Itches & Scratches

I've been knocking some things off the wishlist lately.

So, this year I got the Moosie, I've been drooling over for years…and you've seen the wheel wish finally come true. I decided to get the Merlin Tree Bag for it, by the way. Gotta protect my new baby. 😉

Another itch I was desperate to scratch recently has been getting back to the mill for spin-ins. We decided to add every fourth (?) Monday to the calendar ages ago and you'd think I'd have been able to make those count. But, not so. This past Monday night was my first Monday night at the mill. It was great! Well, the lighting wasn't. But, the company was. 🙂

Laurel, Bob, Kathy and Linda were there.

So was Natalie and Carol, who used a Babe e-spinner to unravel a sweater. I've seen Laurel do this before on a spinning wheel. She gets cashmere sweaters for a song at a thrift shop, unwinds them and then knits them back up. It's freaking genius is what it is. Now, Carol has gone and made it faster. I smell a bandwagon coming down the road…

Of, course, there were other visitors I hadn't met before too.

I think this lady was getting to know more about her wheel with Laurel.

But, I had yet another itch to scratch.

This Lendrum spin wasn't going so great because it's a little all one color. So…I decided to play with it a bit with some of the fiber from my first installment of the Spunky Club and some white merino silk mix I got from Paradise Fibers. I envisioned some striped rolags.

Here it is all remixed.

I did this with a blending board by Ashford.

I like it. It's 12 x 12 inches and appears to be very well-made. There is a board that gets attached to the bottom and it can be wedged between my legs to support it while I blend using the brush you see there and two wooden dowels to draft out and roll up the rolags. I probably don't have enough to mix with the alpaca for the entire fleece. But short bursts of color spins will get me through.

If you got an itch, you may as well scratch it, right? 😉



  1. oh! those rolags!!! I have some crazy obsession with all things grey& pink, and that black/white & pink mix has me drooling. It must be so much fun playing at the mill, you inspire me to get myself out into the world more and see what my new hometown has to offer here in NC.

    • You should really do that! This comes from someone who used to be a hermit. Life is much more fun beyond the four walls of my bedroom. 🙂 and a new town just sounds so exciting!

  2. caityrosey says:

    I’ve been wanting to try a blending board for a while. Glad to hear you like Ashford’s version. It’s a little more in-budget than others.

    • I keep looking at the others wondering why they cost more…But I like this one. Very handy and easy to use.

      • caityrosey says:

        Nicer wood maybe?

      • Possibly. I haven’t looked at specs because I knew I was going to choose Ashford. But the only reasons I might pay more would be a larger-sized cloth or more pins per inch if I wanted to blend finer fibers. Maybe extra equipment. The wood, to me, in this case would be secondary. But, I could see some folks wanting a certain wood for theirs, I suppose.

  3. marlene toerien says:

    Hi you make me spend money, I need the blender board, what a wonderful way to blend colours, I have a spinning student, guess where the class money are going too.

  4. I’ve wanting to try blending and didn’t know about the Ashford board — thanks a bunch 🙂 Beautiful blended colors too!

    • Thanks! You know, Ashford is considered to be the Hyundai of spinning suppliers, I’ve read. But I truly have found them to be reliable products so far. Great quality. No complaints here.

  5. I love the idea of a blending board! someday I’ll try one.

    • It’s funny because it’s basically the same idea. But, I think the board is easier for me than hand carders-even though I will keep them for when I want to use those too. But with hand carders, I have to remember how to do it right every time I sit down to use them-so few and far in between instances where I do.

  6. GeekGirlFibers says:

    I’m totally going to try using a spinning wheel to help unravel sweaters. Genius!

  7. That is one sophisticated color combo. I wonder how it knits up! Love the spindle too.


  1. […] I've been knocking some things off the wishlist lately. So, this year I got the Moosie, I've been drooling over for years…and you've seen the wheel wish finally come true. I decide…  […]

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