I had my 30-something-th birthday this past week!

Unfortunately, I spent it nursing a cold. Reaching for some cough drops as I write this entry, actually. I have been popping them two at a time for the past two days. Ugh. In spite of that though, I had a great birthday! So great, I figured I would let you all in on a little secret project I have going on now…

But first, I have to show you my latest skeins.

These are my treasures from the fluff Laurel traded with me. They're so sunny! Much more my speed. Left to right, I made a 2-ply, a small chain-ply and I left the rest as singles.

Still having to adjust to my RB's Lazy Kate. But what was great about using the wheel this time was that even though I had something on each of its bobbins, I was able to borrow some bobbins from my Joy to finish this spin since the Joy's bobbins will work for the flyer on the RB as well. Now, the larger Joy bobbins won't be a great fit for plying on the RB Lazy Kate because the bases are so large. You would run into trouble trying to ply from more than one bobbin with the large Joy versions. But, otherwise, they work fine.

I spun on this wherever I found time during the move. I finished it up yesterday. There were a couple times where I was treadling so fast, my singles spun right on up into the orifice! There were other times where the tension was so tight, the singles snapped. I was a little rusty. With this milk fiber sometimes it would separate or break at a spot where both ends wouldn't fray so that I could add fluff to fluff (for non-spinners, you can't join spun to spun). But even that's fixable. I would get a little bit of unspun from the fiber supply, spin that onto the broken end from the orifice, spin it down to where I could then add the other broken end waiting, and like magic, it was like no break ever happened! I love spinning! It's so forgiving.

Well, back to my revelation. This one is a little different…brace yourself.

As I once wrote, everyone has their own way of dealing with pain. Apparently, I like building on old skills while learning new things. That's where this blog came from. I suppose lightning can always strike the same place twice, right?

Ta da!

What do you think?

Backstory here: I was an art student once. I had a lot of potential, but I also had a relationship and children that generally always came before that somehow. At one point in time, due to the nature of the relationship, I realized I had to give up one for the other. Probably shouldn't have happened that way, so I don't recommend that for all of you out there. In supportive atmospheres, there's room for everyone to grow. Always remember that. Nevertheless, now, minus the marriage, I find I have more time and more energy to put into that dream I buried.

Did you know some gardeners and dyers keep notebooks? It's true. Carol and Linda do (OMG, do they!). Even spinners do. Generally, a good rule of thumb is, if you're serious about something, you take notes. For awhile now, I have been keeping a sketchbook. It started while teaching art last year. I used to keep a sketchbook when I was a student all the time. Having to do demonstrations for my students brought back the itch to do my own projects again. With all that was going on, I would often just pull it out-if only for fifteen minutes. It didn't matter, as long as I did something. And although I consider it wholly separate from my spinning and knitting, I find some of these things tend to overlap in unsuspected ways.

I have been teaching myself watercolor with some prior knowledge of painting, some online vids, and some kindle books. This past week, I figured, I might take some artistic notes on handspinning using watercolor as a medium.

These sketches make my spindle spinning go a little slower than I ordinarily like, lol. But, it's all in fun.

The spindle is my Birdseye Maple Bosworth Midi spindle that you see in the leading photo. The wood is pretty distinctive, as all Bosworth's are. This paper doesn't allow a lot of re-working, but I think I captured something of it.

I'm learning that I may not have been the kind of artist that approaches galleries to put up my work. Although I have shown and sold in gallery settings before, it was for reasons like I was a student and it was part of the grad process…or I was part of staff that had to have an annual show…or it was at another's request. It just never felt like me though. Maybe I never got to the n-th time when it wouldn't feel like I was the only one at the show in nothing but my undies. But, I am learning I am a spirited sort. πŸ™‚ I don't give up easily and I love showing work…just in a different kind of way right now.

Here's one thing that I found can be done with these drawings.

