Where I’m At


Progress has been made…

Although, I’d probably be happier if this photo wasn’t from about three or four days ago and a cute, little baby sweater was on the needles now.

But, the days are already getting shorter and darker…ugh.  Things are slowing down-earlier…including me. You know how I love that. And, I notice, there are way too many birthdays.

Wait. Before you say it…I know. That has nothing to do with seasonal changes. Just sayin’…Where the heck did all these birthdays come from?!

Like my Pastor’s, for one…


Yes. I’m still determined to never buy another card, lol. His birthday is right before Boy Child’s birthday though, and I almost forgot it. Plus, I haven’t been to church regularly since summer…So, there’s that. He calls occasionally to find out if I’m behaving though. Hmmm…Am I? 😉

This card took about an hour to finish. His birthday was this past weekend. But, he did not get this card until…probably this morning.


I think I need a stamp that says ‘Happy Belated Birthday’, lol.

Don’t even begin to talk to me about this…


I had to pull out the nostepinne to see if I couldn’t get the first half of this spin somewhere else so I could do the second half…I wanted this to be a fractal spin. Now, that I’ve reversed the order of how this was spun, if I don’t do the same with the next spin, I may have to choose another kind of finish.

More sigh.

We’ll see where I am with this stuff in a couple days. Hey, nobody have a birthday anytime soon, okay?


  1. Your posts and your projects are a real encouragement to me, Stacey. …Life flies by, doesn’t it 🙂 I just posted about a blanket I started three years ago and joined a Winter Link Party to help to keep me motivated to finish it! Praying for blessings from the Lord to you and yours. xx

    • Thanks for sharing that Gracie! I have started blankets I have yet to finish myself. Maybe I should join a link party too…

      Blessings and prayers for you and yours as well! 🙂

  2. That card is nice. I’m sure he won’t mind it being belated. Your spinning is very pretty too.

    • Thanks Sarah! I think I’m getting better at making them, little by little. I only make one at a time…and maybe one a week. So, you know…

      Thanks for complimenting the spinning. I can’t wait until this skein is done. I want to see it done already!! So tempted to finish the second braid on the wheel…But I’m trying to stick to the spindle because I won’t have anything interesting to take with me if I keep transferring projects to the wheel, lol.


  1. […] instance, why, Dear God, am I still working on this spin?? Beats the heck out of me. Once upon a time, this would’ve been spun, washed, and hung to […]

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