No Snow For You

Sigh. I need a snow day.

Mind you, we have had a couple days where we’ve been sent home early. But it has never been a complete snow day where you wake up, have no place to go and so you get to spend the time playing with your toys…Nah, none of that. It’s more like, you get up early, still take the kids to school, still go to work, still have to leave back out in the cold to pick them back up, and this time fight snow traffic back home to get them some eats set out and get everything cleaned up in time before you have to do the morning routine all over again. No fun.

And the temperatures have been a bit below my tolerance point. Could be I’m more sensitive to it because my car is set up to tell me the temp outside-and it has the nerve to flash and notify me ever so annoyingly when the temp is severely low (not sure why it doesn’t know that I know that).

So, I think I need a snow day. More than that. I deserve a snow day.

At any rate, maybe the snow is waiting for me to finish some mittens for Girl Child. I’m using two handspun yarns. One third of a 3-ply came from the Moosie I’ve been carrying and the spindle in the lead photo which I actually had to re-wind on to get enough singles on the spindle to get up to the amount that was on the Moosie.

See how you get more shaft to use here? Cop shape really does matter.

The last third of the 3-ply came from the old spin on the Joy that has been languishing for months now.

I spun more on there just to be sure I had enough to complete the 3-ply and to make a little extra chai ply for an additional color.

I just found out Girl Child’s favorite color is purple. It’s amazing what an autistic will tell you if you just ask. Here I’ve been smothering her in pink since the womb. But, I give her a choice and she goes for the purple every single time. So, I’ve decided to be good this time. I’m only going to add a touch of pink. 😉

Honestly, of all the colors, purple is my least favorite-and I love color. But, that skein doesn’t look half bad, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Now, let’s see if my needles can do a snow dance for me, shall we?


  1. It’s awesome, Girl Child’s choice of colour is awesome as I too love purple. 😀 Glad to see you’re doing okay and I’ll do a snow dance for you.

    • You’re a purple-lover too? I’m outnumbered, lol! Yes, we are doing fine. Just wishing for some extra hours in my day these days…Let me know which dance you do and I’ll try it here in Delaware. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous yarn!!

  3. Your opening picture is displayed very well. Nice eye!

  4. I’ll send our snow your way. We have got a ton but since we’re ‘mountain people’ we don’t cancel anything.

    • Which is why I’m glad we’re such punks around here, lol! I think I read a report that Delaware is in the top 10 for angriest drivers though. So, we can’t chance it on the road when it snows. Wouldn’t be pretty at all.

      Send some on over. All we need is about a half foot…

  5. Q – Ah, the fond memories of Snow Days when I was teaching. LOL! I may live “in the Flatlands”, as my students said, but taught in the mountains east of San Diego. And, yes it does snow there! You are welcome to use my ditty and add a little dance as I did, “Snow day, snow day, I don’t have to go day!”

    BTW, beautiful yarns. Girl Child is right on, purple/lavenders perfect!

    • Lol! I would love to use this song!! But I haven’t seen any snow (eyes watering). I usually don’t care for snow, and for the last couple years, we got plenty of it. This year, I beg for it, and what do I get? Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

      I got jipped! Lol.

  6. Beautiful spinning, as always! 😀 It’s funny, I was browsing your blog yesterday and re-reading your posts about spindling … A friend of mine from my knitting group lend me a wheel! now I can spin on a wheel regularly … And that got me into spindle-spinning again as well. Strange. 😉

    • Ha!! I hope you’re enjoying it! You’re right. I think spinning on a wheel helps my spindle spinning and vice versa. It’s like the ying to the yang. They complement each other well. I’m taking my wheel out for a spin tonight too. Can’t wait!

  7. We’ve had a few snow days here – the west end of the county is in the mountains, so it’s not unheard of for me to have a snow day without seeing any real snow accumulation. We can always use another though!

    You might not like the purple, but Girl Child and I do! Good tip about the cop shape too – I will have to try your rounder one next time.

    • Meh. It’s not my fave. But it looks good on her.

      Oh yes, that’s the best cop shape I’ve used to get more singles on the spindle. Poor things. Many times, I try to spin them within an inch of their shafts. They spin like little drunken men! 🙂

  8. Come to Montreal, there’s plenty of snow here for you. 😉

  9. I feel so sorry for you guys with all the snow. Snow is rare for us. It’s so great that you know your child’s favorite color is purple. Your pics are so pretty! Spinning looks magical. I am still trying to knit a little here and there but not really making any progress. I tried the easy two stitch shawl that I found on youtube but no, it did not come out like the video I was following. Two stitches! I know them both. How could you not? ugh. Here is the video. I did finally figure how that she knits backwards from the way I knit but still…
    I’m not going to give up but I did start crocheting more.

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