All You Need Is Love And Some Heart(s)


I am making a little gift for someone special!

I normally make dishcloths for my mil every year. But, last year was a bust. It was just way too busy. This year, I decided to incorporate some of my new scrapping skills…which really aren’t great. But, hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

I’ve never thought of myself as ascrapper. But, I like photos and stories…and I guess that’s close enough!

You can see here, I’m still putting that Polaroid Zink to good use. I also get to use some of my things from my paper stash. That Xyron sticker maker might finally see the light of day> again!

A couple punches, some rubber stamps, a punch board, and glue can do some serious damage. It can also keep me occupied for hours (even without counting the time spent getting the paper bits back out the carpet)!

A week or so ago, I also got two small, manual die-cut machines. They make really intricate flourishes like the ones you see in the photo above. The larger of the two can also emboss with embossing folders, turning any plain paper into a dimensional piece of beauty. Loves!! I can already see the dent in my paper stash!

Before housing her dishcloths, I practiced last night by making some cute boxes for candy for Boy Child.

When I package things, I like to work within a theme.


Boy Child’s personal theme is teenager black. That is all. 🙂

For her theme, though I’m expressing thanks, she’s family. So, I felt love and hearts also worked for the message. She buys the kids school clothes every year. It always looks like Christmas when they come back from vacation with her! It’s always such a load off my mind that the kids will have what they need to get started on the right foot each year. So, I found some heart dishcloth patterns to download and spent a couple hours making these.


Boy Child took a look at all the embellishments and chose a favorite…

Not bad. I’m hoping the dies make up for the wrapping cloth this year. I just don’t have the space yet to pull out the sewing machine this year.

But, all in all, I think she will like these dishcloths. They’ve got heart(s). 😉


  1. Beautiful gift! I’m sure it will be much loved.

    • Thanks! I think it will be loved too! There’s another dishcloth I made for her in the Mason-Dixon Knitting book a couple years ago. It was so well loved, it got a hole right through it, lol! She has wanted another ever since. When I get my books out of storage, I’ll definitely make her another of those. But these are good substitutes until then. 🙂

  2. From beginning to end I love this post, Stacey 🙂 Your creativity always inspires me and I am certain the gifts and wrappings you have made so beautifully will be appreciated! I finished a little blanket I made for a baby at a local neonatal unit today and dropped it off with the other ladies who are knitting and crocheting blankets for the babies in the unit. I used a self striping baby yarn which resulted in a pretty pattern that made it look like I am more skilled than I am. I just knit a square and then crocheted a border around it of single crochets :), but it was fun to make and will hopefully encourage the baby’s family who gets it. Happy Labor Day! xx

    • Thanks Gracie! You all inspire me too! Bloggers are always doing something. It keeps me motivated to try new things…although I may have to leave the camping up to you, Brave Soul! 🙂 I love self-striping yarns!! When the yarn does all the work, that’s the best kind of knitting of all! It sounds darling. I have to settle on a baby pattern myself. One of my girlfriends had a little party featuring her new baby and back to school. I half-wanted to go/the kids wanted to stay home/I have an anti-social streak when it comes to anything akin to parties. The kids and my anti-social streak won lol. But, maybe a knit for the new baby will make up for it. 🙂

  3. You do great stuff ! The “heart” shows all the way through the gift.

  4. Pretty! And clearly well thought out. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it thoroughly.

    • I just heard from her last night and she loved them! She thought the box was too cute to open, of course. But she did eventually. She said she’s only going to use the darker cloth though. Guess she really missed last year’s installment, lol. But, it makes me wonder if that’s how women felt back when all anyone did for cloths was knitting…Hmmm.

  5. I agree with feelgoodknitting! It’s a beautiful present (and I wouldn’t have the nerve to spend so much time on wrapping everything). I love the photo you put into the package as well. 🙂 The Dishcloth pattern is beautiful! Where did you get it? And do you use knit dishcloths at home as well?

    (By the way: I love the fact that you and your MiL have such a good relationship and that the end of your marriage didn’t put a stop to that. 🙂

    • Thank you! I got the pattern from an ebook. its called Love To Knit Dishcloths by Evelyn A Clark. It’s a Leisure Arts book. Every pattern features hearts. I thought they were cute.

      I use them when I make them for myself. But I haven’t made them in years for myself. I like to make face cloths too. I’d be more inclined to knit a cloth for my face than one for my dishes, actually. The seed stitch patterns are nice to exfoliate my face. I know…tmi!

      Lol! Yeah, she has her own mind about things. I like that about her.

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