Postcards! Yes, postcards, posters, prints, t-shirts, mugs, books, etc. I'm working the kinks out of this little number, and I intend to add a couple more drawings to this before I'm done with it. I'm hoping to use this as part of a blog giveaway when I hit my 500th subscriber any second now…(thanks everyone!). If you like, you can follow my progress on this project and my quest to pursue a dream here (apparently, I start blogs too, lol).

But, I'm finding my way back into living life like I want to…and I like it!



  1. WOW. Your coloring with watercolor is just downright impressive! Lovely details. And that sunny fiber looks like quite the fiery color to match your new ambitions. It’s wonderful to see such things coming from a difficult period in life. I’m really looking forward to seeing your prints and hopefully buying some for my dorm room! What incredible creative things.

    • Thanks! That’s so encouraging! It’s kind of scary putting your work out. But blogging has been so much of an enabler for me, up and downloading images at will. Uploading my work on a virtual wall is a much more familiar process than putting it on an actual wall at this point. Interestingly enough, I find I have only been working in personal sketchbooks that I guess I then broadcast on a blog, lol. Seems odd. Or maybe I’m just weird!

      Oh well. Such is life. πŸ™‚

  2. Many happy returns! and thumbs up for finding your new ways of living life πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! I really love the idea of overcoming with good…Coming out better than you were before you had the problem. I am intrigued by the stories of those throughout history that we admire most who became great because of their struggles. They never used hardship as an excuse to give up on themselves. It usually propelled them forward! Usually proves that anybody with a problem is in good company.

      • I agree that it is very much like you’re saying. Perhaps experiencing hardship can provide an incentive to change, which can in turn bring on new opportunities. The turning key is to take on the change, embrace and make the best out of it. It’s often not too late to do something about our life. Also, hardship gives us a deeper insight – although I’m clearly not wishing anyone to seek hardship as a means to become wiser! It’s great that you found your way out of an unhappy situation and reached a place which brings you new experiences and joy πŸ™‚ all the best!

  3. You are such a talented young woman and what an artist too!! Such a lovely post dear one πŸ™‚

  4. This is beautiful! I love fiber themed art, and I really do think that there’s a place for lovely watercolor illustrations of the fiber arts πŸ™‚ Keep it up!

    • Ha! Well, I hope so. I like a lot of different genres and since I’m not usually in one spot, I tend to pick up a lot of themes. But I’m trying to make my fibery-stuffs a permanent one…I was also thinking of sketching some of the folks who put on period-correct clothing at the mill. It would be nice to see some of that in watercolor, I think.

  5. Some the muse snoozes. Glad to see she’s waking up and is raring to go. XOXO

  6. Wow, your paintings and yarns are beautiful! (Happy belated birthday too!)


    I absolutely love it – the colours are amazing and you skill is showing like mad! It GREAT that you can develop your skills further and further and pursue this talent!!! HUGS TO YOU!!! (and get well!)

    I love your spinning. I love autumn and its colours, and this is so beautiful and warm and it reminds me of colourful leaves and hot mugs of tea and candles and rain and … really cosy evenings. πŸ˜€

    I am so glad that you sound happier! You deserve it and you’ll make it. πŸ˜€

    • Aww thanks, Julia! I got this skein from Laurel. She was really trying to cheer me up that day and it worked really well!

      Well, I have loved drawing and painting all my life. Unfortunately, I never seemed to get the chance to really develop it. There weren’t enough hands to go around for Girl Child. And, by the end of the day, between her, work, and just life in general, I was normally exhausted anyway. As any reader of this blog knows, if I can’t sit down and get going, it probably won’t work for me. These days, I feel much lighter. And I’m learning an easy to set up medium. So, I am able to kind of add it in. It’s usually just for a little bit each day. But it’s working out! I’m so excited! πŸ™‚

  8. What a cool idea! You are quite talented!

  9. Love the drawings!

  10. found you through tumbler~ your art and spinning are beautiful! perhaps a book on spinning with your art is in your future? really lovely!!

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