Every year it’s the same thing.

Disclaimer: I’ve taken some sort of self-prescribed allergy and cold medicine cocktail-pretty much all the stuff in my medicine cabinet-which means I can’t be held responsible for anything I type hereafter…

Somewheres around that September/October mark, I get sick. My nose gets all stuffy, my eyes get all puffy, I find a proliferation of wet tissues overflowing every waste basket in every room of every location where I tend to work, play, sleep, or otherwise exist. It’s ridiculous.

For years, I’ve been told that I need to get the flu shot or that I need to go on allergy meds or at least get tested. They’re all probably right. Don’t ask me why it’s so difficult to follow good advice.

Scratch that. I just think it’s so much easier for me to try to fix it myself than to hand over the reigns of fixing me to someone else. Who should know me or what’s going on with me better than me, right? Colds ordinarily have a shelf life of a week or two. Most times, it’s stress and lack of rest that keeps a cold lasting longer than it should. I don’t have a doctorate. But, I’m pretty sure of that.

This photo is another project from One-Skein Wonders for Babies by Storey Publishing. I’ve only just started, but it really wouldn’t matter. At this point, if you touch this project before it gets soaked and blocked, I highly suggest you use some hand sanitizers directly afterward.


As you can see, I’m self-medicating with some knitting today. I finally finished sewing on the flower buds for the booties too. Yay me.

I could also quite rightly blame my affinity for fixing myself on my tendency toward introversion.

Oh, you didn’t know that? Well, let’s just look at the stats:

  • I pursue predominately solitary endeavors like spinning, knitting, drawing/painting, and writing. See? I’m writing now.
  •  I prefer speaking to groups (similar to a teacher/facilitator) or one-on-one conversations than mingling in crowds.
  • The quickest way to get me to exit stage left is to mention audience participation…which is really funny because I make most of my workshops include some kind of interaction with the participants-and the participants love that. Hey, opposites attract, I guess.
  • Wanna go out? I’d rather stay in and read a book (or at least look at the pretty photos 🙂 ).
  • I crave alone time…A LOT.

The list goes on and on, I’m sure. I’m just wired to live in my head and figure it out rather than get checked out-and then subject you all to my nonsensical blatherings about it. How I do pity you.

Something going wrong? Fix it.

Kids driving you batty? Break out the knitting needles. Someone not pulling their weight on the job? Grab some obscenely large scissors, cut up, fold up, stamp on, and glue down some paper. People keep sending you unexpected bills? Go spin yourself happy somewhere. Just don’t forget to pay the bill too or you could get in a lot of trouble for that.

Here’s some cute stamps I found recently for the coming holidays.


Still working on what I want to do with them. But I thought this was a good start.


Yup. Some paper and scissors and some die-cutting are good stress-relievers.

It’s Saturday. Probably the day that most are out doing something that makes them happy. It’s a clear day too. Probably one of the last we’ll have before winter makes an appearance. But, I think I’ll stay in today, rest up and relieve some stress.

It’s not that I can’t go out and mingle or make small talk. It’s not that I can’t go somewhere and play nice with others. I’m not anti-social…though maybe a little ornery here and there…I am making this little listers gotta list book for my co-worker’s birthday this week.


She’s got a little OCD streak about her. Everything has got to be just so and she makes a list for ALL THE THINGS. When she shows me all of her to-do lists (she has many), I simultaneously chuckle and die a little inside…You know, because my system is so much better with all the lists running around like little fire engines in my head. 🙂

Wait. Didn’t I just make a list too?  Wow. That listing stuff’s contagious.

I just thought it would be a little amusing to send the straight-laced lister in her over the edge a little bit with mix-match papers and stuff taped diagonally and what not. So sue me, lol.


Some pages have space for lists, some space for notes, some calendars to mark off days or whatever she wants to do with that.

selfmed3 selfmed4

I think I’ll just get a kick out of watching her squirm and  try to straighten out the taped cards…Because I’m that kind of friend. 🙂

Ornery introvert or not, I just feel that at the end of the day, if I’m walking away without having had a valuable, authentic interaction with another person, it was all just pointless to me-and the stress of that will just continue to add to the time my cold will last.

Besides, I could have a so much better time playing with my knitting needles and talking to you. 🙂


  1. Beautiful work! We have all had colds here as well. I got mine the day after I thought about getting the flu shot, so glad I waited but now I need to go get it! I get a flu shot every year.

    • Thanks!!

