While He Sleeps

Spinning on some chocolate fluff lately…

…and because of a very, tiny distraction, I'm having to make some adjustments.

This is Zip. He's about ten weeks old and became a member of my little family about a week ago. I found him in a pet store when I had went in to look for some hermit crab friends. He was trembling in his cage anytime anyone would try to pet him. He'd just cringe, shake, and run to his litter box in the corner of the cage. Apparently, the rest of his friends were already taken and he was left all alone. In the end, I decided to take him home with me. I was going to call him Skit because he was so skittish in the beginning-even hurling in his carrier on the way home. Ugh.
But, after a few meals…
…some floor play with just about anything he could find…
…and a couple of naps on my lap, he became quite comfortable. He started zipping around the house! So, we call him Zipper, aka Zip.
Of course, since he is a descendent of dedicated hunters, when he's not eating or sleeping, he's doing the hunting thing. He pretty much hunts anything and everything moving! I figured Zip and I would have to come to an understanding about some things. Mainly, yarn. Zip's a cutie. But, if you take a cute kitten and add one of these…
…you get this.
Yep. Scary cat, lol. So, instead of us coming to an understanding, I've come to an understanding.
I had only a little bit of shaft left on this spindle. So, the flick when I spun it wasn't very effective anymore. I needed to figure out how to get it off without him helping me tangle it up. The kitty is adorable. But there's nothing at all cute about disorganized singles. He's pretty busy and still likes a lot of attention at this stage. So, we wait…

There he goes…

He's almost there.

Not quite comfortable, but getting there.

Aaaah. There it is. A nice, little, kitty slumber. 🙂
We gotta work fast now.

Bare bones is the way to go. A ball winder and a shoebox will do it.

Dump the spindle in the shoebox. No time to set up the table. Just attach the end of the singles and start winding with the ball winder. You'll have two ends to ply from in under five minutes (give or take, considering how much you spun)!

Empty it onto an easy to find holder…

…and start all over again. Ha! Beat that scary cat!


Just one more understanding to go. 🙂



  1. He is so adorable!!! What a cutie. We never had kittens, my parents got their first cat (my mum’s third) very early and she was a whirlwind in that small flat of theirs …

    He should be getting along with your daughter amazingly well, right? 😉 They’re plotting for world domination soon … 😉

    the yarn is gorgeous! What is it?

  2. I think this is the cutest spinning post I’ve ever seen. Congrats on your new kitty, he’s adorable.

  3. Cute kitty!!!

  4. Super adorable post! Congrats on your newest member of the family. He’s a cutie!!

  5. Awh! A lot of the knitters I’m following seem to be getting kitties. He’s adorable. Glad you got a system worked out.

  6. caityrosey says:

    My cats are pretty good about ignoring yarn on my wheel. The swift is a different story altogether.

  7. oh, he is just so cute! I am glad he stopped being afraid, and I know he will settle down soon and sit quietly beside you while you spin and ply. 🙂 You know, in a couple of years…

  8. Awwwwwww! What a cutie! But he TOTALLY needs to learn to leave the yarn be!

  9. Awwww…how can you resist a face like that? Our grey beast likes to interfere like that with winding yarn, but the whirring wheel noises seem to make him a bit nervous and since the time he knocked the drop spindle onto his own head he mostly leaves the spinning alone.

  10. The newest addition to your family is a sweetheart! Love that face!

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