What I Meant To Tell You Was


Well, there were a few things I had meant to share over the last couple days…

Finally finished that bobbin off.

And, in the process, I think I may have also come to an understanding with my onboard Kate on the RB.


Excuse the PJ pants and the comfy socks (ahem)…I must become part of the wheel in order to get that to work properly. See how my knee is holding that singles in position to the side? Well, if I didn’t do that, I haven’t found a way with the method I use to chain ply for it to not get all tangled up in the flyer. So, I must become one with the wheel for that. This could all be alleviated with a separate Kate, of course. But sometimes, as a bag lady, you don’t need one more thing to carry.

And I meant to tell you that this skein was finished now.


Still not feeling the color right now.

whatiwasgoingtotellyou017 whatiwasgoingtotellyou015

It’s a little too fall for me at the moment. I want fruit salad colors! Watermelons and cantaloupes and honey dews and grapes! I want sangria colors and lime- and lemonade colors! Ah well…

Annnddd…I meant to tell you I had to drop the Fiber Club for now because those colors were just not forthcoming…


Now, I may have already told you, I’m over winter right now.

But, I still meant to tell you I had fun at Greenbank Mill’s Annual Meeting…

whatiwasgoingtotellyou005 whatiwasgoingtotellyou006 whatiwasgoingtotellyou007 whatiwasgoingtotellyou008 whatiwasgoingtotellyou009 whatiwasgoingtotellyou010 whatiwasgoingtotellyou011

I also meant to tell you that we got a new addition to the livestock.


And how the eyes of that one I told you about before are seeing again.


I meant to tell you a lot! But, I have to get back to grading right now, so I’ll fill you in later. 😉



  1. marlene toerien says:

    Even if you don’t like the colours your spinning is so good, I prefer to dye my own fleece so that I don’t spend money on something that wasn’t what I thought it was. Then I also have the choice if I really don’t like the end result I can throw it into a brown or black dyebath.

    • Thank you! I wish I was a knowledgeable dyer. I only do it with kid safe materials, so I usually buy pre-colored fiber. But I have a few dye books so I guess, eventually, some riskier dyeing will be on the horizon…

  2. I love those colors! I totally understand not feeling it though. My last spin was grey, and then I tried to spin something cream, realized that I had a deadline on something brown and switched to that, and now that I’m almost finished, the prospect of returning to the cream laceweight spin is giving me a twitch. I may just break free and grab something colorful.

  3. The way you hold your legs in that photo is how I ply pretty much everything too – my singles get hopelessly tangled otherwise.

  4. I actually ply off the onboard Lazy Kate the same way! With pyjama pants too 😛 I am sorry to hear that your fibre club wasn’t giving you enough colours 😦 Have you considered joining SpunRightRound’s monthly fibre club? I love her vibrant colours, but then again you never do know what the next month will be. Hope you are finishing grading by now! And can’t wait to see more updates once summer begins for you 😀

    • Thank you! Sorry so late to this. Plying in PJs…Sounds like a good blog name or a late night online spinning club, lol. I haven’t made the move to join another club yet. But one of my friends swapped with me for some really luscious fluff. I can’t wait to wade through the rest of this neutral stuff to get to it. Thanks for the tip on the Fiber Club!

  5. I just loved this post (as usually your posts are wonderful 🙂 )… Those inspiring photographs and your write up… All inspire me… I have learnt a lot about what is spinning and yarn-craft for you and to the western world that is not known to us in the east…

    I also liked a lot the idea of fruit salad colours 🙂

    Hope to know more about what I don’t know…

    The Arts & Me

    • Oh, thanks for reading!! I need to poke around more myself and see what other cultures do in spinning. You know, just to see what else I can get my hands into-as if they’re not into enough. So much to learn!

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