You have a great memory…

I started this ages ago. The fluff was given to me by another spinner. I spun some solid green (snore) from a previous purchase to balance out the color a bit. Another friend came over recently to learn a little about spinning and I showed her how to ply using the singles that went into this skein.

I don’t normally take forever to spin or ply a skein. But, I’ve been working on some other goals lately that are near to my heart…The first of which is purchasing my first permanent home for me and my children. It’s a worthy endeavor.

Gotta stay focused. But it’s okay to stop and enjoy the scenery every once in a while. 🙂


  1. Glad to hear from you again. Your spinning is beautiful and I hope your home hunting is going well.

  2. It was so wonderful to see an email notification from your blog and to read your post. Your spinning is beautiful and such lovely colors. Enjoy your house hunting 🙂

  3. caityrosey says:

    Colors remind me very much of the cactus sitting next to the yarn. Very cheerful.

    • Thank you! The original roving was on the pastel side. I had to add that green to keep it from getting all “Easter”-y on me. I’d much rather it look cacti, lol!

  4. So good to have a bit of a catch up with you, Stacey. The yarn you have created and featured in this post is lovely…kind of reminds me of baker’s twine with a more pleasing color complexity 🙂 I still have been watching my spinning wheel sitting idle and just working on bits of knitting and crochet here and there. I am trying to join a group of ladies who meet at church to work on knitting blankets for babies who end up in a local neonatal unit. The blankets have to be a close plain stitch and done in a baby soft acrylic and I have started one and hope to meet with the ladies tonight for the first time. I have been galavanting around and missed the meetings over the last two months since I learned about the group. May God continue to bless you and yours as you house hunt and get settled into new routines! xx

    • Gracie, you are such a kind soul! Those babies are going to be so pampered! And I know you’ll love that group. Win-win. I miss my mill friends a lot. I don’t get to go as often as I’d like these days. But, I’m sure it’s just temporary. Some itches never go away, thank goodness. It’s something about companionship when you’re doing something you enjoy that just never gets old.

  5. You seem to have your priorities in order! Good to hear from you again. Let us know how the “permanent home” thing goes!

    • I cannot wait to let you all know!! Lol! I’ve been a really good girl too. I haven’t read anything at all about anymore Ashford spinning wheels, or the mini Bosworth moosies, or those really nice etsy shops like Greenwood Fiberworks…although I don’t know how long that last one is going to last…

  6. Good to have you back lady and best to you on the house hunt. ❤

    • Hey Nicky!! Well, I’m just peaking in for a moment, I think. I can’t get all caught up or my little nest egg will sprout wings and fly out my pocket, you know? But, I’m thinking it shouldn’t be too long now before the kids and I have a more permanent home (praying). Then all bets are off!

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