And Then There Were Two


Man, I just loves me some big-bellied cops! 😉

And these two are delicious!! Well, I guess one technically isn’t a cop. He’s a poser. But, I’ll take him too!

My first #saturdaynightspinning went pretty well. Granted, I did not have a full skein done by the end of the night. But, I had gotten enough done that tonight will likely be a different story. Who’s proud of me??? I am!! 🙂

It wasn’t necessarily easy getting this fluff on the spindle. As you can see from that first link, it was pretty well matted from being compacted in the water bottle for so long. I know, Bad Girl.


Then too, this little area right here was giving me trouble trying to load it. Sometimes, if I wrap more than three quarters around the bottom without winding back to the top, and there’s no tension to grab onto, this little bit starts getting slacker and slacker. Before I know it, I have to run it back into a butterfly on my fingers to adjust my cop a little tighter so it can fit more.

Now, I could wind these into two plying balls…But, as long as there’s a wheel around, I’m never going to be patient enough for that. So I found two shoe boxes like always.


Ordinarily, I just throw my spindles into the boxes and go for it. Okay. Sometimes, I do put nice, little notches into the box so the spindles wind off orderly-like. But, nine times out of ten, I just dump ’em and let them pop in and out the box with abandon. That’s how I roll. 🙂 I have had a few tangles doing it this way. But nothing I haven’t been able to handle as of yet (knock on wool).

But, take a look at these.


Folks, I may have found the Holy Grail of shoeboxes! I could, hypothetically, thread the singles through these little holes to prevent tangling!! How awesome is that?!

This could actually not work out…And you’d be right to caution me that, if the tried and true methods ain’t broke, to not try fixing them (facts). But, of course, one has to have her own experiences, chips falling where they may. 😉


#saturdaynightspinning, here I come!


  1. Oh my God, I LOVE these colours! This is such beautiful spinning, I am really excited to see the new yarn. WAY TO GO!

    (plying still scares the stuff out of me. I don’t know why, I am always afraid to mess up the yarn. That’s why I’ve got lots of tp rolls sitting here, all wound up with unplied singles … :/ )

    • Thanks!! I think this skein is actually more red than I thought it’d be. The green browns it up a little so it’s not too bold though. I’m liking red a lot more than I used to these days…and it’s really the upcoming holiday season color!

      Lol! You couldn’t mess it up more than I did! Once, when I went on a field trip with my son, I almost lost a lot of my singles, running in full steam ahead. But, I think, when you’re bored one night, if you used a few yards and tried an Andean plying bracelet, you might get a feel for it without feeling overwhelmed.

  2. Actually got some useful spinning tips out of this post – assuming it all works out! Please keep us updated!

  3. MilesofRoyalty says:

    Wow. Soooo inspired right now. Great work. I’m not even a spinner, but gosh darn it…

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