      OMG. I wish I could do that. I had a bad experience with a nurse and a needle once. I get all crybaby when I see a needle now. It’s a real spectacle! Fortunately, I haven’t found myself on YouTube yet lol.

      • Girl I could tell you a story about two needles and nurses at the same time that would curl your hair! It wasn’t until years later when I needed the same procedure done again and refused that I found out the first two idiots were doing it completely wrong!!

      • Wow!!! That sounds crazy! I guess that’s why they call it “practicing” medicine. Just hate being the guinea pig…

  2. What cute booties! You’ve been quite busy lately with such fun projects. I love the cards you’ve made and plan to make Christmas cards. I better start soon though or they won’t get done.

    • Hey Tina! Not busy enough though. I think I’m going to have to set some making goals this year.

      I want to see your cards! Do you make more than one at a time? I’m going to have to check your blog for tips. I’ve got to learn that trick someday.

  3. those booties are really cute! And I think the sweater will be as well. as for the listers list book – it is wonderful and I am sure she will love it… or pass it on because she can’t straighten it. 🙂

    • Thanks! They are from a book that was sent by Storey Publishing. I like these booties too! We’ll see about the sweater. Not sure I have enough yarn to complete it. But I’m a bit risky…or maybe just misguided, lol.

      Yes, we shall see if she lists in it…She’s an organizer extraordinaire, so she might just find a cute box to put it in labeled, “My Crazy Co-worker’s Idea of Funny”, lol. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? 😉

  4. LOVE this post. I too am an introvert. You just described both Curls and Q. The knitted items are adorable. but…. I WANT that list book! Where did you purchase the wonderful ephemera??? I’ve spent the last hour at Reset girl. Thanks a lot! 😅

    • Lol! I’m just seeing this comment…I was surprised nobody had mentioned that. But, yeah, apparently listing is “a thing”. 🙂 I got all the decorative papers from stacks and stickers you can find at Joann’s. They have lots of stacks centered around themes. I have a few in my paper stash I need to find reasons to use. This was a good one!

  5. I can say “only flu or hayfever” as for the first time in my life and I have been knitting since I was 7 years old, I have got RSI (repetitive strain injury) of my Left thumb and wrist! Oh Woe is me! Last weekend we had 5 days away at Opera in the Outback and my bag was searched for any sign of wool or needles. It worked and my wrist and thumb are much better but I am now varying my work and have about 5 projects on the go with different yarns and needle sizes. I suppose if I had kept stopping to blow my nose I would not have got RSI. Love your work.

    • ROFL! @ if you had stopped to blow your nose! They had to search your bag?? I think you show classic signs of knitting addiction. 🙂 Do you always knit with wool? I must admit, I do love the textures of it and the variety of them more than most other fibers.

      Those repetitive strains are no joke either. What kind of needles do you tend to use? I notice more pain with any kind other than wooden or the vintage plastic ones. My wrist is much better than it was a month ago. I injured mine from doing push-ups. Ugh. But, if I remember correctly, it was torturous to spin or knit after that! I had to wear a lovely, unattractive, sweat-inducing, very obtrusive wrist brace for a few weeks. Not fun lol. But it did help. I can only imagine what 5 projects would do though. You must be Superwoman!

      Take care of you!

      • Thanks, It was my husband who searched the bag as he was sure I would say I was better after day 3 and produce some needles and yarn! I love wooden needles especially working on circular needles but use whatever needles I have in the correct size. When flying I knit fancy scarves on Qantas teaspoons! I also use any yarns especially silk yarn from sari ends. Wool nowadays is soft and non-itchy and good to work with and lasts. Not superwoman I just have projects in different bags; 1 cardigan, 1 tea-cosy, 1 scarf, small objects and bunting for a tree bombing for Mental Health awareness day and 1 crochet bowl which I will felt. as one project is completed I have plenty more on hold. Keep knitting, have fun. Heather

  6. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Your knitting and calendar are so cute. I am also an introvert so I totally get the need for solitude.

    • Yessssss!! I don’t mind being alone. Actually prefer it. I think people think that makes me seem mean at first. But, I think I’m pretty cool, lol! Just not the mainstream idea of it, I guess. Thanks for the well wishes!

  7. Oh boy do we have some similar habits. I’ve been very pointedly Not Coming Down With Something for almost a week now, but as more and more students drop like flies, I suspect my immune system won’t hold out much longer. I socialize and cope with stress much like you do too. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • Hey! I hope you’re doing better than I am at that right now! I’ve had to enlist the help of a few authors to sort out my stress level these days. Eye-opening. Drink lots of OJ!!

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