Just Getting Started

Sometimes, just getting started can be the hardest thing to do.

Of course, a wrist problem can set you back a little too. Although I’m certain to stop every ten minutes (okay, sometimes every twenty), I can still overdo it, at times.

Once I get started though, when I see the colors change on a spindle, it’s difficult to stop.

I suppose it’s like that for a lot of things. I just started swatching for a knit for my friend’s newest addition to her family.

They’re adorable, aren’t they?! Too cute!

The pattern is from a book I got in the mail fromย Storey Publishing.

I love the One Skein books! If you only have one skein of a beloved yarn, try one of the patterns in the books that got their start from the book One Skein Wonders. They’ll make great use of that precious skein.

Here’s another I want to try after the baby booties.

It’s like, once you get started, you can’t just pick one.

When my wrist needs a break though, I try my hand at cardmaking.

Ever since I started scrapping/photo albums for my family, cards just seem a natural extension. It helps to use up scraps and it keeps the creativity flowing. Besides that, there’s always an occasion. But there are a couple birthdays approaching and I’ve been dragging my feet getting any cards done. Mostly, just getting materials together. Sometimes that can be just as fun as the making! But, you can get a little overboard. (raises hand) I think the paper stash grew by another five packs…

So did the punches and dies. Sigh.

At any rate, I needed two different birthday cards with two different looks to them. I find I’m either attracted to a very simplistic look like in my scrapping/photo albums or full-blown multi-layered looks. I’m not feeling pop-ups yet. But, you never know.

This one is Boy Child’s birthday card.

I used gray and red for the main colors. It has one dimensional piece with a cupcake stamp that I’ve always loved to use for birthday themes-also gray and red. But, then, because it’s his birthday…

I put a pop of color to contrast the gray and red theme on the inside. I thought that was pretty cute. Honestly, between you and me though, he won’t care about it. He’ll be too busy checking out the gift card that comes with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This next card is for my mil.

Her birthday is in November. She’s a grand dame, so I felt ย it should be a little upscale festive? I don’t know…something like that. I liked the results here too. By the time I got to this card though (um…around 12ish today), I had found a Craftsy vid on layering cards. I had also downloaded a couple on making birthday cards, and one on stamping a couple days ago.

I think I got to see most of the vids, sort of. Me seeing a video anymore is like watch five minutes, do laundry, watch five minutes, fix a plate, rewind last segment, and on and on. Hey, I’m a single mom. I can’t promise that I followed any particular methods exactly. I rarely do anyway. I’m a closet rebel! ๐Ÿ™‚ But I absorbed a lot, I think.

This one also has dimensional aspect as the last half sits up from the card. You can see from the shadow here. It does say Happy Birthday twice, but I needed to use that ‘happy’ die cut before it got torn somewhere in my stash-so I forgive me and you should too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I made the dimensional embellishment with some patterned paper scraps, a punch, a die, a couple stamps, and a marker. It sounds like a lot, but it went pretty quickly once I figured out what I wanted to make it look like. I imagined in front of the stamped cake, a couple of birthday present boxes would look kind of nice. I didn’t have any string, so I cut off and colored the bow from one of the stampings of the birthday cake that I had rejected earlier. Then I masked a stamp to get the birthday tag (I saw that method in the Craftsy vid on stamping).

On the inside, I used some stamps again. I really love stamping. But, they don’t always work out for me. This was my fifth try and it was the best of all the tries, so it stayed. Reminds me…I need to practice my lettering!

There’s always something to start, isn’t there? ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Hi Stacey! You are into all sorts of interesting projects. I have yet to try knitting or crocheting baby booties but I did manage with coaching to knit a set of children’s socks. The booties you are making are sweet. I think card making is fun but so far am more impressed with the patterns I follow than my original ideas ๐Ÿ™‚ I made a few pop-up cards following directions from a book and a friend and enjoyed the process…and yes, gathering supplies can be very satisfying indeed. How do you study lettering? So far I have combed through some books and worked a bit with a friend, but my left-handed calligraphy efforts need a lot more practice and my lettering skills in general do, too. Do you have a favorite book that presents lettering styles? In my art group at church on Sat. I was bemoaning missing the session they worked on lettering. Oh, I might show you in my next post an example of a promise book I’m working on. I used some layering of paper, painted leaves and then stenciled leaves on each of the inner pages. I know one is not supposed to get ink on the area around the stencil but I did accidentally and then on purpose because I liked the effect. I am thinking of hand lettering words over the stenciled leaves but am anxious about my lack of lettering skills. Do you pencil in lines and then erase them when planning a piece? Wishing you a happy week! xx

    • Hey Gracie! I think these booties are sweet! You should try a set. They usually work up pretty quickly. Like a one afternoon project-minus the weaving in the ends (if you’re anything like me ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I haven’t tried the pop-ups yet…I think I like to get them more lol. Studying lettering…I’d recommend Instagram! YouTube is good too. There are some classes strewn across the web too. I also like brush lettering. It seems easier to pick up to me. I enjoyed Sean McCabe’s first series, though I’m not sure I’ll do the second one. It’s more about muscle memory and, to me, creating interesting positive/negative space relationships between the white and black. I can’t proclaim to have mastered lettering. But, I think the more you practice, the easier it gets. Try the same word or phrase a hundred times and your bound to get good at lettering it! When I plan something that requires more drawing or precisely spaced out letters, I do use a pencil first. I can’t wait to see your work! My week is just starting to get better. I hope your week is going well too!

      • Thanks so much for these suggestions, Stacey! BTW I got a copy of Cathy’s book on art journaling and I love it and will refer to it often, I’m sure. xx

  2. Beautiful colours.

  3. OHMYGOD I LOVE this! The colours on the spindle are gorgeous (as always), do you already have a project in mind for them?
    I love this little cardigan … It’s so cute … But you’re gonna make booties, don’t you? With handspun yarn?

    The cards are BEAUTIFUL. I never got into papercrafts (except Origami, I do enjoy that a lot!), but I really like that you don’t overload the cards with everything you’ve got! Then again, you always have a great eye (and taste!) for colours and what goes together … They are wonderful. Simply wonderful.

  4. Thank you, Julia! I wish I could say that I had a plan for this…maybe some lace? I never know until I see a project and something I spun comes to mind. One day, I’m going to spin for a specific project. I think that will be the day I grow up as a spinner…

    Babies are the only folk that I wonder about knitting anything in handspun. This yarn is a wool blend and that still makes me squeamish. Their skin is just so sensitive, at times. I don’t want to break a baby out…A sweater, I might not mind because it’s usually going over a tee or onesie. But anything close to the skin and I get a little nervous. But, then, I could just be a scaredy cat. There are probably babies all over wearing handspun just fine. Ignore me, lol. Have you ever knit with handspun or a wool yarn for a baby? How’d the babies skin do with it? Seriously, ignore my neuroses here…

    Thanks! I think they’re quick, easy, and fun! I have vowed that I will never pay for another card in the drug stores! Of course, I’ve said that the last hundred times I bought one in the stores…but I’m recommitting. Again. Lol.

    I am an origami lover too! I have about four or five (maybe more) really nice books full of beautiful origami designs! Who would think a material as simple as paper could be so complex? do you like Tomoko Fuse’s work? Loves it!


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