Dear Santa…My holiday season has been pretty good so far…

I have one handmade gift for a friend. She’s a new knitter and she moved to a temporary home. Now, all her yarn and needles are in boxes where she can’t get to them. So, I have some handspun for her and some knitting needles.

Voila! Not a bad gift.

I also gifted myself this completed skein that I’m going to use for something for me. Is that strange to you, Santa? It’s strange for me. But, it’s welcome too.

You know, Santa…I know I’m always getting on you because I do all the work and you get all the credit…and I know I’m always going on about how I’m not an elf on the payroll…But, truth be told, it is actually kind of fun to help you out. So, I call a truce with you this year, Santa. Enjoy it. It doesn’t happen often.

Your very own Honorary Elf,

weekend knitter


  1. grayseasaylor says:

    Well done, Honorary Elf! I hope you and yours are having happy times. xx

  2. That’s a wonderful gift for your knitter friend. And your gift to self is beautiful. Happy holidays!

  3. Both beautiful gifts, and the one for your friend is such a beautiful idea too!

  4. MilesofRoyalty says:

    Love the gifts you made. Beautifully done. Just found your blog and started following. Now going back to read more!

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