using my knee as a barrier, it was difficult to get a rhythm. I had to pay more attention to keeping the singles out of the flyer than the quality of the yarn that was being produced. But, once I started sitting a little closer, it was all good. Too bad that was near the end of the spin…


So, this first yarn is a little less stable than what I would have wanted. A little too squirrelly to me. So, there’s that. But, I’ve had a ‘Getting to Know You’ period with each of my wheels. So, I suppose this one wants my attention for a bit longer. No problem! All in all, it’s a great little wheel! I like! I like A LOT! Will it replace the love in my heart for the Joy? We shall see.

While waiting for that club shipment, I got a little goodie to tide me by for a little while.



Ready for another spin? I am! 🙂


  1. So cute little wheel.. !!

  2. I love your new wheel!!! A couple people in my spinning guild have one of these. They look really cool!

    • I am so in love with this wheel! But I haven’t had it decorated yet. If I do, I think I would rather another artist do it. I like the idea of adding something else like spinning wheel artwork to my collection. That’d be pretty cool.

  3. Great report/review!!! I really enjoyed reading it!

    • Thanks Leah! I hope you are still enjoying your Joy! I still found that it was my fave amongst the Lendrum and the LB. But, I have to put the RB right up there with it at the moment. It’s so easy to take it anywhere. I feel like I could nearly spin all day!

  4. Eeeeeee!!! We are wheel twins now!!! I adore my Roadbug! It can get a little noisy sometimes, but I just oil it and tighten everything and it’s fine. I love my baby wheel, it’s all I need personally 🙂

    • This wheel is so cute! I’m going to give it another go for plying with the onboard Lazy Kate and see how I like that. But the spinning is lovely to me. I just loves a compact wheel!

  5. Awesome! It is a cute little thing!

    • I love it! But I do wonder if I should pimp it out or not. I don’t want to do it and then get bored with the look. But some of the woodburned wheels look crazy awesome! Going to give that more thought…

  6. Congrats on your new wheel! The new fiber looks amazing, can’t wait to see how it spins up.

  7. I love your new wheel, it is very cute! Looking forward to seeing future yarn from it.

  8. marlene toerien says:

    You lucky girl, I wish I can try out a road bug, but living in South Africa limits your choice of wheels.

    • I’m curious, what kind of wheel choices do you have there? Also, I wonder if there isn’t a wood worker in your area that might be able to design and build a similar wheel for you?


  9. caityrosey says:

    I agree, there are so many nice options for decorating your little roadbug. It’s a cute little thing. I’ll be interested to see what you pick.

    • Me too. I keep thinking I want an extra just in case I get tired of what I put on it…I’m pretty sure either I would want it either all orange (like the solid color wheels they sell…except they don’t sell orange) – or I would want a woodburned design. AND I don’t want to have to send my wheel out for either…so there’s that. Once I get a wheel, you will have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

  10. I love your latest addition and trust me, you’re in good company 🙂

  11. Beautiful wheel! I just got my first yesterday (kiwi 2). I have to say people on youtube make it look so easy lol. I have a hard time getting my yarn to feed on. Ive tried adjusted the tension. It seems like it feeds on when I slow down? Now I hope I can find a local spinning guild 🙂

  12. Courtney Butler says:

    You have gotten me in so much trouble. I found your blog, and even though I recently purchased my Joy, which I really do love, I had to order the Roadbug. Though the approach is slightly different than my other wheels (four now) it really does spin well, and I am really going to enjoy traveling with it.


  1. […] this year I got the Moosie, I've been drooling over for years…and you've seen the wheel wish finally come true. I decided to get the Merlin Tree Bag for it, by the way. Gotta protect my new […]

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