The Score

We're moved! Sort of…

The kids and I have moved to an apartment for probably about a year. After that, I'm hoping to get a new small, family home. We'll, see how that goes. In the meantime, we have been moving little by little into this cozy, little apartment. Everyday it gets a little more homier. I'll give you the two-second tour while I tell you about my latest last minute Christmas knit.

This is my bedroom. Yes, those are my fiber tools you see on the table near the window. Eventually, I'm hoping to have another dedicated room for things like that…unless I really like living with them in my bedroom (which might actually be the case, lol).

On the bed, you can see the project I'm working on for the MIL for Christmas. Though I'm not married anymore, we still keep in touch and she's a big help to me and the kids. She came up for awhile from North Carolina. I had been planning to have these ready before she left. I still had a whole mitt to go though and she's leaving tomorrow. I could hear Father Time chuckling in my ear over that. So, I had to kick everything into high gear, of course to shut him up, lol.
You can see I'm doing the same pattern from last year. She really liked those. I would've never thought to make those for her. You know my little quirky affinity for mismatched colors in these kind of paired knits doesn't strike everyone's fancy. I didn't think such a conservative person as she, would want to wear that. But, she made mention of them once or twice. So, I figured what the hay…These shouldn't take more than three days of on-the-go knitting, right? No, not right. With the job, the kids, and the move…it took way longer than I wanted. I have more stops and starts in between knitting time…which usually, for me, leads to more mistakes…and since I still haven't been using lifelines (I know, I know…), I had to find something else to keep me on track.
This row keeper is pretty nice. I have had it for a good while now. But I think this is the first time I've actually used it?? It has magnets to help keep my row and to keep the paper in place. Pretty nice!
So, did I finish? Well…to tally it all up…
Girl Child is getting comfortable in the new digs. Give her a puzzle and she's good for about a half hour of knit time!
Then, when the mini-TV set got hooked up to the Playstation in the living room, Boy Child was good for about an hour of knit time. I'm afraid to put the thing in his room. On the weekends, if he isn't playing basketball or doing homework, he only comes up for air for food, so we're actually lucky to see him at all! Meh. He spends a lot of time on homework so it evens out, I guess.
Side note-So far, no spin time here. I know my wheels have got to be lonely, the poor things.
Our tree for this year is up now though. That took a good bit of knit time up. But, now that it's up, it can stay up for another month. That's knit and spin time in the bank. 😉
Later, today, I changed the comforter on the bed. Took about ten minutes of knit time.
I cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast…
and again after making a homemade chicken and rice soup for lunch…and again after rotisserie chicken for dinner.

I can't tell you exactly how much knit time that took, but it was in the too-long category, for sure. I threw dinner for tomorrow in the crockpot, so no worries there. Look at my side of the table. That's frantic mode. But, by that time, I had at lease gotten the majority of the second mitt completed.

There was laundry, some paperwork for Girl Child's upcoming IEP meeting, and a cat that needed guidance away from the Christmas tree. Again.

But, yes, I was able to finish these before she left to go back to North Carolina! I hope she likes these. Score one for the home team, eh?

Weekend Knitter-1. Father Time-0.

Let's go!!



  1. Awesome place! As a mom of an almost teen boy the scene looks familiar (I even think our boys are playing the same game-assassins creed?-lol) Since he is completely lost in his own world while attached to the game, and my two younger kids got kittens (yup-2!) my knitting time has disappeared. Who’s bright idea was it to get kittens when the Christmas tree is up? oh, me. right. Anywhoo, gorgeous knitting, Love the pattern and colors! Happy Holidays!!!

  2. It’s great to hear from you again! Your apartment looks lovely and so do the mitts.

  3. The mittens are beautiful! I think it’s great that your mum in law supports you – we had a similar situation in our family once and it’s always so good to know that you’ve got folks who help you out – even if you are not officially “family” any more.

    the flat looks good and I love the “dinner picture”! What’s your son playing on the playstation? My guy is playing “Assassin’s Creed” at the moment and enjoys it a lot. 🙂

    Lots and lots of love!

    • Xxxooo hey Julia!! Merry Almost Christmas!! Yeah, my mil really liked the blue ones I made last year. Blue is her all time favorite color. I kind of liked hers better (because Orange is mine). But, it felt fundamentally wrong to keep the new ones for myself lol!

      She has always treated me like a daughter. We’ve even had disagreements like a regular mom and daughter lol. But on the whole she is just always been a very encouraging and positive person to me. And she likes what I knit her. Brags about it to her friends. Can’t beat that!

      My son is playing the same game!! What is it about being an assassin that is so intriguing?! Got to admit though. The graphics are phenomenal!

  4. Wow, you’ve been busy! The apartment’s starting to look quite cozy though. I’m sure the scent of all that yummy wintery food helps with the whole “this is home” idea. Love the mitts!

    • Thanks! I certainly hope so! Honestly, with the way things went for us, we have never been in one home for more than a few years at a time, if that long. We’re ready for stability! I love those mitts too…Orange is my color. Maybe after she has worn them a year, you think she’ll trade me? Lol, I’m not selfish at all. 😉

  5. We see Skimbleshanks only when he comes up for air, too. Everything on your home front looks great! Onward and upward, toots!

  6. Beautiful!!! I love those! I may have to make some for me…

    • I SO would enabl-, er…encourage you to do that. Lol! These mitts are so pretty and the pattern is one of the clearest I’ve ever encountered. I judge that by the glance factor. I do too much stop and go knitting. A pattern has to be clear or it would frustrate me trying to figure out where I left off. If I can glance down and “get it” fairly easily, it’s a good pattern lol. There’s just no reason not to make these. Nerdy Gerdy is my she-ro! If you start now, you’ll be done Christmas Day (not sure you celebrate it, but any day is a good day to gift yourself anyway, lol).

  7. I’m so glad to hear that you’re settling in your new digs, you’ve started crafting again and that you’re receiving good support. Merry Christmas to you and the kiddos love. 😀

  8. You’ve got a lot going on, but you managed to whip up something beautiful and quite special for your MIL. When I go through her city, I think of you. Hope you’re doing well and adjusting to your new life. 🙂

  9. So late commenting (just now catching up post-holidays) but this was a lovely story. Those mittens are absolutely gorgeous – your MIL is a lucky person! And congratulations on the new apartment, it looks like a great space.

  10. Its so good to hear that things are working out well. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and always enjoy seeing the yarn goodness, but its also good to see that things are looking up for your family. Happy New Year!

  11. I am amazed that you even had time for the mitts! They are lovely as usual. Sending you good wishes and blessings over the web on your new home and for a wonderful new start.

  12. Wow! Lovely mitts. Brilliant! Love seeing the kids. Girl Child is growing by leaps and bounds!


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