My Buddy

Aaah…My new road buddy lived up to it's name this past week! 🙂

I am so impressed with this little wheel! This is that Spunky Eclectic, Slow Burn I have been spinning on for a couple days. I only got two ounces of it. But that was enough to break in the wheel, I think. The process was so enjoyable, I spun at work too! So awesome!

I love the fiery colors!

As I neared the end of the spin, it got a little orangey-green. Beautiful!

And here's the final skein…which leads me to the plying on this wheel…

It's not the best set-up. But it's doable. Again, my knee has to be the barrier for keeping the singles out of the way of the flyer and bobbin. Watching it so I make sure it stays put, puts the quality of yarn at risk. Of course, there were fewer times where it got caught this time around. Probably about two or three, total. And the yarn came out much more stable and a bit more uniform..

Not bad, says I. 🙂



  1. I usually ply from both ends of a centre-pull ball, because I don’t want to waste a single yard! I love the colors on this, they’re just beautiful.

    • Lol! I do that too sometimes. It depends. There was no real systematic repeating here in the handpainting of the fiber that I could tell. But I felt that mixing the red with the green tones would brown it up too much (or more than I would like). So, I decided to preserve as much of the pure colors as I could with a chain ply. They still mingle because of how it was dyed. Just not as much. I think in a chain ply you lose about a third of the total length. Don’t quote me on that, but I think I read that in passing somewheres.

      • It makes sense, since you’re basically making a 3-ply instead of a 2-ply. I wonder how the yardage compares between a chain ply and a traditional 3-ply.. I also still have yet to master chain plying on the wheel. I still use my spindle because gravity helps me make it more even 😛

      • I had issues with it on the wheel too. The Joy back peddles if you don’t keep an eye on it. So will the RB which is why it didn’t bug me a lot when I first tried (the Kate’s proximity to the wheel is an issue). But, I did much better with chain plying on a wheel after I saw this video.

        It may help.


  2. Lovely, says I! The colours are gorgeous and, as I’ve said before, your spinning is so fine, it’s exquisite.

  3. What an interesting colorway! Looks good!

    • That is gorgeous !!! I’m like Lolly in my plying and typically ply pulling from a center ball skein. I always love the results 🙂

      • Hmmm…I think it depends for me. If it’s a two ply, if I have spun all of it to one bobbin, I like the ball or the Andean plying bracelet. If it’s a chain ply, I like a Lazy Kate. I have done that on a spindle before. But I like the results better when I chain ply on a wheel.

  4. I looks great. The colors are perfect for spring.

  5. There’s always a learning curve with a new wheel, and it looks like you are getting to know your Roadbug well. Love the yarn. I really must get my hands on some fiber from Spunky E.

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