The Best Luck


I have the best luck ever!

Well, I do if you count being in another car accident within a year from the last time. About two Fridays ago, I was rear-ended by a driver who was simultaneously being rear-ended by a drunk driver. And, it gets better…the drunk driver did not have up-to-date insurance, as far as what is known for now. Sigh.

The resulting neck and back pain have set me back a little in my projects. But, honestly, my schedule can account for a bit of that setback too, so…


For instance, why, Dear God, am I still working on this spin?? Beats the heck out of me. Once upon a time, this would’ve been spun, washed, and hung to dry inside of three days!

And that’s just it. If it’s not work, it’s kids…and then if you have to fit in another to-do…a doc visit, a grocery run, whatever…and let’s face it, it all has to get done-it still has to be squeezed into what you’ve got left…until there’s nothing left. There’s only so many hours in a day, you know. I could sacrifice sleep to have me-time like yesteryear. But, that’s a risk driving my kids around so early, I’m just not willing to take.

Well, I’m somewhat of a Sherlock Holmes by nature. So, of course, I grabbed a couple books to help me sort out why my spindles, spinning wheels, my blog, and my pens, brushes, and pencils are all looking so lonely anymore. Besides the fact that there’s very little I can carry with me for very long without experiencing tension and strain for now, there were other things I found I could address.

In all my googling (lol), I found some great ebooks on inner peace, setting healthy boundaries, people-pleasing, etc. I hate to say it, but I think there are some traps I fell into that I need to find ways out of posthaste.

According to a book I’m currently reading by Gina Lake, which has (gasp) zero photos, I have forgotten how to take time out for myself. Apparently, this leads to less resistance when you are confronted with stressors. Makes sense.

Just that tidbit right there made me get a wheel back out of the corner.



This is the spin that I started a few weeks back at the mill. It has a bit more on it now. 🙂

That book is a slow read for me since the schedule is still a bit hectic. But, I think I’ll finish it. Unlike many of my other text-laden, non-fiction ebooks where I skip around until I can take no more or I’m just looking for a couple facts to support something, I actually want to finish this one. It’s definitely a must read.

Some of the language has caused me to attempt to put more to-do-nothing time into my schedule, if that makes any sense. Taking time to remember that I’m a human being and not a human doing is a valuable practice. Breathing is a valuable practice. Being present in the moment, is a valuable practice. Like, today, I have a break in the middle of my day, which I thought I might’ve had to use to make a mad rush to the doctor’s office in Wilmington. But, he’s going to an out-of-state office today. So, I get to blog instead. Cool! Enjoying the quiet of the moment is something I have really missed.

While I still have yet to finish a skein…How long has it been now?? (It looks like I may still need a book on being an accomplishment junkie…) I do attempt to make time for smaller projects like this little book for the mil’s birthday gift.


This will go along with her card I showed you a bit ago.

Two very different color schemes. But I like it! The dimensional quality of all the photos and papers and things stuffed between the two covers and into pockets kinda appeals to me. She’s a traditional type of woman though…so we’ll see if she likes it.

_MG_5953  _MG_5949

I just filled it with birthday decorations and photos of the kids over the years during their own parties/birthdays, or just general good times.

I figured, even if she didn’t like the presentation, how could she not like the photos…and the Target gift card tucked into the polka-dot party favor bag page. 😉

So, everything’s not perfect right now. Heck, they’re not even close. I’ve got a few more challenges than I’d like…some necessary, some so not, and some just weird…But what’re ya gonna do?

The only thing I can do is be thankful that this time, neither of my kids were in the car with me, that I did not go sailing into a pole, that my injuries will likely go away with time, and that there’s a wheel with my name on it waiting at home for me to get a minute to play.


Hey, my luck could’ve been wayyyy worse!


  1. I’m glad you’re okay.

  2. So sorry about your accident. No fun I know. I love the little book! What a great little treasure and heirloom that will be one day.

    • Thank you! It is no fun. 😦 I hate taking pills and I’m trying to figure out how on earth I carry all the things I do on a daily basis. I’ve had to shed a few things to keep the pain to a minimum. Ugh. I like my things.

      Heirloom? I hadn’t thought of that. That sounds cool!

