Vacation Smation


I hear you laughing.

It’s a catastrophe of epic proportions. I’ve got about four more days of spring vacation left. I have a project left to finish for my class. But, I also have two spindle projects, two wheel projects and one knitting project that I need to get done to feel all vacationed. That one up there at the start has about two rolags left to go. You’ll have to excuse that pose it’s giving. No matter how I look at that one, it always looks like a naughty color theme, lol.

This one below just needs unloading, period.


It won’t hold anymore without fitting inside the water bottle. Ornery little thing.

Both of them have preps that cause the resulting singles to be irregular (which, of course, means the plied yarn is going to be irregular too).  Combed top is the only prep I can think of at the moment that tends to produce a smoother yarn if spun consistently. These are neither combed top nor spun consistently. It’s not because I’m deliberately spinning them inconsistently. Truthfully, I’m not spinning them any differently than I’d spin combed top. It’s just the prep. One’s carded and the other blended from multiple fibers of various lengths and textures, and then put into rolags. Changing the prep is a sure-fire way to get a non-default yarn even without changing the way you spin. I like the look of both so far. The purple job is a bit wild-looking, which I think suits its er, theme. The neutral one feels very rustic to me. We’ll see if I like the looks in the plied yarn.

After my hiccup last week with the yarn vomit, my friend Heather reworked my yarn supply (See? See? See? 🙂 – Thanks, Heather!!). I was at the last board meeting and my plan was to just yank and knit, yank and knit until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Then, I was going to switch to another color. You may already know*, I have this policy on tangles I refer to it as often as I need.  On the other hand, Heather, bless her soul, is a yarnie in the most extreme sense of the word. She has no such policy on tangles and while I may never understand them, I am ever so grateful for people like her. 🙂  Now, I can continue knitting in peace…


…while I work. Sigh. Although the class is very interesting content-wise, I can’t help but want to play with my toys on a vacation. I miss my wheels too. As it is, there all just sitting there looking at me…

Well, so far, all I’ve done is get some folks ready for Easter Sunday, cleaned and re-worked the bathrooms over to suit the change in season, and start my spring cleaning in the rest of the house. Got a date with some Murphy’s Oil tonight for the floors downstairs. Lovely, huh? Lol.

Good thing the Annual Sheep Shearing Day is coming up this week at the mill. This vacation was almost a wash. Literally.


*I’d like to give a special thanks to all the visitors that have been dropping emails to let me know they’ve read my entire blog!! Wow! That’s such an honor! Especially because I talk about pretty much the same stuff all the time, lol. I really appreciate your kind notes. XOXOXO 



  1. Love the photographs! The yarns look fabulous! Wish to see what you make out of them…
    Happy vacation!

    The Arts & Me

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