One More For The Road

Well, for the Roadbug.

Speaking of roads (insert long sigh here)…This past Thursday, the roads were not very kind at all. While taking Girl Child to school, we were hit by a car turning across the intersection we were crossing with a solid green light. Completely sucked. I immediately called my insurance and went through the steps. Fortunately, the other driver had insurance as well and he and his insurance company assumed all liability. He had a solid green, but not an arrow from his opposing turning lane. My car suffered minimal damage and is at a body shop while I am driving a comparable rental. I sigh because this is the third time I have been hit. But, it's the first time I have actually called the insurance company. The first time, I probably should've sued since I was stopped at a red light with both of my kids, when all of a sudden, four cars, including a Fed Ex truck rear-ended me. I was trying to get to my summer teaching job, and really, only the license plate got slightly bent on my car, so I let it go because I didn't have time to call in a sub. That PT Cruiser was a beast, by the way! For weeks, I fielded off the other insurance agents that were trying to call me and get me to say it wasn't their insured's fault. How was I supposed to know? I was in the front (hello?). Couldn't they just be glad I had dropped the issue? At any rate, I didn't feel the pain until a couple days later. But when it came, it started off severe and gradually eased over the course of about a year and a half. When it finally went away, someone backed into me in a parking lot. It was private property. The girl was pretty young and gave me all her information right away. She sort of told me she had had an accident before and knew everything she was supposed to do. My car really wasn't bothered much again, so there was no real need to claim much. But, it did set off some neck stiffness all over again. For about a whole year and some change. That had subsided, and now this. There is some light soreness on the side of my back where I got hit. But, other than that, not much to call home about. This time I was proactive from the start though. As I said I called the insurance company before I even got out of the car this time. We both got checked out at the local hospital and I was prescribed ibuprofen and something else I can't pronounce for the soreness-which, ironically ( 🙂 ), did not take a couple days to show up this time. Girl Child was bouncing off the walls in the hospital like a pinball, as per her usual. Everything's going to be okay. But, let me tell you folks…This getting hit thing is getting old, lol.

Well, back to what's really important in life. Fluffy, soft, handspun goodness. 🙂

Riddle me this…what do a Nike box and two spindles such as these have in common? Not much actually, except that I used all three to finish up the skein you see in the leading shot today.

I decided I wanted to make this spin a 2-ply after all. So, I used the same Bosworth Birdseye maple you saw in the drawings in the last post.

So, I may have to do some fancy footwork to finish that sketch series. We shall see.

As evenly as I tried to divide up the fiber, the second one still didn't have the same amount of singles.

I wound up with an extra skein of chain-ply again. Sweet! I keep imagining I can use these extra mini-skeins in a handwoven project or something.

It's nice to have a little extra in life. Unless it's extra car accidents…Steer clear of those.

I know, I know. I couldn't help it. 🙂



  1. I’m glad you’re both okay! And, of course, I can’t not say how beautiful the yarn is.

    • Thanks Sarah! You and me both! Nothing but the grace of God. I literally saw the man hitting us from the side out of my side window. Looked to the left and there he was. And that day was the first day ever in having this car for a little more than a year that Girl Child sat on the left side of the car. But, there was only minor damage to the front corner at the bumper. Can’t even begin to tell you how I was so happy to go to church today, lol. I don’t even pray for things anymore. I believe I use so many of my blessings on just keeping me alive!

      Thanks for the compliment on the handspun. It’s such a nubbly-textured thing. I really like it.

  2. I’m glad you’re okay! Beautiful spinning, it looks frosty 🙂

  3. Oh man, Hubby was hit in a similar accident last year. Scary stuff. Glad you’re both okay!

  4. Glad to hear y’all are ok! I hope the body shop repairs your car quickly.
    Great spinning! Your tiles would have made a great color inspiration for the fiber 🙂
    Check with your doctor first, but are you doing stretches or getting massages to help with the neck stiffness?


  1. […] I do if you count being in another car accident within a year from the last time. This time, I was rear-ended by a driver who was simultaneously being rear-ended by a drunk driver. […]

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