  3. Wishing you well and admiring your handiwork, Stacey. I have not read the book you linked to, but I read several things this morning that have me thinking about how I can be encouraged no matter what my circumstances may be….a tall order 🙂 xx

    • Hey Gracie, Thank you! I think I need to look into devotional a too. A desk calendar maybe? I just felt I needed more tools for de-stressing–or to go back to those I had left behind. Breathing is one. 🙂

  4. Get better soon – but keep the lesson learned as you lose the pain. 🙂

  5. Love the book gift! Did you buy the book with pockets and fill it or did you make/assemble the book too? Hoping you heal soon from the accident.

    • Hey Veronica! Thank you! I thought it would be pretty cute.

      I made it. This was my first time using a wire though. I normally use a needle and waxed book binding thread rather than wires for any books. But the binding tool for the wire was quick and fun! I think waxed thread and needle is a slower and more meditative process for making books. Either works, but it’s really nice to have options!

      I’m working on it. Life circumstances definitely let you know when it’s time for you to slow down! I know it won’t last always. But, this is not going away as quickly as the previous accident. I’m getting the message.

  6. I love the tiny photo album. It’s great! And I think it very smart of you to put the photos in loosely, so that she can still take them out and store them elsewhere if the worst case happens and she doesn’t like the album so much.

    I am glad that nothing worse happened to you, and I hope that you are well again as soon as possible!!!

    I love your spinning projects. Take time for yourself, this is a good suggestion! You definitely do enough, I am always amazed what you can pull off, especially for your kids. You are such a great person, please do not forget to take care of yourself, too.

    (by the way – may I get your new address? I knew I wanted to send you a postcard a few weeks ago, but since you have moved, the address I have isn’t valid anymore … I thought, maybe you could give me that over ravelry? if you don’t want to do that, it’s perfectly fine! I just thought I’d ask.) 🙂 Lots of love!!

    • Hey Julia!! Thanks! You know, I hadn’t though of it that way. I thought it would make a good fireplace keepsake, lol. But, you’re right! If it wasn’t her cup of tea, she could just take them out, put them in frames and then put them on the fireplace! Good thing I didn’t use glue!
      I’m glad it wasn’t worse too! I was in really bad pain last weekend when I couldn’t see the doctor and I went to a massage store at the local mall. I asked the sales girl which would be best to consider for neck/shoulder/back pain. I was sold when she told me that she was in a car accident that involved a drunk driver and had to use one herself a year before. In her accident though, she was in a smart car, the whole back of her car came off and it spun into a pole! I didn’t even want to imagine the pain she had to deal with with that. Things could always be worse!
      I’m so glad you don’t get tired of seeing my spinning, lol. I got to admit, that fact still amazes me though, lol! 🙂
      I always feel like I could do more for them. But at the end of the day, after everybody gets in, dinner and dishes are done, and the Girl Child has been in and out the shower and readied for bed, I’m normally just exhausted. But I’m working on fitting in some time every day to just regroup. I think that will help A LOT. And I might have a few more projects to show here and there.
      Yes, I will definitely send you my address! That’s so cool that you were going to send me a postcard! Can’t wait to see it!
      Hugs to you!!

      • I remember that maybe two years ago, you wrote about your son and how difficult you found it to raise him between two jobs and art school and how much you regretted that you couldn’t go to the movies with him so often or do lots and lots of stuff except play video games in the evening and eating pizza (? I don’t know whether I remember the last part correctly).

        As far as I know, you also wrote that you apologised to him – years later! – and that he was responding along the lines of: “Are you kidding? I LOVED that we played video games! No other mom would do that!”

        You spend time with your kids. As far as I know from your blog posts, your there and, most of all, you care. That’s enough. 🙂

        thank you so much for the address! 🙂 Happyhappyhappy (also thank you so much for your comment.)

      • Wow!! I can’t believe you remember that! 🙂 Thanks Julia! It’s so funny…He’s pretty busy these days with basketball and a new girlfriend (ugh)…But, I asked him if he wanted to go to the movies recently and he was like, “Most definitely!” But, he had to go to DC with his basketball team. So, we’re still playing that same catch up game. 🙂 But, it is just too cool that he still wants to hang out with his mom from time to time!

  7. “Taking time to remember that I’m a human being and not a human doing is a valuable practice.”
    This is key – and something I (like many Americans) am also bad at. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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